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Are there legit adult sexual sites that aren't scams?


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I’m a horny old geezer whose wife in for sex these days. But I don’t want waves. So I tried AFF. I have found one woman there who loves sex and is very good at giving and receiving pleasure. My chances to meet with her are very infrequent. I’ve found some friends and some who enjoy cybersex. Cybersex is to the real thing as the Lightning Bug is to the Lightning, but Fireflies can be lovely!

Interesting fact: Match has been a good investment for me on the stock market, and it is the owner of Adult Friend Finder and plentyoffish, among many others. Two of the genuine sites.

I noticed there are a lot of positive posts on here about AFF but I also notice this site used AFF banner ads and text ads so it has a vested interest in receiving affiliate money from those who sign up for it. Just pointing out that there are financial incentives for the positive posts, though to be fair I have seen a lot of negative posts for AFF as well.

I don't think there are any really legitimite sites for finding hookups though one would reason there should be lots of married or sexually dissatisfied women who just want to enjoy a man without strings but it is really really difficult to find. I am 55 and have been on Instabang and all it is are webcam girls and bots. I joined for a month a week ago and have been working it hard but no luck.


an ad for a week in a UK magazine which cost 35 quid returned a selection of nice women who want to party
and no BS and no long deductions form my CC for months and years was all pretty easy and quick


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I used nostringslocal too and one girl massaged me daily for two weeks and then someone replaced her. We had inside jokes between us and the new person didn’t know about them, she misspelled words and her grammar was different from the first girl. Then I asked her to finish a sex act the first had started and she was offended. And for some reason the girls will never initiate. They only respond. They will just disappear if u stop msging them. Never agree to meet or exchange info. I found one girl on three different sites, same name same picture. I wonder how they sleep at night...

The companies that own these adult dating sites employ women to answer messages. That's why 'women never initiate, only respond'. Each reply from this woman has actually come from a different person every time. Have you never wondered why these women refuse to give you their phone number or even meet for a simple coffee, even after months of exchanging messages? My friend sits at home and gets paid per message she answers - that's how it works. The idea is to keep these poor guys buying as many credits for as long as possible. Please steer clear of these fake 'adult' dating sites.


the only good sites are the FREE sites so just stick to those but you still have tons of BS to wade thru to find a diamond in the rough
any site that wants your card details you should avoid as you cant get rid of them


I’ve been trying to hook up for casual sex for years and still haven’t got laid. I’ve got friends who have had success but not me. Beginning to think it’s all a scam.


Quote by: Anonymous

I’ve been trying to hook up for casual sex for years and still haven’t got laid. I’ve got friends who have had success but not me. Beginning to think it’s all a scam.

As I previously mentioned, most so-called 'adult' sites are scam sites. The companies that own them employ women to reply to messages from men. My friend does this job and gets paid 15p per message. Even if you've been messaging her for months you still won't get her phone number let alone a real life meeting. The idea is to keep you forking out on credits for as long as possible. Sadly, there are a lot of deluded old men out there who really do believe that some hot, sexy 20 year old is actually interested in them!!


good looking women dont need hookup sites as they have plenty of suitors so its a losing game full of scams for the unwary


I used BeNaughty for about two years 2010 - 2012. It was full of all the scams and fake profiles mentioned in this thread but some genuine women.

I got savvy and recognised the real from the crap and over those two years met 15 women for sex, several of them regular sex over several months. Yes it was costing me about £45 pm but I worked hard at it and got laid, a lot!

One really annoying thing about BN was that your profile was copied to all of the sites owned by their parent company White Label Dating. It's in the small print somewhere that they are going to do that. Big problem is that you can chat seamlessly across all of the platforms and have no way of knowing if the person you are chatting with is on the same site. Problem with that is I am on a FWB sex dating website and the girl might be on Christian so gets really pissed of when you quickly start talking about sex! That happened to me several times, and once I actually had two dates with a woman who clearly wasn't looking for a casual hookup and turned out that she thought I was on the same "relationship" dating website that she was.

One thing I could not understand is how they are allowed to provide a service that charges men, but is free to women. Surely that is illegal?

Anyway, back in the game now so am trying AFF at the moment.


I joined a week ago

Plenty of profiles there looking for sex, several of them living very close to me.

It started great with many winks, likes and messages.

And that's all.

No women replied to my replies and I soon noticed several photos coming up with other profiles.

Bottom line, a completely fake site with almost exclusively fake profiles. A total scam!


they have all degenerated into scams with a small ratio of genuine posters but mostly fake ..
this forum is the only place where you can get genuine feedback as theres tons of fake sites giving bogus good feedback so dont get taken in by fraudsters

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