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Is it worth the expense and trouble to seek foreign born women as mates?


I have read that women born outside the United States that are legitimately seeking marriage (and I am not talking about Asian or Russian women looking for just money out of lonely guys).

Foreign born women are supposedly the way to go for guys not looking for a slave but someone who still hold traditional values that existed before the feminists took over.

I am to the point of giving up on United States' women since I have dated so many that are so similar that I can't even remember most of their names.

It is sad that a guy born in this country who has a decent income (but never enough for US women) that owns a house, car and not in hock to the credit card companies and is also better than average looking can't find a half way decent woman.

I will admit that I am 49, retired with a lifetime source of income and yet it is never enough for women born in this country. And I don't just blame Internet dating. The area I live in (Dallas, Texas) seems especially bad when it comes to dating and several women have admitted that they know other guys who have made similar remarks toward about the women in my area. So I honestly believe that it is not just me.

Any guys with experience with foreign born women that would like to share?

I can relocate if that is what it takes.

I admit that I have been to London, Paris and most of the United States, Canada, and parts of Mexico and have found the only place women are actually friendly is Austin Texas which has the reputation for friendly women. I wish that I had moved there when I had a chance in the mid 80's before the prices of homes went out of sight. But I did have women strike up a conversation about a T shirt I might be wearing standing on a corner (and no, they were no hookers) when I used to visit Austin in the mid 80's.

I have been back once or twice to Austin in this decade and the friendliness is now gone.

Yet all I se are couples more than ever in Dallas. I am beginning to think a foreign woman is my last resort unless I want a life of being by myself. And the guys are not particularly wealthy looking or attractive and the women are not that great looking either. The only thing I can think of is that people met at apartment complexes or at work but both are double edged swords.


You have been looking in the wrong areas or too young around Dallas. Go north a little we are out there and we are friendly and make our own money. texasrrf Big Grin


I cannot for the life of me imagine what you have been doing to get such a warped view of American women. Who the heck are you dating? You say you are 49...are you looking for a young chick? If so, then can be certain they'll have $$ on their mind. You would be viewed as a "sugar daddy" if dating someone half your age, and rightly so. If you have been dating women of your own age, then you need to keep trying. Every single woman I know at this age is completely uninterested in being supported financially. We are only interested in emotional support. I think you need to revisit what you are looking for. You say you want "traditonal" values, but not women who are after money. Fact is, in the past, women were very much looking for financial support, that was "traditon". What sort of traditional values are you looking for today?? Think about that.


you are probably ugly as all hell. Buy a Porsche and then hang out at your local gay bar, since apparently you dont like women. Fag.


It's probably not worth it. Unless you're really well acquainted with the ethnic group you're seeking a partner from, foreign women are probably not for you.

Yes, I know, there have been brokers of Filipino and Russian brides, but just like with dating services, a few shady operators have ruined it for the rest.

As for what you said about women being attracted to money... that may be true for women who want a sugar daddy, but if EVERY woman was after a guy who wanted money, we'd be seeing a mass exodus of American women to the United Arab Emirates, where rich men supposedly come a dime a dozen. However, that isn't happening, so your theory pretty much goes out the window.

I think the problem is, we single people have no good avenues. I mean, when I'm tired of spending weekends alone, there's no "free neighborhood singles center" where I can go and sign in, and tell the receptionist "ok, I'm bored... gimme a woman from 35 to 39, who likes outdoor stuff and home improvement. Doesn't matter to me if she's blonde, brunet, or has blue hair." Even if this sort of thing did exist in the US, most singles would go out of their way to avoid it.


I am NOT ugly as hell. Been told many times I am very attractive. Why do I use the personals? Because i am not sure if a woman is being nice as part of her job or not. And I am shy ab out meeting at a bar, etc.

Sounds like the thought of American men that are sick of American women and their spoiled ways are too much for women like you. You want a competitor-not a romance partner.

Men like myself want the old fashoined women. Not sex slaves or slaves to cook (I prefer to eat out and I am a better house keeper than any woman I know).

I just want a woman that rmembers how to love a man.

And women like you Mary are the very reason that I have decided to seek a woman form another country.

And yes, the dating site usually all suck.


The 'e' in Porsche is not silent. And they suck-probably like you but in a diferent way
Love and kisses from the 'fag'

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