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trial you and then a rip-off by

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I have had a great deal of experience with this kind of fraud. File a charge-back directly to you credit card company.
and if that doesn't work take your claim to small claims court and you will win. I helped hundreds of people beat these things in court. get print keys and as much documentation as you can, especially their claim and when you declined. It is all the court is going to want to hear.


Just had same problem and had to cancel my credit card - this is a scam pure and simple!! I tried calling on line which was a recorded message saying they couldn't hear me! I sent an email stating that I wanted to cancel after my trial membership and got a reply stating you can't cancel by email and that I need to ring the premium rate telephone number. After this and reading numerous forum articles stating that they're a rip off I was straight on the phone to my bank!!

this is bs

Yeah i completely agree. I started to use this sight and started noticing alot of fake people on there. So i did my research and saw all the reviews. They make fake people talk to and try to set up private chats. U have to pay more for private chats. Ill refuse. I feel just by the
reviews they will take ur money and run. ITS A SCAME. DON T FALL FOR IT.


this company just keeps sending adds to my cell all hours of the night i first set up the acc i messed up and hit that i was a women picture and all when it was posted my whole profile was in the womens sections and yet i was still gettung twenty guys a day wanting to meet like they couldnt see i was a guy looking for women thats when the alarm bells went off i first asked to have my profile switched and was so curtiuosly done again at 3:05am once this was corrected i still got messages from the same twenty guy not women (not that surpriseing ay) then i went on to have my profile removed completely which as i was told was done again at 3:58am (not sure which country there based in but at lease read a time conversion chart now im still recieving e-mails like thre or four a day but i thoght and was told that everythings been re-aticated so what gives im off there auto email list and no profile and all the while being very curtious and polite these kinds of companies should be brought out into a public street and hung just like cattle russellers where its so easy to hide from the public and comitte these annoyances lets expose a few and see how many more want to follow in the foot steps we humans had it right a hundred years ago when and why did we give up on our selfs



okayy all good, but did any of you guys actually get laid at least once?

anon Phil

All I want is loads of shagging! Do I get This with this site.

joe k

Stay away from BE NAUGHTY AS THEY RIP U OFF. PROBABLY BECAUSE THEY ARE FROM THE UK. sign up for 3 day trial and they bill youo for much more than u thought. it's just a rip off


the website is run by criminals and scammers who beat the system because, at least on the surface, they operate within the letter of the law.
that said, if you know what you're doing and put some effort in, yes, you can get all the shags you want.

my experience: I paid (and made good use of) a yearly subscription. during that time I became rather involved with the forum, to the point of even becoming one of the first generations of forum moderators that wasn't on the payroll of easydate. the only benefit I and other moderator volunteers would get was the extention of our membership for free in case we were men...for the duration of our "stay in office".
before I became a moderator, and even afterwards, I would rise a lot of criticism towards many of the underhand, shady and sometimes blatantly culpable practices of BN staff. I have seen things being handled in the worst possible manner, as far as common business sense and ethics go.all they really care for is that first payment. whether you then go home emptyhanded or protest and cancel your subscription, they don't care...they're not in it for the repeat business or the fidelisation of the client. the shady practices are too many to sum up in this I'll just list a few of them..
they can't have camgirls as part of the website according to the UK they have them only on the american side of the website. those camgirls are from an external company (so they claim).
they keep your details for much longer than they should after you've stopped going there (I still receive email adds and requests to join/join back in despite having left the building more than a year ago)
they take hold of your details (and images) and do with them whatever they like..this wasn't so at the beginning and there were ways to opt out (still are) but you had to know where to look and find those ways..and it was only because I personally caused a massive discussion on the forum that they relented on using all of our piccies whichever way they wanted (now you can set most to private)..
the whole "re-billing" and scamming you after you're done proofriding it was always a thing.
there are several similar websites who occasionally change names. what they don't tell you is that those websites share the same when you're looking at a girl and trying to get in touch, she might not notice you because she's on another website altogether (how they manage those databases and have them interact is a disgrace..they play the numbers to increase female presence, is all).
they say they have so many million women on there.. this is false. they also count inactive and dormant profiles that haven't been touched in years.
not only that..they run a number of candid websites sites with romantic purposes rather than sexual ones. especially internationally, those have more than once ended up in the same database.
I could tell because I speak dutch and it was easy to see that the profiles were filled in answering to entirely different questions such as "what do you look for in a man, what's your dream man" rather than "what is your favourite sex position"..and pasted on the standard BN profile format.
those women didn't know they were being pimped out on a sex dating site. or they would have filled it in much differently.
the website also has opened in various other countries, making tons of promises..without mentioning that most of it's members were in UK and USA..
payment methods were a shady set of ways to rip you off for all they could.
they would add or change features without notice, usually to the disadvantage of your average user.
they kept taking money from new couples wanting to join as such, without telling them that they would get shafted both ways because they couldn't get in touch with everybody like they used to before that changed.
they had all sorts of security failures..and they at one time started to advertise on facebook using contents (and even profiles associated to that content) of the paying members..people who payed to go somewhere private and do the naughty without it affecting their private life suddenly risked quotes from the forum or other material plastered over facebook for their friends and families to see.
they made several changes in order to attempt moving towards mainstream dating..trying to leech off facebook and build something similar. it couldn't possibly work because the entire premise of the website is and remains sexual in nature...but they didn't think it was worth mentioning this to the BN members, new or old as may be...and continued to advertise the sexual adventures as their main focus.
they claimed to be doing all they could against camgirls and scammers intruding on the website...and against people using pictures lifted from the internet to create fake scammer profiles.
in reality they did very little, and that very little was incompetent and not conducive to anything. myself and others with a bit more technical know-how made some very effective suggestions as to how to tackle the issue, but they refused to enact any of them. this either means that they needed those fake female profiles to boost their male-female ratio further than the saussagefest it really was, or that they actually were in cahoots with those scammers...and maybe had a share of the profits those people got from luring people towards pay-per-view camshows.
there is more, but off the top of my head these were some of the most serious issues the website poses and shows abbundantly that they are steeped in malpractice and deprived of any kind of work ethics.
all of the above is either documented by myself or at the very least witnessed firsthand, some of it even resulting from conversations had with the forum administrator, who himself was an employee of the company.

