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Do women expect men who are friends to pay?


A new restaurant opened up in the neighborhood that is pretty expensive that I wanted to go to. I asked around at a friend’s place on who wanted to go. A girl that I am friends with but have never hung out by ourselves together, said she did.

What I want to know is if women expect for men to pay if it is just a platonic/friends going out night? I have been out with girl “friends” before that I have known better and it was always dutch. Those night out were not as expensive and much more casual so I am not sure in this case.

What does everyone think?


Sometimes my girl pays the bills. It started when she asked me out like "what are you doing tonight honey?" then I'll prankly tell here that my budget is not enough for a date...


I have some guy friends, when it comes to the bill after a good day out together with friends we share it out between us so we all pay equally. When someone pays the whole bill its just a friendly way of being friends. Me and my boyfriend like to pay for food bills together, though he gets angry because he's stuck in the old times, where men think they should pay for dinner all the time! So to all men out there who pay for their ladies, you don't need to, though it is very kind of you to do so, thank you, ladies can afford to pay bills too! Just talk to them about it and how you should pay the bill.


Since she is someone you do not really know it is kind of hard to say.

How does she dress? If she is dressed to the nines all the time and “looks” high maintenance then I would expect she probably assumes you are footing the bill. If she is more down to earth she probably expects it to be dutch.

The next time you talk to her I would flat out tell her that you expect her to pay for her share.

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It is always better to clear the things before, tell her frankly that you would like to share the bill, I mean both of you want to go so better go dutch, share the bill.
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The man should always offer to pay. Period!


I agree with you
man pays Cool

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Quote by: Anonymous

The man should always offer to pay. Period!

Utter rubbish. It's not the 1950s any more. Women are independent and earn their own money.

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