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another close shave

I will not be joining. Thanks for the heads up.
I dont think there are any legit sites now.
Better off doing badoo

truth seeker

There is one thing I'd like to say at the outset of this review, and that is you will never -- as in not a chance -- get a date through! That's because is nothing more than a porno site masquerading as a dating site.

The way they tell you how their site works is this. After browsing the site and checking out the profiles (and pics) of women -- I'm writing this as a male looking to meet a woman -- you pick one (or more) and send her (or them) an email message saying that you would like to get to know her and eventually to meet up. However, the way the site really works is this. You may receive a reply from the woman you tried to contact, but the reply won't be coming from her. Instead, it will be coming from an employee of!! I kid you not. This is the conclusion that I and other reviewers of this site have come to.

You may wonder why the developers of a dating site that seems to be legit would submit themselves to this type of subterfuge. My own personal opinion is that by getting their male members "worked up" by the sexual banter that flows from the email exchange, they will eventually become frustrated at not making any progress with the woman (or women) they would like to meet, and thus be diverted to the many porno channels that makes available.

It used to be the case that you could check your mail and open any messages you've received from the woman (or women) you've tried to make contact with. But, since the spring of 2013, when you try to open one of your messages, instead of being taken directly to the message, you are diverted to two or three Web pages containing invitations to a porno video or a "chat room" with a cheesy-looking woman that looks like a refugee from a cat house!! AND THIS IS WHERE XPRESS.COM MAKES THE BIG BUCKS! Membership fees that average around $100 a year are certainly not the main source of their income -- enticing their members to watch porno videos is.

So, don't be fooled by the flair of's Web site. You will only end up frustrated by not getting to meet any of the women that you find attractive and/or very sexy. My advice is to stick to the more traditional dating sites.


Sites like, & are all rip-offs. Most of the women are known as 'Virtual Cupids' or 'Online emissaries'. They don't exist. On xpress & eroticads you can't even tell who is real or not. You will even get messages 'to meet' from a non-existent person. They all should be sued.


An absolute waste of time and space ... Full of fake fake fake. Registered as a couple and within 10 minutes had 2 friend requests and a *censored* email. By end of first day over 150 "looks" - at a profile that had no pic and limited information ... Go figure lol. One liners with totally unrelated and obscure comment, and no reply with actual information about the "woman" at other end. Suggest you save your money and head out of the house ... Sites like these are such a time waster. Much more fun to get out and people watch ... If you strike it lucky all the better, but if you don't well at least you haven't wasted an hour of your life in fantasy land.

Confused Lover

Bollocks to this. Xpress, SocialSex, JustHookUp all have 'free' set up but everything else you have to pay for... Talk about dangling candyfloss to a baby and then swipping it away...

I just got a 'meet me' request from a polish girl, who talks about travelling the world... bla bla bla, we all know the scoop by now... anyone posting positive comments about these sites on forums are also related to the sites the re-assure the dumb arses who believe its real...

BOTTOM LINE: I want a hookup site, legit... Where the women are also looking for sex. Not like PoF where the ignorant bitches post about themselves but dont bother replying.... PoF has now just become a facebook, is as simple as that


Someone south

Most of what I've read on here about is true. When you first sign up expect at least a half dozen replies, albeit staggered to keep you hanging on. At first the girls seem very interested but it won't take you long to figure out that in reality theses are just pictures of attractive young ladies and that in all likelihood your response came from someone in a retirement center! Then, if you happen to mention that you're going to be in their area all of a sudden they're going to be out of town, they have plans, etc. Slowly but surely the replies quit coming altogether and trust me, you're better off that way.

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Without even posting a photo or saying anything except that I soon would put one up, I received several local replies... from way outside my age range. The oldest was barely half my age. (I'm in my early 60s, and say so; I also say that 'if you don't remember the first steps on the moon, you're too young.' I was 18 when that happened; they're almost too young, already, if they barely remember.)

After a week, I posted a photo of me making a plaster cast of my face. Not too revealing, but the "hi, handsome!" notes came in. Again, from 20-somethings.

Of course, as happens in so many sites, whatever you say is your dating radius is also ignored. "25 miles" means anyone from New York to the Philippines.

Nearly every "reply" is generic, and includes a direct email address for me to reply.

Interestingly, they say it's "free" to include only one message to any particular person, but it seems you can send more, if they reply.

Don't spend too much time there, or any money.


I don't know but...I am a female. I went to the site because I saw messages from half naked females on my 'so called' boyfriend's phone. I made up not 1, but 2, fake profiles 4 days ago but it still won't let me log in? I'm not worried about it anymore. Just more internet *censored*.


Forget xpress, use date hook up, its sparse picking but it real. And you know if they're up late, they gotta be freaks. There are a few fake profiles, even prostitute, profiles, but majority of them are real, n ok t real hot, but real.

John Smith

I totally agree and ALSO "" When I read thier reviews, saying is the "#1 DATING SITE HANDS DOWN!" I had to email them back and give them a piece of my mind!!!!!!! Here's what I wrote,


"Are you out of your mind or are you being paid by these scam dating sites!!!! I know for a fact that xpress .com uses fake profiles and purchased nude photos to lure lonely men to the site. then they use fake flirts, "Frnds list" requests, and "Naked stranger wants to meet you!!!" notifications to keep you there. the pop ups move around so you will eventually click on something and next thing you know, they have already taken "live web cam" fees out of your account forsome hidden window you didnt even know you were watching, through some pain in the ... agency they direct you to lodge a complaint then it will take you an hour and a half to try to get your money back before you realize you are talking to a computer and somehow get redirected to "BADOINK.COM, AND YOU HAVE TO CLOSE EVERYTHING AND START ALL OVER, SO I BET MOST PEOPLE JUST LET THEM KEEP THE 29 BUCKS, LIFE IS TOO SHORT! OH YEAH! This is my favorite tactic, When your membership expires they bombard you with "Naked stranger wants to meet you!!!" notifications (wow what a coincidence!) to get you to renew your membership, or you can't email them to hook up, so DUH, you renew it and start your big romance, then after a few messages they disappear. THERE ARE NOTHING BUT "MILK CARTON GIRLS" ON THIS SITE AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF FOR POSTING THOSE PHONY STATISTICS!!!!! PUT ME IN TOUCH WITH ONE PERSON WHO HAS DATED SOMEONE FACE TO FACE AND I WILL PROVE ITS A LIE!!!!THEY WILL OFFER NO CONCRETE EVIDENCE THAT IT EVER HAPPENED FOR STARTERS. I ALSO HAVE INFO ON THE ORIGIN OF THE FAKE SITE TEMPLATE, PROGRAM AND PROFILES ALL FOR SALE ONLINE FROM OVERSEAS."

P U T T H A T I N Y O U R REVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote by: Anonymous

I had great luck with Xpress when compared to others.

If you are a horny guy I would recommend them since it solved my problems Evil Evil

Seriously though you need to be a good looking guy who is in shape to get anywhere. Also watch out for the fake profiles. Most are easy to spot but there were a few who got pass my radar.

Overall I give them an 8/10 when compared to other hookup type dating sites. Xpress has problems but it is the best of a bad lot.


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