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As a man who has used AM for years, I can say that I am very satisfied with this dating site. I have some handicaps: I am older (mid-60s) and over-weight. However, I have emailed and texted a large number of real women and met a smaller number of real women.

I will no longer be using AM however because I have met the love of my life there. She is plain, over-weight, in mid-50s, but real, We are intensely in love with each other. She is the highest libido and pictures herself as a "giver". She knows how to pleasure a man better than any woman I have ever met. I several times have asked her if she belonged to a secret woman's society that teaches women how to pleasure men. Her hands are sexual instruments. She does not want to interfere with either my marriage or family nor me in hers. We will not get divorces, but will remain passionate lovers for the rest of our lives. I spent hundreds of dollars on AM, but that is insignificant compared to intense pleasure and unbelievable love that I get as we see each other many times a week.

I consider her a gift from God.


Being a woman (of color) I can be very selective. Men need to learn 'how-to' seduce a woman and be respectful. I've chatted several men, and met 2 for coffee. However, I have never heard-back from (either). I am attractive and was NOT looking for a sugar-daddy.

Men -- Keep in mind that us women receive massive amount of messages, and I know that I don't reply to every single you MUST BE CREATIVE, AROUSE US with your words.

Men -- You (just) have to keep trying & don't send explicit pics of yourself -- it's a turn-off!!


FYI ~ Must of (us) women don't know how Ash Mad works/charges men -- so guys don't be mad!! LOL

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Good for you! So with that much claimed success, what is your secret to AM?

Be very careful how you spend your credits, there definitely are lots of fake profiles, old dormant profiles and scammers...

After having joined wait a week and avoid all messages u rcv in that first week....
Avoid anyone who hasnt been on line for 7+ days may well be somone who just joined out of curiosity never to come back to site
Avoid anyone who hasnt bothered to take the time to fill out a written profile if someone is interested they are going to have put some written information in their profiles about themeslves
Never chat on AM instant Messenger total waste of time and anyone asking u to do so prob AM employee

I have started each conversation with either free winks or adding people to favorites, check to see who is viewing your profile. Not a single chick has actually sent a paid message to me so ur going to have to weed your way through which collect messages to accept and which return winks to reply to. Of the paid messages ive sent ive at least had a conversation with about 50% be polite and courteous but also get to the point as its most likely the woman is not just talking to you, they are recieving 2-300 messages at a time. Try and get her to swap email addresses, if you get that far you are really in good shape and its now down to you to seal the deal

F.Y.I women on AM use the site for free. There is no way for us to send a non collect message, as there is no offer for us to pay, I searched after a guy asked me about a "collect message" I sent. I thought huh? I thought the site was free so I searched and for women it's free


Yes, there are scammers.

But then there are scammers everywhere and Ashley Madison is better than other kinky dating sites for example. You can generally tell the fake likes and messages by clicking "who's viewed me". If they haven't even viewed your profile, almost 100% chance it's fake!

I have sustained few conversations on Ashley Madison. Would have been loads cheaper to buy girls drinks in a bar!

Thanks for reading,


Smart 42/M looking for an affair. Don't want to change mine or her situation. Wondering if Sharing of personal email address is allowed using AM messaging service if I buy their membership? Thanks


Actually, I never got much activity on Ashley Madison until I put some pics of my dick up! Women often ask why men do that etc, but obviously they resond to it, regarless of what they say about it. lets face it women do not say what they really want, which is why so many women always have trouble communicating with men who are in general more up-front.


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I think it is a scam. Think about it. I read some reviews online and they said that what Ashley Madison does is they create fictitious profiles in your area to get you hooked so you buy credits. I don't know anyone who has actually met anyone on there. You're better off on Craigslist, but be careful. They have their own scams and there are lots of crazy nuts out there.

no no CL is 100% scammers from nigeria .dont wate your time


It’s a scam and I advise you not to go there. In the above thread, the same person keeps coming to claim that AM is good; that’s one of the mercenaries employed to fool you. It’s run by mafiosos to deplete your resources and without achieving anything. Also, there are scammers there looking for your detail and telling you they are in another country eg Africa contrary to their profiles and they don’t have a phone number but Skype. They are Advance Free Fraud wmployees. I don’t understand how those people have the credits if they are truthfully billed. When you reply to those aberrant people, I’m your messages go through even without credits.

AM is a shady site and be careful with your details including bank details

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90 percent fake profiles and scams for me. These fake profiles will mimic yours. Somehow get close to your profile location. Rarely view your profile. Want to take you off site to gmail or text your phone number. Then they give you phoney information about them and Always ask you where you live and what you are looking for. How long have you been on here? These profiles are from people in jail, drug rahab, call girls or another country. NSA types. If you give out your phone number you will also get linked to NSA dating ID scam web sites. Your GMAIL will get spammed and they have established phoney profiles of me on other dating sites. No personal information from me however.

They will get you all worked up with language and photos then drop the bomb to have you get a hook up dating ID or whatever. You will find their profiles dissappear overnight. Woman I understand are free on AM so I think that is why we are scammed the most. Their headliner will have you decode their gmail or phone number. Check out my profile and let me know if you are interested. Well there is nothing in the profile that says anything. Woman I trust tell me that they havent heard of any dating ID cards and dont get scammed much. They do get slammed with dick pics though. So men seam to be the most vulnarable on AM.

I notice their profiles rarely offer any detailed information about them other then the suggestions. Some not even those. I will not reply to generic profiles. When you do go off sight they dont want to waste anytime giving any information about them. If they do you can tell their messages are copied and pasted.The most beautiful model pics you have ever seen.

I have had one public visit with a woman whi I met on AM. Did not entice me with boob pictures. Was very cautious. We communicated via gmail as it was easier and eventually shared untrackable phone numbers. It was over 10 days before we actually met and she was legit.

Advice, put a nice detailed profile out there and wait for them to message you. Otherwise you will quickly run out of tokens wasting money on sending first time messages.

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