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commonly made mistakes

not saying

#1.Respond back to messages,not doing so says your not serious if your not serious find someone who is also not serious.

#2.Do not lie.Lying is not the way to get a good date and keep a good relationship and the truth will come out and ruin it all as it often does.

#3.Respect,girls and guys both mess this one up.Treat others how you expect to be treated.

#4.Texting is not dating,chatting is not dating,don't expect your partner to be interested in meeting you if your not going to put any action into meeting anyone.

#5.Be fit to date,if your just online (particularly with free sites) to chat in forums your a bottom feeder,bottom feeders don't get quality people,you will not ever meet anyone unless they are like you.

#6. Have standards,this means do not date people outta prison,prostituting, criminals ect.

#7.Don't ask what do you do? This will vary depending on who it is but sometimes this means your just after money,get a job!


#9.If your not having any luck on free sites you probably will have to shell out cash,however,this is not always the case,refer back to 2,3,4,and 8. If your not the one with the problem and your doing all of these,then you are wasting your time cause your a great catch but your seeking what will never be able to match you where your at...then in that case paying will be your only way online at least.

#10. Stop looking for advice in those authors online/magazines ect ect ...everyone is different and most of the time a lot of it is made to keep profits and is not in anyone's best interest whatsoever.

#11. Finally,use your intuition guys and women both.Thats what i would say for advice,but doesn't mean everyone wants to hear it, lol. sorry.

This guy...

Who the fiddlestick made this dumb class list? This is about one of the worst pieces of advice I've read yet and you seem like some shallow masshole.

1) respond back to messages? Get a life dude. It's there decision to respond or not. They clearly just arent into you. Absolutely NO ONE HAS TO RESPOND TO YOU. It doesnt mean there not serious there just not into you so take a hi t.

2) this one I agree with. Maybe the only one

4) I think this goes back to 1. People can meet when they want to meet. Stop trying to tell people how this is supposed to go

5) fit to date? Bottom feeder if using free sites? Again who the fickle are you? Maybe it's a single parent who has bigger priorities than paying for a dating site. Just because they dont pay for premium service doesnt mean sht get real.

6) dont date people out of prison? Again your just a shallow person. People change people make mistakes and some people just gotnfucd by the system and are a good person. So you say dont lie but yet dont date someone out of prison but you wouldn't give the person from prison a fair chance because of the stereotype. People change and our justice system is almost as fckeeeed up as you are I think.
7) you really are a dumbasssss. So what your never supposed to ask what someone does for a living? Its kind of important for a number of reasons. Again this is dumbbbbass advice.

8)no shitttihs you should always use common sense.

9) you really are a durumbasssss and apparently just have trouble finding a date is what it looks like to me. Theres plenty of good people on free sites. You wouldnt know though cause I know they avoid your ass like the plague.

10) fuuuukikjkck the authors no one needs to be reading your *censored*

11) my intuition says your a very sad lonely shallow person. I'm sure others agree....

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