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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?


I joined AFF two weeks ago. Out of the women that contacted me at least 5 were scams to try to get money. After they talk with you 3 times. lol There was 4 conversations that did not go anywhere and one legit young lady. The couples were all legit as far as I could tell. The ladies for the most part in my age group 50-60 were looking for younger men. Then I started getting messages from swinger groups which always directed you to another site. Corporate raiding? Have not followed up on them yet but by the paperwork they send you seems legit. These ID's are new to me also. Any experience with these situations out there/

Serious about sexx

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This comes from a guy who has lost count of how many women I've pounded from online dating, so listen up. Your best -- no, your only option -- is to use legitimate dating sites. Not the hookup sites. List your intentions as long-term relationship, no matter how inaccurate that is. Have many good photos and write an interesting, grammatically correct profile. When texting with the woman, hint at your sex drive without overwhelming them with it. And no *censored* shots. The hints will screen out the prudes, while the nicely written profile will get you a higher caliber woman. Accept that forking out for that first date with no sex will likely be the price of getting regular sex down the road. Better than a membership with a fraud site. Wish I could give a clinic in this stuff. Good luck, gentlemen.

This guy is 100% on the money go with the legit sites create great profiles, post well taken pics, create a script, l have a lot of pre fab responses for the different personality types of women out there you gota control their thought process dont give them time to think and bombard them with constant classy innuendo, as he said it will filter out the prudes once you have done that you can get a little more raunchy, however everything must be done with tact... l always tell them im open to a long term relationship, l am not interested in one nighters or hookups, not looking for a fwb, but l always tell them l have a high sex drive and expect sex but that sex is not all that im looking for... in the ladt 4 years l have slept with approximately 300 women my business partner & friend who is a woman estimates this # to be 500 l have used tinder, pof, okcupid, obc(low quality women on there and not very popular any longer) Craigslist (stay away from casual encounters and use the long term post section) l have used aff with success,, fling (though l cant quite remember the experience) l am a good looking man in my late 30's who takes care of myself, if you look like crap dont expect a results because your competing against someone like me, and stop treating these women like they are virgins, THEY ARE NOT!! Honestly most of them want to be treated like whores and sluts in the bedroom, l repeat in the BEDROOM, not in every day life (though there are some who are into that as well)
Also l differ majorly from the guy l am quoting in one way of the 300 women l estimate l have been with through these sites 290 of them l have banged on the first meeting, l have rarely had to take them out l usually go straight to their house, or they come to mine, my healthy lifestyle helps with that, l dont eat out lol... and here is the trick to getting laid everytime, even if you are taking them out. I do this every time l meet a woman regardless of where l am or what she looks like because lets be honest when its just for sex standards get lowered, however before l even say hello to her l walk up to her intensly grab her and passionately kiss her, l grab her ass, and especially do this grab the back of her head and ball a good amount of her hair and firmly pull her head back while you kiss her. If you are at her or your place immediately go for the neck after kissing (dont give her time to think) you will hear her wimper or moan at this point and she's yours push her to her knees or take her shirt of... literally within 30 seconds of physically meeting these women im banging them... this has worked for me 90 plus percent of the time... after l have had my way with her l always say "well hello" they love it.... l give them some cuddle time and great pillow talk then im out of there, but they are hooked... hope this helps someone

Serious about sexx

Oh and one more thing go for women in their 30's and 40's they are in their sexual primes and a lot easier to nail... the younger ones definitely look better but they are not as comfortable with sex so you have to work way harder and they are more expensive

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This question will never have a straight to the point answer. There are people too frustrated, by fake websites that promise a sure date, that say all dating sites are fake. And are those who just for profit say that's not true. In fact, there are legit websites, and of course exist websites that are fake. What is sure is that whatever website you visit, be sure that you'll find genuine profiles as well as fake ones. All you can do is take some minor safe measures so you won't be scammed.


pick any date site you like then take a look at the reviews on youtube .its all complaints and no good reviews and feedback


join a swinger site, hook up with a single woman to go to partys or clubs and as you come as a couple you will get laid all you can handle, single guys are welcome but dont often get laid like a couple


I agree all but a few “dating” sites are totally fake and just exist to take money out of your bank account. And at times the automatic renewal process can seem to be on auto-pilot because you know you canceled it. Then when first signing up with new site at a very reduced intro fee you can really be suckered punch by a deceptive site. By completing the sign up process, but not reading the fine print and checking the box NO to their other related site(s) you unknowingly have also signed up with the “sister” site(s) and NOT at a reduced cost. Same parent company that operate separate but “in the family” sites.

NOW I have suggestion to substantially cut losses. Open up a savings account and don’t keep but a few dollars more than the amount of a “sign-up/registration fee”. Simply transfer the amount required (checking to savings) just before signing up . Usually but not always banks will not honor a payment request due to insufficient funds but some banks will accept the request for payment and you get a hit with a fee. SO, when opening the savings acct. inform the bank rep that the account cannot allow a payment without sufficient available funds. However this does not negate the need to read the fine print or at least look for any indication of a dual site registration process.


the biggest date sites turn over billions of $ from ripping people off so they all want a piece of the action to get on the gravey train easy money ville


Yes but you have to pay the ladies and if your willing to do that all your troubles are threw! You will look at dating sites like childs play! Go to Craigslist personals casual encounters wfm and find someone you want to hook up with make sure they have an actual # and text or call them and negotiate a donation amount never say money. Its hit and miss as far as looks go but ive scored with beautiful woman and it didn't cost me my house!


I can give an accurate report , ALL the supposed cheating sites ( like wicked wives etc ) - are totally bogus ,
do not use them, you will get instant e-mails and lured into them - I can also sadly state I found no real women on Ashley Madison ( thankfully I posted false address and name details ) before it was hacked

if you want sex - you must join a proper dating site , and pay for the service offered , I went on and actually was up-front in my profile , that I was married , and met up with 2 single women who I had sex with -
I can also state that both were larger ( fatter ) than the profile photo seemed to suggest -
I also never used a profile photo ( for obvious reasons _) and did well , I recommend you just send a polite e-mail and keep it straight for the first few messages , and you will prosper

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