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Yea i have been on the site for 2 weeks jus checking all the profiles. I ignored all the chat for the first week, then made mistake of chatting to some of the female members. I figured out what they were all trying to do, after the first three woman i chatted with, at least 70% of the woman on there, are online working girls making a quick buck off unsuspecting malesto follow there links, and taking you to a number of webcam sites, And paying a fee to watch them,Guys the best thing do is to find a woman the old fashioned way! Sad but true.


Here's another site you should avoid at ALL cost.
Don't bother waisting your time at "Just Hook Up',the site is a complete hoax. chicks on there are stolen profile pics and probably some fat arse guy wanking himself to the false profiles he has just created. There's pics of porn chicks all claiming to be in your area. For a moment there I had to pinch myself, thought I'd gone to heaven. They may contact you but there is no follow up conversation. It is a constant barrage of women claiming they want you, when all the time they are only baiting you to stay on the site.
save your money; pay a bill. there is more satisfaction. This site should be reported to a governing body it is a total SCAM.


I've been using Be Naughty for two weeks now, and yes I was caught by their repeat charge, for a whopping £40!

However, I explained to them that I had every intention of stopping my subscription and would not use the site until the newer membership was cancelled. They offered me 3 months free if I continued with the payment, which was a tempting offer at the time. I replied and told them that due to financial difficulties I could not afford it and they happily cancelled my subscription and refunded my payment within a week.

There are plenty of scammers on the site who will offer you your wildest dreams, if you only follow links and pay through your teeth. Then again there are real people using the site too...

ex member

Be naughty..
You sign up for free, fill in all the required fields, and you can browse profiles, but you cannot view pictures, make contact, or read emails that you receive. Suddenly you are getting emails from attractive women, with intrigueing titles. These are LURE profiles, designed to get you to pay £40 to read them. When you do, you find that they are just info mails about the sender having posted new photos, or some other general message that is sent to a thousand other men. These women don't exist, some of these profiles have been on the site for years, the locations change from time to time but their age doesn't seem to.
So, your into it for a month, you post pictures and interesting details about yourself, and notice that the amount of mail you receive has slowed to stop. you try and contact all the girls that mailed you before you joined, but they never get read. and you never receive a reply. Ok, so you press on, there are some genuine profiles on the site, but the ratio is probably 500 guys to 1 girl. so you have stiff competition. The real women are so inundated with prospective emails from guys, that they wouldn't have time to read them as quick as another arrives, so most just get binned. A large number of female profiles are only looking for other females too, clearly stating "No men".
Don't get me wrong you can have success, and find somebody here. But it's hard work, needs many hours of patience, and then a level of odds similar to that of being struck by lightning. Then you have to deal with the scammers, and cam girls, tempting you into giving your bank details. and the site constantly crashing.
You Month membership approaches it's end, and you should have had enough by now, so you decide to cancel your account and it's roll over re billing before they take another £40 of your hard earned cash. You go through the steps answering the "Are you sure you want to cancel" questions and clicking "No" to the reason why you should stay statements, you enter your password, and copy security codes. till you come to the final page of cancelling re billing. you have two options, but only one of them actually works. This is the one where you have to make premium rate phone call to the USA, and answer further questions and give ID numbers etc. Eventually you will succeed in escaping, and get an Email confirming this fact.
Guys. take your money to a pub or club and have a few drinks, your chances of meeting someone will be increased a thousand fold. and aside from the price of a beer or two, you will leave feeling far less mugged off.


I took the time to read all of the reviews on the thread before trying the trial subscription of BN. I did read the billing information prior to coming here and saw the auto-renewal part. I am glad that I came here first and now know about the possible billing scam. I do like the ideas thrown out there though of PayPal and a prepaid credit card. I am only a free member on BN, and I have friended "women" that I want to chat with. Until I get my hands on a prepaid card, I have a small way of finding fake profiles and auto-sent messages. In the box that pops up with your screen name that quickly says something about you (not the description section), I state my doubts about the profiles and ask that they send a message answering a simple math problem. Instant bot/auto-sent message protection and a way to find out who might be actually interested. If they are just trying to get your attention, they may not even bother to read that, showing they don't care.

