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What happened? What to do?


So, this girl and I that I slightly knew reconnected, and although we haven't seen eachother in about 5 years, we started talking and we went out on Saturday. We spent 8 hours together. We talked for most of it and found out we have a lot in common with eachother. We flirted and even held hands at one point. At the end of the night she hugged me and said I was the best. Then texted me Thank you and said she had a nice time and we will definitely see eachother again soon. Next day more texting.

The next day I call her, we talk for a while, then she says she has to tell me something. Ugh. She said she thinks she likes her friend and doesn't want to lead me on. After the very awkward conversation, we text eachother some more and she says she likes me but not in the way that i do. We talk some more and want to become friends because we did have chemistry with eachother. And today she texts me like nothing ever happened.

Now, I can take the hint if we didn't have good time, but this girl and I (I thought) really had a great time. This is why I'm so bummed about it. I just don't get it. If she didn't like me at all, why did we spend so much time together? Or even go out at all. At one point I said I can take her home and she suggested we see a movie! I guess she just didn't feel anything for me? I've never felt like this after a first date before. At this point I still want to tell her that after our date all I wanted to do was talk to her again.

I know I sound like a little kid, I just don't know how to go about this. Should I bother trying to be friends? Should I tell her how I feel and ask her what happened because I thought we had a great time?

If you read all this, thanks.


Don't let this set you back, you will find someone else surely. Stay friends with her though; you never know, in the long run things may work out for you two though if it doesn't work with this other guy. She'll probably respect you more and become closer to you if you handle this is a mature manner. Good luck!

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