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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?

Curious Programmer

What if one were to be created that was legit?

What's the ideal interaction to keep both parties safe and identities secure?


i think if amazon started a dating facility it would work as their customers are previously proven to be genuine so long as they have had goods delivered to their door prior to engaging in dating ..of course scammers will try to breech their defenses so caution will be needed ,but any scammers could be banned from using amazon for good .smart speakers could be used to keep out scammers

Curious Programmer

Authenticate user identity via license/credit card?
Location based
Facilitate meet up connection - indicate who you're meeting in case of foul play?
Anonymous and pre-phrased review/rating (safety, fun, etc..)?

Chat/video, channels, multi-alias?
Friend-like system?
Group forming, swingers?

Just tossing ideas about


the UK hookup site adultwork com checks passports of women advertisers but they just use fake documents ,and its full of fake profiles with fake photos. so it dont work unless its cross checked with government databases where id and passports is issued and that wont happen


I have worked as a rep for sites like this. They are horrible even to their employees. ALL profiles are fake and us resp answer you and engage in a conversation to get your money. We as reps were paid 0.06 euro cent/message while they charge clients 1.5 euro per message! Quite often they let the reps work for 1 week teill payment, then they find an excuse to fire you and you dont get paid. I only did it for 2 weeks and just cpouildn't continue lying to people. I had no compassion with the pervs or the guys looking to stray out of their marriage but what made me quit without pay by the way were the "normal" guys. Guys looking for a relationship. Mind you some of these guys have been talking to these fake profiles for months on end. Unreal, have lost 1000's of $ yet still continue. Some weirdos know that they are talking to fake profiles and just like to talk dirty or put women down and be abusive by speech.
The world is a strange place, feel free to ask of you need more info.


ebay dating would work as any scammers would soon get bad feedback and lose their account for scamming

al fakes


web of lies Stirling pensioner scammed out of £50,000 by TWO con men she met online after being desperate for love following divorce

Newly-divorced Marlyn Graham was devastated after her 29-year marriage ended - but then things got worse

Jim Wade

How to spot a fake dating service

I would love to join the conversation here and add a professional perspective.

I am an internet dating expert, and author at an adult dating website since 2009. You can find my profile here for more information and samples of my studies.

I have tested multiple sites so I know what is real and what is fake on the internet.

Here are some things to keep in ming where you are looking to hookup website:


Usually, real websites will have intuitive and clean design, along with a mobile app in both Android and iOS stores. Apple and Goole have developed a high standard when it comes to the type of apps they allow in their stores, but this doesn't aways mean the app is trustworthy – I have heard of many people getting scammed even using Apple apps.


When users write you immediately, and you inbox is blowing up this is a good sign that the app or website you are using is not legit. When you have girls flooding your inbox don't accept their requests. The only app I have seen that is an exception to this rule is, this is a real app in which users actually message you consistently.

Credit cards:

When a website asked for a credit card right away this is another good sign you are using a fake dating service. Don't ever verify your age using a credit card, this is an attempt to take your money. If you do read the terms bellow to the the charges and dollar amount.

The most important thing to keep an eye open for is the term of service. Even if you are using a fake dating service, you will usually see the charges in small print at the bottom of the credit card page. This will help you what you are about to spend money on.


I havent been on them for a couple years but i used pof and it worked really well. I am good looking and don't live with my mama so it helps. People who say its a fraud probably dont know how to talk to women. I was bringing a different girl home every Saturday. You gotta remember these girls are getting bombarded with messages. If u dont stand out your already done. Read her profile make comments on things that interest her and if she answers don't seem over eager or to excited. Women love mystery.
Any girl who needs a dating sight
A. Needs attention and just wants an ego boost. (Good luck with those ones. Usually has been on for years and are most likely just want to talk)
B. Is a ho (easy but use protection)
C. Just out of a long relationship
D. Hurt from having sex to soon with dudes and none sticking around (viscous cicle and these are the ones u feel bad after.)
I suggest going for C. And trying to be first before to many guys send a bunch of dumb *censored* and she erases her profile. The ones fresh out want sex and a cuddle and not much else. So u won't feel bad after.
Almost every date was a one night stand. If your looking for a real relationship stay away from sites and go out with your friends and live your life.


I used no strings local for a couple o months. All say the same thing, won't exchange numbers, won't leave the site feeling safer here..waste of time. All fake profiles even says they employ "hosteses" to enhance the experience. Pay for messages get nowhere. If you report a profile as a scam they thank you and remove the profile. Then the "hostess" assumes another profile. Fake fake fake

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