Online Dating & Relationships Forums is DEAD & a waste of time now


As if it were very good. But about 2 years ago, I must have been more 'positive' as all the women say they want in a date. Whatever that means (seperate topic maybe?).
Anyway my FIRST ad opened with 'retired at 45 years of age '(true). I got a lot of resposnes and about 600 plus viewings since they have a viewing counter.

So I decided to join. Here is what I got . One date the night before Thankgsiving with a woman that was supposedly over her ex boyfriend but still uses (I check out of curiousity as of today . If I did not appeal to her, at least be honest.

And after the start of 2005, a brief relationship with a woman that we had no chemistry with and I am not that picky. By then, if she was over 18 (alive being optional), I would have replied if she e mailed. But the point is that after I joined, a rational person would think that with so many women supposedly viewing, I would have had better luck. I did not renew my membership and thankfully sent a personal check (which may not still be allowed since continually changes its rules). So at least I did not have the ordeal of trying to get them to cancel the 'fun' each month.

I read that the thousands that are supposedly joing daily is actually a lie. While they DO get possibly more members than the others, the reason that I read is that they buy the little dating sites out all the time and add the members. So I suspect the reason why I sent an e mail out that was not in response is that a lot of women think they are on one site and wind up on (and the only ones that actaully wrote me first were all either from out of state or a long ways from where I live). Not ONE woman made the first move in my own city of Dallas.

I wish that I could say internet dating WAS a good way to meet a woman since it's getting harder all the time and the women are so scared that you might be some kind of crazy that it takes a dozen e mails just to get her work number.


From your last comment I can see you are a little inexperienced in the online dating scene. Men do have to work hard at it and unless your profile is good, you'll rarely be approached.

Agree about the buying up of contacts from other sites, but this is not just , and are all at the same game sharing profiles and so when you reply to someone the chances of them being a member of that site and so reading your message is slim, not to mention that they also don't recognise the site name if they are forwarded you message. Scam, scam, scam - but sort through the shit and you can still make that contact. MUCH easier to go out and meet real people though!


Some time around Christmas (I only found out when I logged on the check a profile this had happened) they “improved� the site by randomly removing answers to questions which then left many questions as unanswered. I think they removed some questions too. At the same time they added a new feature of keywords. Great except they seeded it with words found in your essay questions. So if you for example said in your bio “no hunters please� you had hunter added to your list of keywords for people to match. In January things became even worse. For about 2 weeks I tried to update my 2 essay questions. The first submission they randomly removed sentences from the essays with no reason given. My first thought was that formatting or special characters were to blame so I resubmitted it a second time. After several days of no reply or change in my profile I emailed tech support. After a few more days of no reply I tried one more time to submit my changes. This time I received multiple emails with encoded text that made them almost unreadable. Encoded as many characters were replaced with =hex code. The gist of these emails was that since my username was contained in my email address they were refusing my change. I replied to the emails that I had been using the login and email address with their site for years and they approved my profile. Again via encoded emails. Unfortunately at the same time they combined the “about you� and “about what you want� essay questions into one but did not merge the answers. And since they did not enlarge the space on the one remaining essay question there is no longer room to merge both answers without re-write. The bios are shorter now than many free sites. One has to wonder just where they are going with this. They have added articles by Dr. Phil about finding the right person which would be nice if you actually had something left in the bios (other than the most basic facts) to work with. Personally I’m giving up on


I have spent since 1983 involved in personals dating. First in print which was much better and now forced to use the internet until I gave up about 6 months ago afte meeting boozers and loosers. Inexperienced? I could write a book (and thought about it but I am too lazy).


To avatar, yea its tiresome reading the same ads but seeing different photos. Phrses like love to laugh (gag me with a spoon please) and other unorginal phrases and profiles made me swear off match. The best thing about match is that they accepted a personal check. So no credit card scam.

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Thanks so much for sharing your opinion about this website! I think you are completely right stating that this website is a real waste of our precious time!


and they bought out POF to add to their crumby website and that full of boozers and losers too.half a billion $ so these scumbags are raking it in on fake profiles

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