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Ashley Madison Scam


I'm a man who signed up there, and I've met five real women so far. Only hooked up with one, but did meet the other four.
I also created a female profile to see how it works from their side.
First and most important: They can set their profile to AUTOMATICALLY respond to a man's wink contacts.
The messages are:
Thanks for contacting me but I only have time to respond to full messages.
Hi! I have a lot of winks and I don't want to miss out on a great connection. Please send me a message and photo and I'll respond if I'm interested.
Thanks for contacting me but I only have time to respond to full messages.
There are a couple more they can choose from, too.

The women there get bombarded with winks, messages and unsolicited pictures. So if you spend a precious 5 credits to contact them, take the time to make your message title and body stand out. Talk about something in their profile, and how yours matches.
And don't send them a pic of your dick until they ask. Instant turnoff. Women think differently; get inside their mind before you contact them.

And you can turn off mail and messages from robot women in your settings. You can also turn off Priority Mail default. Do this; they cost 20 credits.

If you don't want to use a credit card, you can send them an international money order. Takes longer, but they can't automatically renew your credits. They also accept gift card balances, but it's not a great exchange rate.

Bottom line: They do use robot women, but a lot of the women there are real. Few are serious about having an affair, so pick and choose who you contact carefully. I wink first. If they don't wink back, I move on.
And the robot women are pretty obvious. Young, hot 20somethings, usually from a few states away, who message you WITHOUT looking at your profile first. I'm 50something and live on the East Coast. Why would some hot chick in San Diego want to meet me?
Ashley Madison is the only real 'cheaters' website I've found.


any female arkansas AM users on here?


To be honest, I always had an inclination that the data breach happen one day. I never really felt entirely safe using such a huge, popular site.
I also didn't feel that they were being entirely fair when I discovered that YOU HAVE TO PAY if you want them to delete all the data that they hold on you. Seriously? Pay upon joining and then pay when you leave?

I personally prefer using smaller sites to find someone to have a discrete affair with. I just have a feeling that this kind of site is not such a significant target for hackers, willing to disclose someone's personal details. I tried quite a few of them and the one I really like was There are plenty of members in my area and I had sex with a gorgeous woman I met on the site already! We have had our first date in a restaurant to get to know each other a little bit, but when we met up the second time we booked a room in a hotel and had the most amazing night Wink

The great thing about that site is the 'no strings' aspect. We continued to have an affair and both of us were cool about it staying that way. We would just meet up and have sex together and no obligation to turn it into a serious relationship. Would recommend it.


are you sure? Question

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Tried few affair sites and here's what I figured out: AM looks great site before you pay,then you will get conversations with someone,but who knows who they are.After a while when your nearly out of credits they just stop replying.Also the ones whose profile you have checked out,just happen to be the ones allways on line,funny how they never reply though.I didn't want to keep paying,so I left the site. Nostringsaffair lots of real women (in my area),inexpensive to use and you get what you pay for.The last one I tried was and it failed.The women are very sketchy on this site.And,even worse,they’re not much to look at.The attractive women are mostly just a bunch of fake profiles.I couldn’t get any dates set-up with even a fatty.


I cant believe this site is still going after what happened last year


What a waste of my time and money, I get contacted 30 times a day with people trying to scam me and I can't find were you cancel your subscription... Awesome

Back to life

The site isn't a scam. My wife definitely cheated on me through this site. I have been married 15 years and came home from a trip recently to find a very long love letter/song on my wife's phone. I confronted her and was destroyed to find out that she did meet someone through the site and committed adultery. After a failed suicide attempt, I am here to tell you that the site is real. I don't know why women cheat on men. It is like they really hate them or something. There is pretty much no worse feeling of betrayal and violation than the one I experienced recently. For all the women reading this message who do this to hurt your husbands. Get a divorce first or even ask for his participation and permission. He might say yes, or just precede to the divorce if he can't handle you being with another man. Karma will catch up and deal with those people who continue to do this to hurt. I hope that all people reading this find true love and a meaningful relationship. "Hell, hath no fury like a woman's scorn." God bless


Its a total scam ,. I joined it ( before it was hacked ) and found no real women in my area -


Quote by: Anonymous

Its a total scam ,. I joined it ( before it was hacked ) and found no real women in my area -

Its mainly set up for the American market but after all the trouble a couple of years back I wouldn't go near the site

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