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My experience with eHarmony

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Don't Trust Them

The ad says Trusted dating site? That site is ANYTHING but trusted!! Terrible! Stop using their services!


eHarmony's site was hacked and 6 million credit card details were stolen

They had an advert banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)

Their office is supposedly behind the BBC building in London yet even the local postman has never heard of their address when asked.

Never pay for dating because paying is just wasting your money, it never stops the scammers and remember you pay to contact someone but they may have a free account and cannot reply. Our advice would be to join where at least they care and all contact is free.

Do eHarmony care about you met someone? Absolutely not but they do care in getting your monthly subscription.


they screen strange ads in the UK on TV showing women with pigs and camels ,cant figure their UK ads system. free sites must be better as they have more profiles if they use them and are not blanks

Cancel your preapprovements from that site!!!

eHarmoney refused to refund me my money.

To make sure eHarmony won't charge me again, I went into my Paypal's setting -> Payments -> Preapproved Payments -> eHarmony -> Where it says "Active", hit "Cancel"

That's the only way Paypal could protect you from that bad service. Paypal couldn't do anything because I had eHarmony preapproved automatically since they charged me in threes. Learn from my mistakes and protect yourself.

Never again!!! Cry


Quote by: Anonymous

As a guy I can tell you it takes longer to meet women on eharmony. I have been using this dating site for half a year and have very little to show for it except a lot of wasted time. All the women I have talked to ended up never been very good matches. How is that supposed to help me? They also should match people based on their jobs. I earn a 6 figure income and do not want to be matched with someone who has 3 kids and is barely able to support herself and her family. I am not a charity!

Hi sir. I get that you want someone that fits your standards and obviously if you dont have kids most likely you wont wanna date someone with kids. but your shallowness over how much someone makes is gross. No one thinks of you as a charity. Women usually know how to take care of themselves. dont doubt a women and her potential over income. unless she is lazy and homeless. maybe you dont have any luck because you seem like a high maintenance fellow. better luck next time Smile


they must be spending an absloute fortune on TV ads in the UK as airtime is not cheap on prime TV, usual pics of Mr perfect guys and hot women


Be careful!!!

They stole my money!
And I could not get it back. My plan was for a year with a 3months installments, but after 2 payments (2 months) they terminated my account giving the reason that they could not deduct the third installment which is quite silly. I was more than happy to pay the 3rd I to be able to use the system but they never cared. I followed it up but the REAL problem which we never care is the terms and conditions. They can cancel our membership with no reason!!! Can you believe it? Yes, this is what they wrote in their terms and conditions!

It was a waste of money and they never tried to find a solution except to start another membership meaning to pay from the beginning. Am I a fool you think?!

Guys just be careful.

Shocked, but why should I be.

I met a guy on eHarmony that I thought was too good to be true. And doggonit, he was. Not to good, but foolish. For a month, I listened to what he was telling about being beautiful and being the one. And how he was so happy to come to GA to meet his wife. Things didn't add up but because I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, I fell victim. I asked over and over if he was married or involved with anyone, to which I was constantly told no.. Well, guess what. THE BUZZARD IS MARRIED!! Who joins eharmony to find love but you just got married. This has really put a nasty taste in my mouth. I don't blame eharmony but I'm disappointed. Should I try it again? I just don't know..


I signed up for a three year subscription, I am very dissatisfied with the service for many reasons. They will close your account but know you are not eligible for any type of a refund for the year remaining on the paid in advance subscription($263.00). They give you three days to cancel for a refund! I'm sure that's in the fine print somewhere!

I was not getting matches in my area, nobody would respond to my communications, I hate to re enter the data each time to logon to the site. Waste of my time and hard earned money!

When I did call to cancel it took me 10 times to tell them to give me a refund. The cancelled the account and said, "is there any thing else". Yes, I said how about my money back. You can go through some type of trust and safety rational to try to get your money back.

Customer Service is horrible,

Don't JOIN!!!!!!!


My experience thusly is.

"We're sorry – we are unable to find the right type of people for you
This does not reflect on you personally or your chances of finding a happy relationship. Thank you for trying eHarmony; we wish you the best in finding a great relationship."

With no allowance of changing settings hell I have no setting options or anything I sign in it goes straight to that page. No options for anything else. Go to eharmony while signed in goes straight to that message. I wanted to change the distance just to see what I could find but there is no way to do it there's no help for such a thing like this.

So my experience I must say is downright patronizing lol.

Guys trying dating sites is a *censored* everything's expected from you first but it is a *censored* for the ladies as well they deal with the constant hounding from horn dogs. There needs to be a better way.

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