on the positive side, I spent more than a year there, and over the course of that time I met and had a lot of fun with about a dozen girls if not more.. and some have become lifelong friends. I have also witnessed at least 3 couples forming that produced children and/or resulted in marriage. I also saw hundreds of males raging about the fact that they felt duped for not being able to score a girl... newsflash for them: showing them your *censored* by way of saying hello... doesn't work.
all in all, the website was good to me in that for what came out as the cost of a pint or two a week, I managed to meet girls all over england..something I would not have been able to do IRL both because of cost issues and because I'm not much of a pubcrawler and didn't have many other opportunities to meet girls... so I'm happy with the time I spent there and with the little good I tried to do as a forum moderator.
that said, the place works just like a pub.. you have to put effort in and be charming in your own way, if you want to score a date..
however, be warned..I met those girls DESPITE the website doing everything they could to piss me off and make me rant against their malpractices.. the facebook thing was the last straw for me.
if you think that accessing the website means you score a date, if you are not ready to stand for certain levels of malpractice, if you think only to buy a 3 day trial instead of jumping in at the deep end directly...THIS IS NOT THE SITE FOR YOU.
if your hunger for a shag is great enough, you are patient, well mannered and generally pleasing enough not to come off as an abrasive wanker who stalks college girls..if you know a bit about the net and how to avoid certain scammers and pitfalls.. then the site might work for you..provided you're happy to be used as a tool by the people who run it.

would I do it again? probably not. are easydate staff scum and scammers, absolutely.
should they be reported to watchdog and other TV reporters, hell yeah.
will anyone do it? probably not, because it would mean exposing your kinky secrets to the nation...and they have ample time to destroy any proof that may be found of wrongdoing..which in the world of internet and personal information management is already a very controversial issue.

that said, if you want to find fun with a girl in the UK you stand a good chance to find her there..with some effort on your part.


It is a scam, I tried this one after Shagaholic was going nowhere and surprise surprise a number of the exact same profiles of the same girls (only location had changed) and most of these girls drove a car that isn't even sold in my country

There's probably a couple of 'genuine' ads on the sites but just out of curiousity I had a friend join up and sure enough he set up a date with someone who probably takes a commission from the site as she gave him the exact email reply that why she had 'fun' meeting for coffee she didn't think it would go anywhere


i paid £4.95 for a 3 day trial but was charged £39.95 i have contacted many members for a date but got no reply from most of them and those that have replied asked me to contact them on another paying site. keep away from benaughty they are thieves.

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