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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?

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I try to find some web in US that is similiar to the web we use in EU, i have my acound there for free if I wannt I can upgrade with payment to be able see webcam on chat, but its my desition. I uppgrade after month of use to have more options, but for simply chat or look on member profiles it's not necessary.

We can there use a chat rooms, have there our own pics and video, orginaze meeting in publick places put there some add if looking for somebody to meet, have there own blog etc.

is here in US some similliar web?


It requires time, patience and yes, $$, but I have found several good girlfriends on Ashley Madison, Three of whom I still see.

Johnny strong

First time poster so bear that in mind lol....

It is unbelievable how many scams are being operated across so many dating websites, including a load of fake reviews websites as well lol....

Anyway there is already loads of good advice in this thread, most of it probably not what OP wanted to hear.

My take on it is slightly different, I wanted / want some discreet adult diversions. For me, POF has worked absolutely fine. There maybe some fake or old profiles, but you should be able to establish who is who pretty easily.

My main point is that if you cannot get dates through POF, then frankly you will not do any better on a paid for website. Why would you? There might be a slightly different crowd involved on AFF, OK Cupid or whatever but POF is big and popular.

If POF is not working then put more effort in your profile, some sort of pic, even disguised works (for me).... And the main thing is being original when messaging women. To me it's fairly obvious, but if someone's profile says they like tabby cats (haha) then simply google interesting facts about tabby cats and ask if she prefers classic, spot or ticked ( yes really I just googled it). Women love being asked questions. They can get to know more about you later.

To answer the Ops post more directly, to be absolutely fair a while ago I overheard two middle age women at work talking about how they have used AFF successfully, so you could maybe have a go with that as it probably isn't a complete scam. But again, POF should be your proving ground. If POF isn't working I don't believe anything also will, and you need to change / change up your approach.

very well said.

Quote by: Anonymous

They are all scams. Unfortunately I have wasted a lot of money to find this out. Adult Friend Finder is one big scam and so is and eHarmony. You get sucked in with "free weekends" or "free to join" then get bombarded with messages from fake women asking you to contact them, but first you have to pay. As soon as you pay your membership, those women all disappear. As soon as eHaemony got my money, they told me that they could not match me with anyone! I'm not rich and don't ride a Harley but other than that I'm a normal single white male.

Very well said!!!


milfshook up is another scam . Computer responses and noone real. Stay away from it


I agree adult sites are 99% waste of money, I found out the expensive way.
I have met more women and more sex from pof and it's free.
Just take time to create a good profile with good pictures.
They even show you how to create a good profile. Lol
Happy fishing


Quote by: Anonymous

They are all scams. People who fall for these don't understand basic human social dynamics.

Women WILL NOT have casual sex with anyone who is not either extremely famous, rich, or insanely handsome (as in a tall, dark Armani model).

If you are an average man like 99% of men are, you ALWAYS have to pay for sex. Be it in the form of a relationship (dinners, housing, nights out at the movies etc) or pure cold cash (prostitution).

Women do not have sex for free after adolescence except with extremely high value men who represent less than 1% of society.

If they do, there is always a catch. For example, in ghettoes they will want to extract alimony from deadbeats, or pop out as many children as possible to live on welfare. So they do not really want the men nor the children, they want the money.

Everything in western society comes down to money. Absolutely everything. Get this through your thick heads and stop living in a fantasy world. There is no Ukrainian supermodel out there who is dying to screw some balding 47y.o guy from the middle of Tennessee.

The ads are frauds, the photos are stock model photos and the women probably don't even know their pictures are being used in this fashion, or they are being compensated for it.

The end.

Shame, just shaved my head and looking to relocate to TN, what a waste of time lol



As for AFF. You CAN in fact meet women and couples there if you put in the time. I've been there for a few years and have made some great friends, and bedded my share of women too.

DO NOT PAY for a membership! AFF's scam is in their billing practices. They'll auto charge your CC even when you have auto-renew turned OFF. They also advertise "x months free" with some of the purchases, but there's a catch in that you have to Email so many people, respond to posts, Blog, etc..etc... to EARN each of those "Free Months"

IF you try AFF, go in to your region's Chatroom and don't be a tool. 99.5% of the people in the chat rooms are real. Look for "Meet & Greets" to attend to meet them face to face.

As an earlier poster said, if you're a young buck you're probably going to have difficulties as *most* of the women I've met are not "Cougars" and prefer adults who know their way around the female anatomy. I'm not saying that there aren't cougars on AFF, but if you stick to just email and profile surfing.. your chances are greatly reduced in meeting people.

Also, in ANY CASE.. Install TinEye or another image search plugin in your browser!!!! This applies to ALL websites and it can quickly help you decide if a profile is fake. If you get 10 image hits from sites all over the world, you can bet it's a fake profile. Wink

ray sawyer

if you guys want to meet women that are close to you why don't you try church. its got to produce more and better results than what you are doing, believe me there is some baby dolls in the churches single and looking for a partner.


Quote by: Anonymous

if you guys want to meet women that are close to you why don't you try church. its got to produce more and better results than what you are doing, believe me there is some baby dolls in the churches single and looking for a partner.

Lol local churches? Who is this guy??

All churches are full of old people, how old are you 55?

Im 27 and struggling to pick up chicks these days!

POF is by far the best site out there, ive met LOADS of girls from there but most are 1 night stands!

Meeting chicks through friends is the best way to meet girls but ive hardly got any mates these days as they all moved away or settled down with kids!

I meet this 1 girl every few months but she lives at the other end of the country and i cant expect her to keep paying for hotels and driving to see me, shell get bored in the end!

There needs to be a new way to meet girls! Im not a 10/10 id probs give myself 7/10 at a push on looks but i know i have a really good personality which is hard to show even on POF or a first date.

Working in IT sucks too as theres no girls and half the blokes dont even drink they are little nerds...


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