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Beware the 'professional female dater'



Theres women are the absolute bottom feeders in the dating world. They have NO intention of finding a relationship.

Their goal is to be entertained at your financial expense. Theres women boast that they are taken out and never pay so their weekend entertainment is free.

This has gone one since I was dating since the early 1980's and probably since the dwan of time.

Protituiton may be the oldest profession but professional dating is probably the oldest dating game.

If you are lucky at the end of an evening, you might get a kiss. But don't dexpect to see her again no matter how well the date went. She has found a new sucker for the next wekend.

The only good thing is these ___ will look around and find that when they hit about 50 years old that they are alone.

That is justice in a small way.

But I have met more than my share of these women and I can spot one a mile off.

One reason I don't date.

Beter to be lonley and keep your money than live an illusion that you are wanted and blow your cash.

One way to spot these women is to say ;let's met just for coffee. Not drinks since drinks cost as much as a cheap dinner.

If she agrees, then whe is probably not a professional.

Professionals want to be wined and dined.

Mike in Cincy

Yeah, I've met the women that go out on dates because they're hungry...I call them Passive Golddiggers. They won't always ask for things but will take all you will give and give nothing in return... Evil

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