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definitely not nowadays ..the fakes have overtaken the genuine s .BOTS rule

Thomas Williams

I've tried quite a few and I feel like everything is BS. Even the almighty tinder is junk.


From my experience, Match worked. I met a lovely girlfriend there.

A friend of mine met her husband on eharmony, but I have no experience of that site personally.

AFF appear to sponsor a number of review sites that claim all of the other sites are scams. Suspicious - I think we should be.

When I was actively looking, which was over 10 years ago now, there were a few other sites.

Midsummerseve.com worked. I believe that it is 100% free, so there are probably quite a number of scam profiles. I met a couple of nice girls there.

If you want a bit of fun with a site that uses bots, try spdate.com For some conversations their bot can be quite convincing. They also can be persuaded to talk dirty. Quite bizarre really.

Another site that might be reasonable is Illicitencounters.co.uk It is a fully paid for site, and I do not have experience of it, but it has a better feel than others.

Above all apply caution. I heard somewhere that there are over 30,000 adult dating sites. There are certainly loads of duplicate ones with the same owners. They often have the same profiles. As they say caviat emptor.... let the buyer beware!!

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