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Trying out online dating can be an interesting way to meet people in general. For me personally I never had much success because I am not a person that would jump into bed with a fly by night guy that was looking for more than I could part with. But I am writing because ... once I found a great guy online that had "positive" things to say. I realized that this guy was interesting enough and nice enough to spend an evening out in public.

This day and age, a woman can never be too careful. There are a lot of creeps and egomaniacs on both sides of the gender stratification. What I would do is make sure the person I was seeking out was polite, lived nearby, and I made sure I told someone where I was going and who it was I was meeting up with. Again a girl can never be too careful.

Well after several writings back and forth and talking on the phone for a few minutes here and there, I finally met up with Bob. I decided going out for a glass of wine or beer ... whatever ... was a nice way to break the ice in meeting the guy in person. So I named a location that was easy access for both of us. There would be plenty of people around and I knew they had outside seating even on a chilly night. My first impression was that he was too young for me but I have to say he was the nicest guy I had met in a long time. The funny thing is the whole time I talked with him and we talked for quite a few hours ... I kept thinking about my girlfriend Jill. He would mention some things and then again Jill came into my mind. Now Jill has not had a boyfriend in years. She lives in a town that everyone is married and she has lived with her dad for many years. Now many people would make jokes about men living with their moms ... or gals living with their fathers but Jill dad’s wife passed away and he was in deep depression about being alone. What this says about Jill is that she is very thoughtful of other people. She is a sincere frind but I found her to be quite lonely when she talked about wanting a boyfriend or someone in her life. We had our talks about how she would like to meet someone but she never seems to have the right opportune time to run into anyone. Now Jill is pretty and petite and she’s fun, but she is also responsible and not a risk taker.

When it was time to end the wine date ... Bob asked me if I wanted to go out again. And I said no. ... Then quickly I said, “You know Bob, you are a hell of a nice guy and I usually don’t’ play cupid but you would be perfect for my friend Jill. And you know like everything in the world, possibilities are endless. I think I would like to set up a date with you and Jill. I want to ask her first and I know if she hears what I have to say about you, she would agree to go out on a date.” He was looking at me kind of funny but he really wanted to do it. He was open to it. I told him a little about Jill ... her age ... she was pretty and that he should really discover the mysteries of Jill himself.

Well, they both got together ... and the rest is history. I moved to Santa Barbara and they got married and wanted me to come to the wedding but I disappeared for a few years. But every once in a while, I would come to town and visit and people would tell me about bob and Jill. How they loved to tell the story of their meeting and how they got married and how it came into being ... People tell me the couple, they are tickled to death about how I set them up ... Their relationship has lasted and it was all by chance.

By the way I am a psychic and I have been doing love connections for people for a while. Sort of makes me laugh when you think about it.



It's nice to hear a story like this. I have been on a few dates before with nice people who were not perfect for me but I thought would be good for other friends of mine. I never went through setting them up on dates though as I could never figure out how to ask the person I was out with if he would like to go on another date, but not with me!

Because of your story, I think the next time that I am on a date and this situation arises, I will take a chance and play cupid myself. Wish me luck.

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I liked your story Smile Big Grin


awesome story

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