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Scam alert....avoid

Used Again Thanks H.D.!!!

She told me she loved me (after three weeks) I was just fresh out of a bad devorce. She wanted to move to America. She needed money. Will two thousand do? "Yes Dear It will buy my Visa and my Airline ticket" / three days later/ "Hun I lost $500.00 can you send more?"

Should have bought a few hookers!!!


i called ccbill their credit card people and filed a complaint- i was refunded the total amount i paid immediatly w/out any question. maybe they are tired of it also


to all the guys outther I tryed every dating site on the net for yrs. I tryed so on what happen to me was I was talking to a lady from post to be from calafonya but was a'n she was from russha did not nkow at that time. wewhear talking pritty good. till she said she has no perens becoues thay die in a car axadent. so she was sending pic, of her happen then sad!! I fell in to a big scame I did not know in till it was to late. she said she was coming ouut to see me in one letter The next she said she cant come out to see me becouse she thout she had a nof money to see me .so I said I will give you the money to come out to see The next letter said SHE said she got sick had to go to the hospital so HOW stupit I'M I sent her money to get well to see me.she said thank you for helping me with the then she said she was going to come /see me agane.wrong!!!!! now she said she was working outside in the yard she was doing soming with a lader now she broke her she can see me. soo then some thing told me to check out her name she had soooo many names from so many states/country's I was pist DON'T EVER TRY TO GO OUT WITH A GIRL NAMED IRINA SHES FROM RUSSHA!!!!!!!!!! I lost thow every dating site $52000,00 the it was on tv.peopel scaming us usa guys from russha/aferica /more thay are guys on the computer acting like ladys sending pic, from move stars to us guys.we are falling for them.I wish we can catch them some how. but guys I'M asking who knows whear you rilly can find a lady with out geting hurt or scamed. send messige to I'M done geting scamed!! Evil


I also received emails from heartdetectives. Never signed up for this site. Never even heard of it. I did go into two other site one match which i signed up for about 6 months. I had a different user name for this site. Never received any other emails from any other dating sites. I then went into singlesnet with a new user name,password and a different email as well. I started getting mail from heartdectives. They have to be linked together never used email,user name or password any other place. I called singlesnet and they said they don't give out user names and passwords(they lie) One more thing match doesn't know about my new email address just singlesnet had it. Now i can't stop heartdetectives from emailing me


Also watch out for "SeriousIntimacy" another scamming "sister site" of Heart Detectives. I was about to respond to a wink I'd received on when I realised the girl's profile had been removed. In the description at the time it had said she could also be found on Serious Intimacy, so I thought I'd take a look -- the homepage looked pretty dodgy from the outset but I figured I'd investigate further, still with a view to signing up.

Couldn't find any references to the Serious Intimacy online dating site anywhere, so I checked out Heart Detectives and this is how I found this thread. I'd already found it suspicious that they have a very long terms/conditions page which I only got half way through reading before getting fed up anyway, and it was hosted separately on HeartDetectives.... the only positive references I can find for HeartDetectives is on a site that is clearly owned by them and being used to send more people to the site. Luckily I found this stuff just before entering an email address...

I'm off to try this "plenty of fish" place! Cool

I'm warning ya

Quote by: from Russia with love

Quote by Tainted: LoveAccess heartdetectives Between the russain scams and the date site scams, this is starting to feel like real dating.

It was probably ... some flake from Russia.

NOTE! All those site you mentioned blocked Russia long ago, so you cannot download their start pages if you use Russian IP. So what Russian scam do you meant? might be american scammers who pretend to be the Russians

Watch out for these Russian women!
I spoke with one from a nice area of Russia for a while. My engineering teachers from Russia told me to watch myself and I did.
I was warned not to send money no matter what the situation she gets herself into.
We spoke for 6 months!!! When all the sudden she hit a doctors BMW and she no longer could afford her visa and papers, let alone the cost of fixing the BMW.

This is what closed the deal for her;
When she wrote me to tell me about the "accident", the majority of the letter was about money and the lack of money. What made me realize it was an elaborate scam was she didn't really ask for help. Instead she included in this first letter about her demise all the numbers needed for a bank transfer that needed to be done now.

It wasn't a discussion about the bad thing that happened to her, it was this "you have to send the money now!!" letter.
She picked me up on Plenty of Fish.


Evil i'm so @#$%^$ ticked. i got scammed and i hope no one else does. LOOKOUT and BEWARE of heart detectives. they are a bunch a queers who can make a quick buck. i'm workin on getting my money back so WHAT NOW H.D! suck on that! the website is a fraud... they fake a message and then tell you that there is no matches and leave you feeling stupid cause no one looked at u. obviously there was no one there but u didnt know that. then after a week i couldn't even log in. WTF??????? so watch out and dont let these gay fags scam u 2!!!!!!!

John Mc

I am so sick of all the disHonest BullS**t that goes on online, In ten years of being on the internet,I would have to say that 99.9% of EVERYTHING I have found on the internet to be fraudulent,dishonest,unethical,and just plain wrong. If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS!!! There are alot of predators out there that will do anything they can to STEAL your money. BE CAREFULL!!! John, Tampa


This online dating service is horrible. I am a very attractive woman and I live in Hollywood. There should be hundreds of single men to choose from. There are only about 30 men! That includes about 8 different zip codes in the Los Angeles area. I put in a 25 mile radius search for each of the zip codes and guess what? The same 30 men come up for each one. Not only that, they send you a search from all of California. I did a 25 mile search and got a guy from Napa (over 300 miles away!) Do they think I'm so stupid that I won't notice? I wrote to 5 men, none of them responded, not that they should mind you but you can't even tell if they have opened your mail. Do you know why? These men aren't real! They are bogus photos that they put up or they are old profiles of men that are no longer with the site. I should be getting about 5-10 responses a day. I only say this as I'm with two other sites and I get approached every day, several times a day. If you read some of the profiles closely of men that look too good to be true, almost like they are models, guess what? They are! You can tell by the grammar and verbiage that their profile was written by someone from another country, say, India???? Just guessing here folks. Also, a guy that went to Oxford can certainly spell correctly and doesn't forget to connect words with conjunctions. I'm fighting them on this one and I want my money back! I highly suggest as I get a lot of quality responses from the men on there.


I didn't read the last couple of pages but another sister site is Just adding to the other pile...

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