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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?


all sites have been infiltrated by scammers from russia nigeria ukraine and ghana so its a losing game for genuine punters


I say don't waste your money.

I've been on POF for at least 5 years. I've been on about 8 dates. The woman asked me out each time. My profile is honest no bs.
Three of them were really nice but just no connection. One became a good friend, no sex though. Two were girls I knew from high school who I actually liked in high school. We see each other maybe 3x a year for a meal and adult activities. The other two live about an hour away from me. We have sex on a regular basis. We both know what were in it for.
It's nice having regular sex but it does make it hard to find a real relationship without expecting regular sex.
Off the internet. If you see somebody who is really nice and seems to respond to you. Leave them a note with your number. I've received several call backs this way. Most have been married but they did not tell me until after we had sex. But I am still in contact with them.
I'm not the best looking or worst looking guy so you all have hope. Just be honest.


likewise for me on POF for 6 years and very little to show for chasing my tail .i didnt spend any money on upgrades though as thats a fools game .the women on POF are very picky .. social rejects punching above their weight and divorcees with too many kids by too many guys


so what are the normal computer-generated response to letters can you give me a few ideas of what they say that makes it computer-generated I know what I've seen before were repeated text messages from the website saying the same thing about three times or they will post three individual questions in the matter of one minute or under three minutes

Quote by: Anonymous

Guys/Girls if its too good to be true ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, no woman/guy with half a brain would fall for that, I guess I have less than half a brain since I decided to spend the full 2.99 for a 3 day membership at , I quickly realized the answers were computer generated responses to my questions LOL - I should know better!!!!
to make matters worse try cancelling the repeat charges in the small print!!!! I was careful enough to follow all the cancellation steps very closely and in the end I only spent 2.99 Lesson learned!!!!


just dont let em get hold of any of your card details as they stick like glue to suckers and its very difficult to get rid of them


Met women off OkCupid, PlentyofFish, Google Plus which was not for dating, and Tinder.

I dont think I met an online female I did NOT eventually have sex with. First night? A couple. But most ended up being intimate if we met and saw each other a few times.

Stop looking for booty on the first night. It will happen.


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Ashley Madison may be legit but it's so unwieldy and expensive to use, it's not worth it.

After I got divorced I was on Match and OK Cupid and woman were actually doing me in my car. If you can be a generous gentleman for 5 dates you are almost guaranteed to
get sex. My problem is that I feel like I'm misleading woman; most want much much more than sex.

Pof is good! You can get a date a week easily


Surprised! Angry
Quote by: Anonymous

They are all scams. People who fall for these don't understand basic human social dynamics.

Women WILL NOT have casual sex with anyone who is not either extremely famous, rich, or insanely handsome (as in a tall, dark Armani model).

If you are an average man like 99% of men are, you ALWAYS have to pay for sex. Be it in the form of a relationship (dinners, housing, nights out at the movies etc) or pure cold cash (prostitution).

Women do not have sex for free after adolescence except with extremely high value men who represent less than 1% of society.

If they do, there is always a catch. For example, in ghettoes they will want to extract alimony from deadbeats, or pop out as many children as possible to live on welfare. So they do not really want the men nor the children, they want the money.

Everything in western society comes down to money. Absolutely everything. Get this through your thick heads and stop living in a fantasy world. There is no Ukrainian supermodel out there who is dying to screw some balding 47y.o guy from the middle of Tennessee.

The ads are frauds, the photos are stock model photos and the women probably don't even know their pictures are being used in this fashion, or they are being compensated for it.

The end.

Unfortunately, thats the truth 100%


There are two places where I have gotten lucky repeatedly. The first is no longer, that being Craigslist. I know sounds crazy but I ran ads and got responses (sometimes from what I considered very attractive females). There are sites attempting to replace Craigs but so far to my knowledge none have been anything close to Craigs. That said, when Craigs stopped, a ton of people went every which direction and some of them landed in small sites similar to Craigs ... one which comes to mind was Locanto.

The second are sites where you are going to have to shell out some dough but I ask you: how much are you paying now between lays? I mean if you take out a gal the average of 3 dates for food and drinks, you're going to shell out $150 on the lower end to as much as 3 times on the higher, or more. But figure about $300 .. well you can go to a sugar daddy site and get an amazingly beautiful young girl for $300 and be guaranteed to get laid. I'd tell you no games but its my experience, depending upon what you want of course, that unless you pick out a definite pro, you may get some games. Personally I enjoy the amateurs but as mentioned a higher percentage of no shows and excuses but its worth it in trade for getting a woman who doesn't have to act and that truly gets into it, assuming you know what you're doing.

Is it prostitution? IDK: I worked with an older black man back in the 90s, and he made it clear to me that in his world, you gave the lady some cash afterwards .. if you ever wanted to see her again. It was their custom and to not do it was basically unheard of: with I imagine the exception being the really good looking and the rich / famous.

It makes sense. She went to a lot of trouble to get dolled up, yet didn't get wined and dined at even a mediocre joint, A lady ought to get something for her effort.

Before I go, the sugar daddy sites are not immune to either fraud accounts or scamming efforts such as women reaching out and once you've spent money to talk to them they disappear. But after having tried Tinder, many of the more recognized mainstream dating sites such as Match, POF, (trying out OurTime right now), all of them came in second to Craigslist (completely free) and of course were blown out of the water by the 2 SD sites I have frequented, SecretBenefits (watch yourself there, the set up is designed to fleece you if you're not careful) and Seeking which has the largest selection of suugar babies (SBs) of any place i have been. And more importantly to me, the largest selection of women whom are lower class for lack of better words (single mothers , minimum wager workers seeking to supplement income, etc). My people. Smile


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They are all scams. Unfortunately I have wasted a lot of money to find this out. Adult Friend Finder is one big scam and so is and eHarmony. You get sucked in with "free weekends" or "free to join" then get bombarded with messages from fake women asking you to contact them, but first you have to pay. As soon as you pay your membership, those women all disappear. As soon as eHaemony got my money, they told me that they could not match me with anyone! I'm not rich and don't ride a Harley but other than that I'm a normal single white male. isn't a scam, I met several very attractive nice woman from that site, went for drinks with 2 or 3, wasn't desperate and wasn't just looking for a hook up either. I ended up meeting someone else via not online married her, but I actually am still friends 'facebook' with 2 or 3 of the woman that I met/talked to/etc Of course at the time I was 30 years old, thin, with a solid build (former college athlete), with a good career.....never used As for the other sites, I've looked and its the same thing spam messages, then pay then never hear from anyone. I did have some success on one site several years ago but I've forgotten the name, maybe Yea I believe that was it...

Not only did I just check the web site out but I discovered all the women on that website are fake profiles.

Secondly you work for them! Stupid bot! Fling is a scam for sure. To anyone that’s question that website. Just ask google if it’s a scam

Both are run by the same people. Two different websites run by the same people!!!

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