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Is your relationship affected by moving in together?


So by the summer of this year I will be finishing college. Once it is over my girlfriend and I plan to go on a vacation for 2 weeks down in the Caribbean. We don’t see each other that often since I live at one end of the city and she the other.

I am thinking about the future. What I want to happen this summer is that we move in together. I hope to get a job in the city where my girlfriend works. This way we will see each other A LOT MORE and we can share expenses like rent and transportation. I am very excited about seeing more of her and I know she feels the same way.

What I wonder about though is how are relationship will change when this happens. Do most people find that their relationship drastically changes? My girlfriend is a neat freak and she keeps her room spotless (she lives with her parents still). I on the other hand am a bit of a slob sometimes. We tease each other about this but I do worry about what will happen when we move in together and try to handle how each other lives. The longest we have spent together in the last 2 years is 3 days. It was a vacation at a ski lodge so it is hard to compare with actually living together.


There is no rules, some couples are split after few weeks lining together other become closer, so definitely there is no rules, it all depends on both of you.

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I think not.You feel that.But there was not matter like that.

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Its depend on you both. Some gets close to each other after moving in, some don't. One of my friend found her soulmate at The Fort Worth Dating Company. They moved in within 5 months of dating and They are happily living together.

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It really depends. For me, when you are into online relationship and jump into marriage right away in a short period of time then there's a huge tendency that your relationship will be affected once you move in together. But, if you two, take time in getting to know each other and exploring other places together, then, the possibility of your relationship being affected once you move in together is lesser.

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It depends on the couple, living in together is the best way to know the real behavior of your partner, you'll know if both of you are compatible.

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