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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?


If you read through enough profiles you will see for yourself that most of them read in duplicate from others down to the very last word. How many women do you think use exactly the same words and phrasings? You have a better chance of winning the lottery with those odds!


A friend of mine actually works on one of these scam adult dating sites. The company who she works for own a lot of fake 'hook up' sites with names like Granny Lover and Mature Meetups etc. Basically she gets sent messages from guys that she replies to and gets paid 15p per message. The men in these sites will never get any woman's phone number and certainly won't get a real life meeting. Some guys have been on the sites for years and the penny still hasn't dropped!


Quote by: Anonymous

One thing is for sure, it's so hard to find any of these sites to do a review to warn people.

These 3 sites are 100% scam . No one was ever willing to talk off line only on the site, which really made no sense. Made a lot of useless Small talk knowing full well that it's costing you money.Never wanting to meet just chat on the site claiming that it's safer there, and they don't know me well enough to give out any contact info. Even told one to call me and block her number, never heard from her again. These sites have turn me completely against dating sites. Can anyone tell me how I can write a review for those 3 sites

Yes, they're all scam sites. The messages are coming from random women who are paid by the company to message you. My friend works for the company who own them. As you have discovered, nobody will give you their number or actually meet in real life because all those sexy profiles are fake.


I have been surfing adult dating sites or adult picture posting sites for about 15 years and it is very easy to hook up with women or with couples. Experience is what counts. Experience in not wasting your time on useless sites, experience in approaching profiles, experience in selecting profiles with a reasonably high chance of not being fake, experience in communicating and finding the right mix of hitting the other person's erotic button and just being friendly, funny and interesting. You also need patience, look halfway presentable and a good *censored* never harms. I have talked with quite a few women, that I hooked up with and it must be totally frustrating, harmlessly boring and intellectually poor, what they get. Keep in mind, that women will get tons of messages and typically decide in a split second, if they might be interested or not. Carefully read the profiles. There are usually many hints or information. If you are not 100% compatible with this, forget it. If the distance is too big, forget it. Always be totally honest and know what you want. Women will smell a desperate guy, sending messages to just about anyone, from miles away.
So if you know what to do and what to look for, it is really quite easy to hook up. It will take some time though. The "competition" is very mediocre. And that is from the mouth of women.


women get 100s or 1000s of messages so most of them dont get read and are binned no matter how smart you claim to be .men far outnumber women on date sites

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