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Scam alert....avoid


stay away from these bullshit artists, complete scam artists, no way to contact them


I recently received a notice that an attractive woman, Caroline89890 ,from JDate had "Hot listed " me. I have yet to respond to this. She mentions in her profile that she can also be reached in meetfunsingles. So there you go. To good to be true for another potential chump.


Quote by: Me

I just got a couple of emails from Heart Detectives saying I had a flirt and a new email, the only thing is that I have never created a profile on this site. I requested my user ID and password and what they sent me is an ID and password I use. Anyone know what other sites they affiliated with? The only place I use that ID and password is on yahoo. Anyone have any ideas?

I just recieved an Email from HeartDetectives also and I have never visited thier site either, they had my password & name that I used on SinglesNet and Plentyoffish. My money is on SinglesNet for giving that info to HeartDetectives as I have gotten "NO" alerts on plentyoffish. I had deleted both accounts over a week ago and only clicked on this email 'cause I was curious as to how they got my password. If I ever get on a dating site again, it will be plentyoffish!


They are definitely a scam. They keep sending me "you have email" notices (that you can't see until you join) but the part that freaks me out the most is that I NEVER SIGNED UP WITH THIS SITE AT ALL. I had signed up with a couple of other sites including and, and suddenly had my profile information (but no picture). But I never signed up even for a free account, and all their emails end up in my spam folder. They are obviously sharing or getting information from another one of these sites - most likely owned by the same people, and you end up paying for both sites so you can see your "emails from your match". AVOID! AVOID! AVOID THEM!


All of you people have had the SAME results as I. BEWARE of all of the ones mentioned...


Yes after seeing the site this is obviously a total scam, does anyone know how to get your profile and email address removed from

FYI: Apparently this site is affiliated with another scam company called SMSVW, if you try to call the phone number linked to the then SMSVW will get your cell number via caller ID and try to charge you 9.95/month as some kind of parasite monthly charge to your cell phone.


Heart Detectives atleast got my user name and password from thats the only other site that I used that info for , soooo match. com atleast in my situation sent it to them . oh yeah and I had to cancell my credit cards , all 3 when I signed up got declined when they all have high limits and balances !!! Declined for 4.95 ??! yeah what the F@#k ever. not only did they have my user name and password but also gave me a quick about me paragraph !!! DO NOt GIVE THEM ANY CREDIT CARD INFO OR ANYTHING ELSE !!!!!!!!!


Another scam is European kiss and club462. They keep putting up profiles and pictures that are always changing when I went on to look. One pic for ten profiles all different info?


well i've had problems with I didn't want to give my credit card for a free trial - seriously - why did they need my credit card????

so I didn't fill in my profile or post a picture - and 6 months later i get at least 4 messages a week saying I need to respond to the 100 messages in my email? Yeah = right.

Anyway, I found club462 through a friend - and it is NOT a scam - don't know where you would get that idea. Pretty fun place, and it's free - so where's the scam ? LMAO


I am one of the owners of Club462 and I can assure you that the site is not a scam. We decided from the get-go that we would not buy into that fake profile thing as we all met on a site that does that - and we find it highly unethical! (And illegal)
We are spending a great deal of money on advertising, and a huge mount of effort in affiliations in order to grow this site legitimately. I am happy to report that it is growing very rapidly and the feedback has been amazing.
The site is, in many ways, a labour of love. We have nothing to hide. We are not a scam, and we are very proud of what we are accomplishing, which is a site for EVERYONE, and a site that deals with REAL modern day dating issues.

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