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I tried this website. It has amazing looking women. Be very careful. If you register with this service You will get beautiful letters from these women describing how much they want a western man. Don't be fooled. These women are paid to communicate with you through the web site. Each letter costs approximately $8.00. If you want to communicate directly with them, you must pay between $28 and $49 for a phone call with the woman. Frequently she will not give you her email address, claiming that she doesn't have one, can't remember it, etc. The site is completely phony but stand little chance of being caught because the women and the phone calls all take place in a foreign country.

The truth is that super beautiful women may consider an American as a potential mate, assuming first that he is very attractive with a fat bank account and a very good life. Why would they leave their family, friends, and homeland to come here and work in a crappy job here with an average looking guy? You are a fool if you trust this service.

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I noticed myself that women are constantly trying to chat and write with you. They are getting paid by their local agency's to keep you online. A so called 'confirmed profile' means nothing. The Anastasia help desk is very helpful but not with complains about scamming.


Hi Everybody,

I tested a while.
Most of the ladies beautiful fraud.
You never know who is on the other site.
Ever if video, many of them have a premaid video. If you ask them wave their hand or stand up, they deny and say they are not a monkey. hahahhah yes. they are liers.
Even some real they only do it for money and get paid from the site.

I heard the site press the ladies hard, not to say anything about the practise they do.
Hahahha but also the ladies get pissed off.

If you want entertaiment... this site is ok and costs money !
If you real looking for a lady, DO NOT USE THIS SITE

Anyhow it is a money waste.

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I like it so far, I have to say


I can`t judge if it is a scam or not, I just compare it to

And I noticed a strange thing - same girls but act different - they are shy to talk about sex and passion.
Seems like anastasiadate controls them somehow. I don`t like it

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