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Ashley Madison Scam

Jon G

I know that there a LOTS of fake profiles, as many have stated here. Here is your certain test for the fakes. This is what you do:

(1) Find a profile you like and "add them to your favorites." (You get 1000 free)

(2) Wait and see how they respond (they are messaged that you have added them to your favorites list).

(3) They message you the following: "please send me a message and we can start a conversation." --> FAKE FAKE
They do not state anything about your profile (I am a very healthy, muscular guy with "non-identifying" muscle shots of by body....appealing to most anyone). They do not state interest in their message. They do not provide an (anonymous) email address off site. FAKE FAKE

(4) Then, if you are not convinced, go to the tab that reads, "Viewed Me." You will see that the "girl" who messaged you didn't even read your profile.

Clearly, these are AM FAKE profiles designed to generate $ via messages.

I have an act, cancelled my cc after initial set up, do NOT send messages, and only response to messages sent where the gal gives some "off site" contact options. I am still waiting for this to happen.

By and large, its all a SCAM.


So what are the best alternatives? I.e., sites where married people can list themselves as such, without public photos, and find others who are looking for the same thing?


I've had sex with lots of milfs and some college chicks thanks to badoo, the problem is that a lot of the girls will fall in love with me. Yes, for real. I hate breaking hearts.

Since I do not want anything but sex, and knowing that Ashley Madison is focused on having affairs I decided to give it a try. Here are my impressions:

- Your credit card information will be permanently stored. I think you have to pay $20 in order for they to delete your information.
- The user agreement says you can manually disable automatic membership renewal, this is a lie.
- CAREFUL: If you run out of credits, they automatically will charge you the same amount of money you last spent.
- It's quite expensive. $50 the minimum, this membership will give you 100 credits. I don't remember very well, but I think it's 5 credits for opening a personalized message and 10 credits for sending a personalized message.
- Pay attention when if you decide to send a message. By default, it will be with "High priority" and it will cost you 5 or 10 credits. Again , I don't remember exactly how much.
- Women don't have to pay a cent. How's that for equality? This gives place to scammers and false profiles.
- Most of the profiles are fake and/or do not have pictures nor detailed information.
- Of the very few real girls at A-M, most of them are already divorced o just broke up with their partner. How can we have an affair in a situation like this?
- Most of the girls are just looking for a friend or even a boyfriend, but almost no one there is looking for an affair. I mean, what's the point of being in a affair-focused site if you are not looking for an affair? There should be no feelings involved in a site like A-M, girls are just making us guys waste our time and money in this expensive site.

In my 3-4 weeks being a member at A-M, I've managed to have sex with a hot, divorced milf. It was awesome sex, but now she was to be my GF but I just wanted an affair... I met another girl my age, she's married and we still haven't had sex, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

TLDR: Do NOT sign up to ashleymadison. It's a waste of time.


I tested AM for a couple of weeks

after registration you get a flow of good looking young and not-so-young women (often with nude pics and/or graphical/explicit sexual details) eager to get in touch with you through messages and chats....that -of course - you cannot read/respond to, before you buy a very very expensive bucket of credits
AND I had no pics of myself just few (true) details (height/weight, muscular, interests etc)

Most likely these are fake profiles and/or escorts....even if a "standard" does not exist I 'd say not the "common" behavior of even open-minded women... in my humble experience so far...
Either way not what I am looking for (and not looking for a marriage either) so I canceled my (free) profile

I never pay a subscription before I get a feeling of what I am truly getting afterwards

BTW they charge money to completely erase your profile/privat data...which is also a scam sign...

That guy

Curious about this datingticket stuff. I have been on the site a week, met a couple of people, but they want me to register for a site, and then pay for a trial period, and then provide them my username, and password.
I recommend not doing any of that. Since they can get all of your information from these sites that provide a datingticket number. I don't know how that crap works, since there is no such thing that I can find any information about.

So I was just wondering if there is anyone here who has been taken by one of these? Or if this might somehow be a legitimate thing


AM is definitely not a scam, but this thread proves what is true about every dating site regardless of sexual orientation. Using any of them is like trying to empty the ocean with a spoon. Most are a complete waste of your time and many of their users don't want a date or sex or anything other than an evening's entertainment trolling horny people. AM is bound to be a special case, since many of the women don't want an affair, but use the site for attention and fantasy fulfillment. But it can work and you can get occasionally get laid - just like anywhere else.

scam scam scam

if your here at AM, you are being scammed . There are no profiles that are real . Its just a huge scam to empty your wallet for nothing . Bought a min package the price increased 30% the minute it was submitted scam. All kinds of bot contact from users in the USA . These sites are for the birds ! Back to singles clubs at least those people are real .

Just Some Guy

I'd say it's mostly a scam. Definitely fake profiles. I set up a second, fake account on a different email address and tried contacting some of the same women (via wink, i wasn't going to pay to test this theory).

When the same results happened with the second account, as the first, with certain women, i knew the fix was in. I wink'd three women in December. they all replied back quickly. when i sent messages, i never got a response. so about 2-3 months later, opened new account, winked same women, same, collect reply sent within 12 hours. i actually emailed AM, they didn't reply for about 5 business days, used same canned "please feel free to report all fake accounts" email, and gave me 30 bonus credits "for taking so long to reply" ... more like, they knew i was on to them, and just added to shut me up.

but that being said, i had a 6-month affair with a local woman, from the site. she was very, very real. and i've exchanged private email addresses and texting with a few other women, so i know it's legit, but, i'd say, barely.

i'd give it a "barely legit." in that they make the site appear much more populated by women, by using fake profiles. it can be difficult to weed out the fakes, IMO.

i also get a lot of random winks/messages from women all over the US, nowhere near where i live in canada.

i started winking at women to gauge interest, and then if they reply, i check to see if they even looked at my profile. that's how i decide if i should send them a message or not. also, keep your mind on how long you've been seeing these profiles showing up, and how often they're "i'm online!" shows up. honestly i can't imagine that many women regularly signing on for months and months at a time.

Questionable site

I have been on the site for one week. I got an email with very enticing pictures. I tried to get her to call me. Then she got irate because I would not give her my AM screen name. Lexi red, Lexi 8 and Lexi 87 were "her" reply names. She then said I wanted her to call me because she said I wanted to rape her! She started off so sweet then turned into a psycho! Obviously a fake. I'm trying to hook up with locals and I'm getting chat requests from models mainly in California, fake. I'm still trying to have women to contact me through my real email address or have them call me when they seem interested. Communications go dead after that. I'm using up my credits and I'm gone. All I want is one good hookup. I have no time for anything else. The wife would want to know where my money is going.

Canadian lady

I logged onto AM after all the news broke out. I am a Canadian woman in her 40s. The moment I signed on, I was inundated by messages because I offered a real profile message and did not check off any boxes. I did not post a picture either. I am married and was looking for something more. I thought, why let all the men have the fun? But, I was also very honest. I am not a hooker, porn star, escort, stripper or otherwise. I am a normal professional woman. Anyway, I met two wonderful men with whom I chatted but then I met a third. He and I are now into a wonderful affair. He is exactly what I wanted: someone with whom I wanted to have a love affair. When you make a woman feel desired and wanted she will gladly please you in the bedroom. The relationship has nothing to do with money or presents or otherwise. It's purely emotional and physical. It's amazing. If and when it ends I will likely go back and do it again. However, I know I am the rare exception to a vilified site.

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