In the end:
-Sign up using an email account that you really don't care about or that you use for spam (but are still able to check)
-Use a prepaid credit card so the auto-renew has nothing to take if they try to scam you
-Create some form of anti-bot/auto-message protection in your profile while you are still a free member
---For example, try to reply to this thread and you will have a security code (just saw it myself). Be creative with your own security, but make it simple so it is not an inconvenience, but so it does the job.


Never posted on any site before so that should give you an idea of how much this company has pi**ed me off!
DO NOT go near be naughty. All I can do is warn you and I'm sure many of you who read this will ignore me but it's your money to loose!!
The no obligation trial is a joke as it scams you into having to pay ate at one full months subscription and them whe you cancel and think all is done and dusted its not. They billed me again a month after cancelling and despite me ringing and cancelling AGAIN they billed me again.
Full complaint is now on its way to the Iight people and luckily because it was via PayPal I have managed to cancel it via them.
Oh and if your still thinking its a good idea first do a bit of digging and ask yourself why, if all is above board has the company that runs BeNaughty changed its name 3 or 4 times in the last few years.

And as a side not if anyone to do with BeNaughty happens to read this take this as your warning too because people are now seriously after you for their money!

lotal wank#rs!

Well for one thing having used the site, and heard nothing form men complaining they get scammed, as a genuine female I joined not because I wanted to shage everything on there, but I thought there would be really gorgeorgous hot guys, who I know never up for a relationship because they know they can get what they want would be up there and willing! LOL
Yes I found a few, but gotta say THE VAST MAJORITY OF MEN ON THERE ARE SO UGLY that I would rather lick sick, and wouldnt dream of going anywhere near them!
The idiots who put up their profile who clearly look disgustingly ugly and think they are a 'catch' happen to be the ones who complain about 'the scams' ie women who are only prepared to sleep with them is they pay for it! HAHAHAH well thats a no-brainer really, as a female I would NOT touch an ugly with a barge pole, as I have standards LOL so in fact the 'scammers' are their only best best and they ought to be grateful they get any attention AT ALL!!!

take that and smoke it in your pipe!

RG Whyte

I agree, Its seems all the dating sites are scams. this one BN has a three day trial crap where you must enter a security code to stop automatic billing for the next month, problem is their website will not except the code and they won't answer your email. How obvious of a SCAM is that.

on another site 'B2' which was reviewed as the 'best' I was led to believe i would be billed a set price for six consecutive months but no I was billed the total of six months at one time only to find the site full of fictitious people using the same images but totally different profiles and most of them what you to go to a private email, right

I have checked out the free sites too and found it almost impossible to get a conversation going with anyone real...

Next time I think I'll just try moving to a country were they still treat a man honestly - if thats even possible

Quote by: Anonymous

BN is a scam site pure and simple.

Report a scammer to the admin at Be Naughty and what happens?

You get a reassuring letter saying that they will look into it, but the scammer's profile stays up and nothing is done.

Sure women like the idea that men have to pay to join so that male posters can traced.

But overwhelming scammers are women or people using female profiles.

And attracting women onto the site is good for business as far BN is concerned.

BN does not just attract frauds.

BN is a fraudulent "service" and she be prosecuted to the very limit of the law.

Avoid this place like the plague and warn others not to use it either.

Also be cautious of anyone who tells you how great a place it is.

They probably work for BN!


Be Nutty!!

"Just Don't bother"
I have used the site a few years ago and it was Ok to begin with, and met real women, but as time went by the number of cam girls and prost***es openly advertising their services went up, even if you complained to admin and reported the profiles nothing was happening, eventually i cancelled my subscription as i was spending so much time weeding out the nigerian scammers asking for money, cam girls and advertising bots.

I recently rejoined and its a lot worse than it ever has been, if you look carefully over half the initial messages sent tying to get me to upgrade were system generated from their own ice breaker system!! lazy and dumb its beyond a scam and just plain misrepresentation.

i get the feeling that there are lot better sites for this sort of thing, they may boast 4 million members but only about 1:10th of that are real. have a look round at all the reviews for this site, i have only found positive reviews from sites financially connected, all the review site like this have the same story.

Benaughty!! more like you'd benutty if you join


bugger..I've just joined this site with my Credit Card details without reviewing it first.. How do I cancel it? Can anyone help me please? x

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