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Ashley Madison Scam

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and gmail notes that sexy photos are loaded with a phishing payload so dont go there.the fraudsters get ever more devious ..they come into your device in the spam folder so theyre common on gmail it appears

Been on for 2 wks

I’ve been on the a/ m site 4 2 wks.
So many scammers, want u 2 go to their email to eventually ask u to give yr cars #. Many seem to be from Ghana.
This site is big disappointment, waste of $$$.


Been on Ashley Madison site 3wks
99% Scammers
1% real
Waste of $$$


It is a complete ripoff! I joined and was instantly hit with interest from women who were not what I was looking for and not in my state. I finally decided to buy some credits and when I did it all ended. Nobody would respond to any of my winks or messages. When my credits got low, all of the sudden there was interest in my profile again. So like a complete idiot I bought more credits and guess what, everyone disappeared again and stopped responding. SCAM SCAM SCAM!

My Name

I've got hit up big time so I'm not sure if its worth the $67 bucks... ( there's some add in fee whatever)...

So let's say effect Ashley.. Anyone know where I can find a real site?

Or am I burnt up to hookers

Any help... Be mucho appreciated


Quote by: Anonymous

Haha its called karma you idiots - hilarious you go on and complain about a site that your on to actively cheat on your spouse -

Here's some amazing logic hy dont you just leave them before you start seeing someone else - bunch of weak c***ts

Such a refreshing, articulate, and intelligent comment! Certainly a well-educated woman to be prized for her intellect. LOL

Another Ashley Madison Failure...

Guys, we need to band together because it looks like we've had pretty much the same experience with Ashley Madison; the pattern is consistent.

Hardly any men rave about their Ashley Madison experience - it's so rare in fact that I wonder if those glowing reviews are actually fake.

If we stopped giving Ashley Madison our hard earned money, it would either go out of business or be forced to adjust its business model.

*** Guys, we're not going to find what we're looking for on Ashley Madison (okay, maybe .0001% will).

Besides, with the war against men in this country, I'm not even sure if pursuing something on Ashley Madison is smart; at this point, I certainly wouldn't pursue anything without a consensual agreement that is kept as a matter of record between both parties; (I think there's an app for that). {And "no", I'm not an attorney.}

I'm willing to bet that only about one gentlemen in a 1000 has a satisfying experience on AM.

After being on Ashley Madison for almost TWO years, my conclusion is that it's a waste of my precious time and hard-earned money, not to mention that it's sexist and demeaning towards men.

The attitude towards men is appalling; very disrespectful. I'm just speaking for myself - I can't speak for you.

These are some of Ashley Madison's downsides, in my opinion:

1) Too many scammers and fake profiles.

2) More and more sugar babies, escorts and body rub girls are using the site. I have no issue with these beautiful girls but I think they should advertise where men are searching for these services and experiences.

3) An unhealthy ratio of females to males that demotivates the women.

4) But the biggest problem is the attitude of the women. Like you, I often favorite someone so I can easily find her later should I decide I'm actually interested, because if I am interested right now, I'll message them right now. But you know the drill, this the common reply we get (and I'm not even looking for a reply)

"I get too many winks. Please send a full message and a picture and I'll let you know if I'm interested."

Really? That's pretty arrogant and rude in my book. And yet, we put up with it?

Not me. Not anymore.

By the way, I'm not putting my picture up and I'm certainly not sending it without a conversation first and getting a picture from her too; it's about mutual respect and fairly managing risk for all parties.

I'm not saying that there aren't beautiful women on Ashley Madison who know how to be kind and respectful...but I wonder how many of them are actually on A.M?

Thanks for listening to me vent, fellas. It's pretty frustrating.

Here's what I'm thinking of doing, interview and seek a confidential arrangement with a beautiful, engaging, affectionate and respectful lady who is interested in being a sugar baby. Sure, it's only temporary and will cost a little money, but isn't that true of anything in this "dating" world?

Many romantic relationships are based on some form of trade anyway, sadly, so why continue being disappointed and frustrated by the women on Ashley Madison who pretty much just objectify men anyway? In fact, just the other day I saw a female's profile that said, "I'm using this as my candy store. I'm looking for ______. Please send a pic and I'll let you know if I'm interested."

It's a form of misandry.

But I digress...

I think you're better off saving your money and go find what you're looking for on a site like Eros.

At least you'll know what you're getting, the girls are gorgeous, motivated, and you can find reviews about them on other sites in order to protect yourself against the scammers and thieves, plus you'll have a fun time.

Good luck, fellas. I wish you all the best in your relentless quest for romance, affection and love. Many women mistakenly think that all men are looking for is sex. For me, nothing could be further from the truth. All I know is this, I won't find what I'm looking for on Ashley Madison.



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It seems like most online dating websites are 50/50.


I am real woman and want to share my experience with AM.

I have created 3 accounts (1 male and 2 female accounts). The reason I created male account because I want to see how other women wrote on their profiles, so you know your competitors.
The reason I created 2 female accounts because one of my real account and other account I used to stalk the guy I like (check when he logged in, logged out...)
Now I was surprised that several men I chatted with, they actually have more than 1 account as well. One guy even has at least 5 accounts that I can tell.

When using those accounts, I always play with the number of online users, online within 24 hours, online within 48 hours and online in last 7 days. Men, you would not believe this but the ratio of men/women is more than 10/1. For example if there are 300 men online in the last 24 hours, I rarely found more than 20 women online in the last 24 hours. If you including the fake profiles or double profiles then you know the real women are just so limited.

I did have sex with 1 guy and meet another guy from this site. However the quality of men is so low. Men on this site are cheap so I decide to leave. One guy did not offer drink or food after we had sex at his house. Another guy after 4-5 times I met him, he still did not buy me a drink or a meal... so I figured why women are not on here because of the quality of men as well. Sorry if some of you are true gentlemen, one bad apple rotten the whole basket. Also I am fit, very young and cute. I Look like college age so I am very attractive but terrible experience because I met 2 only cheap men.

My advice: some men are on AM because it is cheaper to find women here than hiring escorts. Women are on AM and find out, they are cheaper than escorts. So women are not into it. So that is why men should not be on AM, go to some sugar daddie sites where women are treated better then you will see more real women.


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Problem is that AM is too well known to be private enough. My wife found me there 2 weeks after I signed up again, it was a failure. We need to find a smaller, less known site with better safety and privacy.

I've used AM before about 5 years ago and I had a few dates, they were a big success and fun. All these girls were very hot and younger than me - just what I was looking for!

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