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Is any good?

marc bridger

I echo the findings by cw & others....xpress 'dinged' me for $29.00 I had the same exp. ...ran into the same patterns; the 'girls' seemed smitten by you at first, then after a few short irrelevent one sentence messages from these gals (most of them VERY HOT) they disappear. Same pattern; The perps. get a bunch of photos from attractive women, attach a phony 'name' and 'bio' to each it all on the internet...and watch the memberships come in from fools like me! Maybe someday we'll have a decent government that will stop these scammers? (dream on)


Most of the the dating sites are bogus and unfortunately I never found out a good one. I spent lot of time, money and energy in dating sites. In all these sites, pretty girls will send you messages, will reply to your message for a while and when you want to meet them, they will say something like - "I am busy", "I will let you know when I am free" or "I am not ready yet" etc. etc. In many cases, they will stop replying.

My advice will be to stay away from these sites and save your money. If you want to meet a woman, go to a bar, wine shop, a yoga class or to any event where there are women. If you are shy to approach women, go to a place where women are paid to talk to you - like a shop with a women at the counter or even to a strip club. If you are shy around women, strip club is a good pace to practice and feel comfortable with women. May be have a lap dance and strike a good conversation with a stripper. They are always willing to have a good conversation with you. It will boost your self confidence. Then go an meet some women in real life. Just don't be afraid. Now go and get someone!

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I wanted to ask the same question. seems too good to be true at first glance and it actually made me believe that it’s legit. I was lurking around forums to get answers and everything that I have encountered mentioned that it’s fake and that the profiles were obtained from other dating sites.

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Not only are these companies bogus in what they promise I have even seen review sites obviously created by these companies to promote themselves....
There are legit sites out there and most are for real relationship matching and do have subscription fees but this review site I just saw best-singles-sites and then add a .com has the cheek to put them top!!!
Looks like things are going to get worse before they get better... It all needs a governing body to stop this fraud that is taking place and stealing god knows how much from all these men!!

The simple answer is... The sites are scams, the most you will get is a cheap thrill at the thought of possibility and less money in your account.

If you want to meet girls and hook up for the same kind of costs.... Turn off your computer... get changed and head out of your house!!!!!

Good luck to all.


Just adding my experience fwiw....
Registered free account. Didn't fill in profile and left it to see what happened. After a while, I had about 6 Friend requests and a couple of 'wants to meet'. (Really.. with no photo and no profile info!?).
A good trick is to get their profile pic and drag onto google image search. You'll see them come up all over the place. Mainly american. Had a few from amateur sites too lol. Saw the 'rest' of the photos Wink.
Also look out for clues in the pics etc. i'm in UK. So spotting left hand drive cars in the background, american brands in the background, people referencing 'stick shifts' etc and claiming to be in a local town near me is a dead giveaway.
There 'may' be legit users on there, but it's obviously a tactic they employ to get people to bite and pay the subscription.
I might adopt the tactic I saw a fr use lol. Pic of him naked on his phone. Shows it to girls, asks 'what dya think of that eh? (wink)'. Most are disgusted but the odd few (and there actually were!) weren't disgusted, and then, well, there's no messing about after that really. Wish I had the balls. Metaphorically speaking ofc.


Quote by: Anonymous

Xpress looks pretty fancy for a dating site. Is it any good? It says it is 100% free and it has a guarantee. If it is free I am not sure why it needs a guarantee though.

I think I will try it out this week and report back sucks for all and then some of the reasons stated in all the other blogs (messages). I also have to comment about the sites so-called guarantee. The only guarantee you will have is they lied to you and it's not a site containing any real women.
Add another *censored* site to the list. it at all costs, unless of course you don't care about your money!


It's 100% scam. Every girl is a very aged.....and all wanting sex. A little too good to be true. At least throw in a bone like an average or hell ugly girls in their 30's 40's or 50's. I only tried their 3 day trial...and cancelled immediately (so far the cancellation worked). It's clear the messages you get are there to string the desperate and hopeless along so they think they're going to score or meet. But I'm not desperate...only curious. What a waste. And if anyone comes here saying it's good or legit.....they probably work for the website.

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It's pretty amazing they use everything from goregous to ugly, but one thing is consistent. They are fake profiles and it is designed to take your money. I decided against it but found out very quickly that you get stupid one line statements that have nothing to do with responding to you or being in depth. I'm amazed that this site can legally do this and get away with it. Pretty crazy.


Wow. I am SOOOO glad I found this site before joining. You guys saved me a bunch of headaches.
I also joined "" and that ALSO is a complete scam. After the first day of perusing the site during my 3 day trial I realized it was *censored*. I requested for my acct to be cancelled and to not be charged. Not only did they ignore my request for cancellation, they attempted to charge my card anyway! (thank god Amex called and asked me if it was a fraudulent charge so I could refute it) ALSO....they didn't even use a use a discreet company name like it says on their site! I was mortified when my Credit Card company asked me if I was trying to sign up for "Sugardaddyforme".

So just a heads up. Stay away from them too!


waste of time and money !!! I can pick up a woman in a grocery store, easier....

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