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A crooked dating site operator talks


Last summer I worked with an interesting temp at my day job.

Mike (not his real name) is a whiz at jailbreaking phones, doctoring files, etc etc... but he revealed to me how some of the crooked dating site operators are staying in business... because he used to run a few.

Mike told me that for an investment of about $250, he obtained a dating-site software template from a UK manufacturer. This is a dedicated software package designed exclusively for creating dating sites.

He told me how he set up a new bank account for his crooked sites, then he'd get to work with the software. He had a friend who was a law student tweak the disclaimer so that the fees would be non-refundable (few people read the disclaimers anyway), and he hired student friends to write bogus profiles for all the photos he'd stolen online, then he was all set. Some of his female student friends (who weren't even looking for dates) posed for bogus photos for Mike's collection.

Next, he'd buy up 2 or 3 domain names and start his "dating service", complete with photos, profiles, and a bunch of stock responses to send to suckers who tried to contact the "women"... Mike explained that the few women who joined his crooked sites rarely initiated contact, and this made his dirty work much easier. He concentrated on younger men, mostly in their 20s. The guys would pay a flat fee of $40 for the privilege of contacting the "women", then get the stock replies.

But the guys weren't sending messages to any women, they were just clicking an autoresponder he rigged to send out the replies.

In reality, Mike explained he'd keep 3 or 4 such sites running at any one time... he'd start one, run it for a month, then close it down and create a new one. He overlapped them this way so 2 or 3 would always be running. He made a few thousand bucks a month for 3 years doing this (he was only 24 when he started). The whole time, he even paid taxes on it too... because to outsiders it looked like Mike was just managing a regular dating service.

He explained that for maximum plundering, he sometimes would focus a site to operate only in a radius of some zip codes in big cities, like NYC, LA, Chicago, or Houston, then in a month, it would disappear---and so would Mike, with the profits.

I asked him if he was afraid of getting busted. "Man," Mike explained, "how many guys are gonna sue over 40 bucks?" But he cautioned that he didn't try to go after bigger money by trying to bilk wealthy people. "Those rich people WILL come after you if you f. with them," he explained.

Eventually, he said, he got bored of the business, and he said the profits slumped after 2008 anyhow.

So there you have it... testimony from a guy who used to run crooked dating sites. Undoubtedly some of you who are reading this post have been scammed by one of Mike's old sites which are no longer around.


Why were you friends with someone so dishonest, who seemed to have no qualms stealing people's money, wasting their time, and fostering false hopes all for his own selfish gain. What he did was not cute or clever, it was a crime called fraud, for which he should be in jail.


hard to prove when they have closed down and wiped the files .match has bought out POF so imagine how many bougus profiles are on there so thats why very few guys get any replies


long standing date sites have a strangle hold on their employees by their juicy pension payments ,,if they spill the beans they loose their pensions in the future


Really funny , I was lately trying to find a girl for a date. i wanted to try online dating. It happed to me what you have just said guys. Couple girls contacted me and they got my private email ,we were chatting on hangouts,when i ask to see the face or hear the voice ,the are comin with a reason ,"MY uncle is fixing the cam" or "i cannot now even i can see that she is using her phone" ....... funny ! i got pissed off at the beginning and then i was catching them Smile one by one and it can be the same person running only fake profiles in different dating apps or/ and sites. POF /pure connections/connectingsingles/

I Tried waplog app (google app) a Girl from Canada chat room - claims when we are chatting on hangouts that she is from US and she is currently in Gahana Smile f.. Only scammers online .


The same thing happened to me. I new I was not talking to a real person. The answers to my questions were very vague and similar. Only a computer program could do this. Join a local club or go to Wetherspoon.

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