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I think eharmony is a scam. I did join but they soon kicked me off. Apparently they do not like married people on the site. I plan on getting a divorce but we have to wait a year.

This sucks.


eHarmony is more about Christian values. You shouldn’t be dating anyone who is still married, even if a divorced is plan. You never know what can happen and things can have a complete reversal in a year and you could get back together. I find divorce is to easy an option for most couples. It should be a lot harder to divorce especially if there are children involved.

I am glad eHarmony didn’t allow you to join. Take the year and reflect on your life.


A couple of years ago I tried to become a member of eharmony and I was also kicked off because I was separated from my wife but not divorced. I was pretty mad at the time and haven't thought of trying online dating until now again. It was probably a good idea that eharmony didn't allow me to join at the time since I was pretty angry with the world. My soon to be ex-wife at the time was putting my through hell. I wouldn't have made good relationship material. I needed a few years to work through my anger of not only her but women in general. I am in a calmer place now and am actually looking to settle down with one women again. I am going to give eharmony another chance since I like the whole idea of matchmaking. With the string of bad short relationships I have had in the last few years I know that I cannot pick someone who is compatible with a person like me. Let's see what eharmony can do.

Amy S.

I tried out e harmony the other day and didn’t realize online dating was so complex. It took me a long time to complete the questionnaire. I guess that is a good thing since to match people based on compatibility you would need to know how the mind of each person ticks.

I am a little overwhelmed at the moment with all of the options available to me when I log in. I have taken a look at my matches and have found a few I liked but I cannot see their photo. I am not sure if I should initiate contact with them or wait until they contact me. I am assuming here that if I am matched with someone that person would also then be matched with me. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise.

I would like to see a picture of the actual person I am matched with but I want to play around with e harmony a bit more before I go paying for a membership.

By the way do most people use the guided communication process? It makes sense to me but it seems to be just more questions. At this point after filling out the questionnaire I have had enough of the questions and just want to talk to someone.

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eHarmony sounds encouraging! I have read tons of bad feedback from other people which made me want to cross out that site from my list. But with what I am seeing now, I guess it’s all worth a shot.
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Yeah, I have had a few good experiences with eharmony. In the last 5 years I have used them 3 times including now, I just joined last week.

I am guy who doesn't like to pick up women in bars, I don't enjoy that scene anymore and I don't think I really want that type of women anyways. eharmony allows me to go in, look at my matches and send messages to the ones I like. It is quick and easy and I usually find someone I like (and who likes me) in about 3 or 4 months. There system works in the past and that is why I joined them again.


I am glad you found your man at eharmony however my experience was not really that great there. I have been swarmed by fake emails with fake-profile-people! Anyway, I guess to each his own.


Amanda how do you know they are fake? Most of my matches seem r eal to me. They have a lot of information and pictures. The ones that don't post a pic I never bother with. Eharmony is the only dating site I have almost zero problems with when dealing with scammers. The free sites are the worst for this! Evil


Has anyone uaed ehamony secure call? I have been just using my regular phone after sending messages to my matches for a while. I am not to worried by that point since I have already decided they are worth going on a date with.


Crap, crap, and more crap. Geek

It was good a couple of years ago when I found my now ex-girlfriend but I just tried it recently and had zero luck. All the features worked well and having the eHarmony app on my phone was handy but I came out with only 2 dates after a month and none of them went anywhere. I think their matching algorithm may be broken. They may have over engineered the matching system and have done to much tinkering!

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