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I have found AM to be sort of a mixed bag. I do believe that some/many of the profiles are fakes (though AM states basically that they're not) but many are real. I have bounced back and forth on AM for about two years. To date, I have met (sealed the deal) with about nine women. I would suggest to anyone, just take it easy. Don't IM until you've had some emails. Get a sense of the person with whom your speaking. There are some profiles that just don't make sense. For example.
If the woman is married, wants discrete affair, is a professional (id est lawyer, investment banker, etc.) they why would she post a photo of her face? NO WAY, not going to happen, unless she's looking to get divorced and/or fired. Without exception, all women I met up with had no photo posted (in some cases not even with a key) and they sent them along later with email. Most regular people don't wan't to have this site up on their computer for too long, so email exchanges are another way to sort of get a real person. Lastly, if you're in your late 40's and some 19 year old is eager to screw your brains out, it's either fake, sugar baby, or a goof. Be real.


This site is not a scam. Now, while their might be some profiles tha are genereated through them, I have connected with 3 different women since I joined a month ago. And when you think about it, you are paying $50 fo 100 credits which should last you a lifetime. All three women I met, we ended up hooking up through their private emails to get to know each other better, photo share and eventually set up our rendevous.
Remember, it's just like any other dating site. Sometimes you hook up and sometimes you don't. Look at what you are writing and that has a lot to do with it


I have found AM to be great, have met some really nice men and have had a great time with them!


Well joined the site "unfortunately", found great profiles But I must have messages 20 of them and only a few reply with vague messages. and no I just do say "hey lets do it!" LoL My messages are like any one with half a brain would make. IMO the site is a scam. Sure there may be really ones on there. but from what I can tell most of them must be fake. After a whille browsing the site It become more apparent. Maybe in very large cities there are better chances, but coming from an average city forget it. I personal would not recommend the site.... thnx


I had been a non-paying member of the Ashley Madison site for about 6-9 months, sending off winks under "read my profile and if you like what you read, wink back". It does not cost anything to do this. About a month ago I received not 1, but 3 responses from the same person. Seems I had hit on a real human being. We exchanged email addresses and began chatted over the messenger services. We set up a dinner date. We met and had dinner and talked and it didn't take long to realize this woman had issues, more issues, and copies of issues. We parted ways knowing neither was what the other was seeking.

Since I had to actually pay them to contact her, I went back to sending winks. It has been 2 months and not a single entity has responded, human or machine. I have completed a little research on the internet and theres a lot of sites out there bashing the AM site. One points out in the service agreement that you will recieve winks, gifts ect. from automated profiles for 'marketing research'. Like I bothered to read the terms of service prior to signing up; I clicked agree like most everyone else. Another site points out the great gap in the number of male members vs female members (I am half tempted to open a profile as a woman and see just how many people contact me, completely for 'marketing research'Wink.

My advise is.. if you are looking for 'the real thing', hit the strip clubs and pick up the dancers or try craigs list or the escort services. You might get scammed at those too but at least you know youre being scammed by a human being, not an autoreply computer program.



Scam or not, I signed up for the free membership. When I did the advanced search limiting the search to those who have been logged on less than 7 days and 20 miles (I didn't want to drive BFE to get laid) being quite generous in almost every other area, such as 20-49 yrs old, all weights accept full sized etc etc. Only about fifty profiles came up. Whether the 50 profiles are legit or not who knows, but that doesn't seem like very good odds regardless.


There may be real girls the have the guts to go on this site. I am a married woman who loves my husband, has no intentions of getting a divorce but would love to have sex with other people, no strings attached, just some fun. I keep looking at the site and wonder about signing up but I'm scared. Can't people try to blackmail you? It's not worth it, so I'll just have to be fantasizing about it...UGH


I am a married guy, and can attest to the fact AM is NOT a scam.
I have met and slept with several very very good looking women from the site.
In fact, believe it or not, I am currently seeing 4 different women form the site,
none of whom care if I see other women from AM.
All they care about is getting their needs met. Because they're not getting what
they want at home.

Yes, you do need to buy credits. But be selective on which women to contact using those credits.
And you do have to have something to offer in the way of personality and looks.

They don't want a whiney *censored* who complains about their wife. They get enough of that
BS at home.
They want to have a fun passionate time, and forget for a while they're a mother/wife caregiver.
Pure and simple.


average gal

The Ashley Madison site is not worth the money they charge. They use a "credits" system - you pay $50 for 100 credits. They charge 5 credits for each person you contact. They also have a live chat where for 30 credits you can chat for 30 minutes............pretty steep fees in my book!
The site does not offer a "filter" or anything that limits contacts from only local men. Guys from all over the US are able to contact you, if you live in Ohio why bother with a guy who lives in Texas?
The site should also have a feature where you register for certain categories such as
*Looking for Sugar Daddy *Tattooed Stud Service *Old Fashioned Affair *I'll Screw Anyone *Cyber Only
You register and choose the specifics of what you are looking for but (as a woman) you are bombarded with mail from every kind of freak there is across the US. There are also lots of singles on the site, not just married people.
I am married, looking for a married lover but after 4 days on the site I have deleted over 500 emails from unwanted types. It is a waste of my time. When the rest of my credits are gone I will not "re-up".
I have talked to about 6 men who seem pretty decent but have not met anyone in person yet.


I joined the site a little while ago with the hope to fine some one real on there. I had no doubt in my mind that there are fake profiles on there, but decided to go ahead and pay for the stupid credits with the mind set there must be a few real woman on the. After email over and over again, I did find what may be real women, but IMO the “junk profiles” on there litter the site horribly, its just not worth it. The chat system is a rip off. You have to pay up front for minimum of 30 mins, and if the person you talk to is fake or just doesn’t say anything worth while, you basically lost those credits, and it isn’t cheap to initiate chat. Your better off finding a cheaper or free site with low quality profiles. You’ll get the same results just not losing your money to unknown profiles that may be fake.

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