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trial you and then a rip-off by


am under 3 day trail period for just under 5$ hoping my cancelation goes thru fine...

so 1st day found all the cam gals scammers on BN and finally fell for one and went to preciouscams website for registration. (Below info is not for BN however just be aware of cam-gals..they might be geniune however never got their service to vouch for this)

And these liar cam gals always say its free however registration reqs Creditcard with maybe 5$ fee for 24 hrs and 40$ for the month... Entered my creditcard info and it got declined...tried another one it was also declined. Went online to check my CC accnt and saw one was in restricted status ..other one had no charges...the gal gave another link for a different site and both cards didnt work out there and 3rd site and it didnt work..finally called up credit card company to release the CC indicating I was trying to use it..back to preciouscams website and it didnt work (probably website itself blocked my card)...

anyways now not sure if they got all my card info with first and last name (luckily gave wrong birthdate during registration,,.am always worried about identity theft) one CC canceled since afraid that someone uses the CC info from these unknown websites and buys stuff...will be monitoring the other card for any charges (luckily most CCs have fraud monitoring activity so hopefully they themselves catch this activity)


Damn benaughty scammers. my 3 day trail ends march 8 and I tried canceling on 6 March late night, as some of you indicated I also received the message that a cancellation code will arrive in a hour.
Its 7 hours no cancelation code.
To all the people who kind of supporting benaughty website, isnt this full blown cheating that there systems become unresponsive and dont sent the cancelation code. I dont mind loosing $10/20 bucks however $40 is quite a bit.

Also I opened up my original registration email, guess what there is a phone number (below). Am going to try this and see where it goes.

"Our Support Team will answer payment queries 24/7 by phone 0845 869 7509" ...


MY BAD (reacted too quickly) Oops! Oops! Oops! Oops! Oops! ..... I got the cancelation email which was in junk folder (I checked my junk folders before being alarmed however my junk folder email were not auto-sorted by date and the cancelation email was on 2nd/3rd page.) The cancelation code worked and got a confirmation email as well. So far Benaughty site responded well. Hopefully no more surprises. Also hope they come up with a good system that allows immediate cancelation without the hoopla of cancel-code emails. (I think there might be one more reason for generating cancel code is that the site is not secure, its http vs https. So anyone can hack into your account and click cancel and having the email confirmation is the only way to go around this security hole..hope this is the reason rather than something else) Also I called up the support phone number in my previous post and its UK number and its associated with There is one more number that's different than the registration email. Below one is from cancelation email (guessing its UK one since they are not providing country code...had to google). "Our Support Team will answer payment queries 24/7 by phone (212) 796 6946" PS: And I canceled because guess I am like spending too much time, without any interesting results. Guess its a OK site. Just keep ignore the cam-model or someone who wants to have yahoo/hotmail chat/contact. Sign for knowing someone is a cam-model is if the first few messages itself says 'hun, honey, babe' or 'you want to see me got yahoo'. I soon stopped wasting time with them and just asked them can we video chat out there itself on benaughty and the response would be 'my cam doesnt work out here'

Haywood Jablowme

I am thinkning of giving it a shot, upgrading my membership, I seem to be attracting a lot of "talent" and need to further investigate some of them Wink I will used a prepayed Credit Card and I will only put enough balance on it to cover the free trial. They will try, but won't be able to ding me for the next month.


same thing I am a member on and a few of the girls on there are getting me to go to preciouscams and join that then onwards to so it's a HUGE ring

I know what i've been doing is using a prepaid card and not letting anything be charged to it later by not having anything else on it myself


it is happening right now with super hot cam girl. i keep telling her my cards arent working and getting her to send me semi-nude pics. sweet deal. scamming the scammers. its not too hard to detect the scam tho. want too watch me... free code no pay...enter credit card info for "age confirmation purposes only".


i have been on this bn site for 18months and had only 1 meet 100 s of emails but then when i answears them it as if they never heard of you


Just been ripped off by BeNaughty.
Signed up for their 3 day trial.
Went back on 3 weeks later only to find they had billed me for another month when I had not been using the site!
After a complex cancellation procedure which I completed I was lucky to notice you then had to ring them!
Phew, nearly paid for another month...whilst not using it!

Some would call them crooks.


One way to try-before-buy is to use one of the new "temporary VISA" transaction numbers that VISA is offering. You don't use your regular VISA number, but you get a temporary one good for X number of transactions, or expires after a certain time. Set it up for a single transaction, and it won't work after that. If they try to recharge you, the joke's on them.


I just asked one of the cam girls if they worked for benaughty....she replied yes.

I used paypal and already cancelled the repeat payment there. so we will see what happens.

I have had a couple conversations with women who purport to be real but no takers on offers to meet in public places for coffee or drinks.

I think I am going to cancel and figure out something else.

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