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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?


women gets 100s of replies if they are good looking .then most dont get read and go straight in the bin unread,
any women who gets fixed up will never login for an eternity so becomes a dead account to fool suckers ..thus you end up with large numbers of dead accounts and fake profiles with just a few genuine profiles .so it doesnt mater how positive or handsome you are are its a losing game


They’re not worth the risk you’d have better look on this forum then on one of those. Just to try any women from Somerset looking for anything?


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The woman who wrote about AFF being a legit website for sex was wrong....only the women OR couples succeed on that website. And Black men well hung. I REPEAT: ONLY women or couples and Black men succeed in finding sex on Adult Friend
Single men are in the LESS THAN 1% of meeting anyone for sex on that website.

Your best chance is to find a girlfriend on one of the sites like where EVERY WOMAN i met in person ended up making love to me. And I am being 100% HONEST.....EVERY WOMAN who met me in person after going through the eHarmony process made love to me and then some!! I had sex with OVER 50-women 3-4 times a week for 2-8 months AVERAGE relationship time in 15 years just by going on there and paying the $49.95 I think it is for 3-4 months membership.

That's A LOT OF SEX guys!! 8-month relationships and each we had sex 3-4 times per week if not more. They give it up MORE than a website where you just ask for it in your profile. WOMEN??? on AFF??? *censored*! they get it WHENEVER and with WHOMEVER they want on AFF.


lapsed accounts is the biggest problem.. of course dating companies will never prune their dead accounts to keep the money rolling in

In the search

Adult friend finder its a great site...but I stop using it because they charge you now ....for every thing. It use to be a monthly fee but now is not ..very disappointing Cry


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If not, which come the closeist to having actual members contacting each other.

swinger's heaven . Have hooked up ³ times


AFF is legit but they used some shady practices to get you to subscribe and then switch you to autorenew when you aren't looking. Over the years I met a lot of couples on there and a few single ladies. Best advice is to come across as a genuine person, not just a perv. If you are too lazy to fill out your profile and say something about yourself beyond being horny, most women get the impression you will be too lazy to get her off. Let's face it, she is there to get something she needs. Put a face pic on your profile. Nothing screams married guy like a collection of wiener pics. She can find one of those anywhere.

Swinglifestyle dot com is legit but geared more to couples. Met a few from there. There was another site a while back I had a lot of luck with but they closed shop.

I have to agree with the other guys that say POF. I have dine very well on that site. And I am very upfront about my FWB intentions in my profile. I refuse to mislead a lady to get into her pants. And it works! The guys that lie, cheat and steal make me look great and I get dates. OKC was good until the screwed it up. Not sure how they stay in business. Match and eharmony were both complete wastes of money.

Anyway, I see a lot of misinformation on this thread. There most certainly are women willing, just be genuine. Giving a lot better than you get will also go a long way towards repeat business. Smile


I see you have interest in Granny or GILF. Did you find a legit website for this? I to have the same fantasy and would like to explore.

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Quote by: Anonymous

I only tried one: Casual Granny. I was looking for older women so I could raw dog and not worry about pregnancies. Anyhow, lots of women on there have explicit photos. I signed up for free and messaged two of the women. Both replied! How often does that happen? Never. I read their messages, but I had to pay to reply. The way it works is that you buy message plans. The cheapest was $11.99 for 7 messages. I sent each of the women a few messages and then when I was about to use up my allotment, I asked them to email me instead. I figured that emailing is still very safe and anonymous. You can block anyone you don't like and don't even need your real name or age to make an account. I figured that the site would either block my address or the women would refuse to email me. That latter occurred. Both women claimed that they felt safer using the website. Well, it was obvious from there that it was a scam. As others have said, the company needs guys to keep sending messages otherwise they won't make any money. Otherwise, every guy would do like I did and try to get the women to email them instead of paying for messages. Well, I'm done with these sites.

The company that own these sites employ women to reply to messages. I have a friend who does this from home. She logs on to a special site and then gets sent messages that she has to reply to. You'll never get anyone's phone number, let alone an an actual real life meeting. It's just a huge scam.


Since I broke up with my boyfriend I was so devastated and ruined. But my friend tried to comfort me and told me to try casual sex. I was skeptical at first, but then I decided to give it a go. I am to shy to flirt with people in bars or clubs so I started looking for the dating web sites. Tinder and others did not work for me, because they are a different kind of platforms.

Accidentally I've found loveeeble - I wasn't sure it even worked, because it is new, but I managed to meet 3 guys from there. Break up still hurts, but this hotties make me forget about my ex.


it works for young adult daters but for those over 30 its all gone totally corrupted by fraudsters who just scam

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