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Ashley Madison Scam

Random Rabbit

Regardingg my last post... I just checked her profile again. Interesting that she's single. Be pretty freaking hilarious if I did get credits and she was genuine and we met. How many single people meet up via Ashley Madison? lol


AM is not a scam. I am a 46 year old woman who has been off and on the site for 6 years. I have enjoyed 3 long term relationships ( 1 year or more) as a result. All 3 men I have met have been successful professionals, attentive and fun, and very good looking. I have met many more men that were all very real, but did not choose to pursue an ongoing relationship. I am an educated, physically fit and attractive woman. My current relationship is with a very attractive, successful business owner with which I will be celebrating my second anniversary soon. AM has worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone. Cool


I am a 40 year old woman who has been on AM for 6 days. I am definitely real. I have noticed the site is sending messages to 100s of members on my behalf even though I haven't viewed any of these men nor am I interested in someone who lives far from me. That is very misleading and I can see how the men may get frustrated. I can't find a way to stop the auto messaging and may leave the site just because I am overwhelmed. Unfortunately most of the men are just looking for the sex rather than the affair and connection. For those men I would suggest you just pay an escort. If you want someone who doesn't sleep with a ton of men, why would you expect sex after a single lunch?

Taken by AM

Been taken by AM as I suspect the collect messages are from AM guys the are just getting customers to use more credits ----many profiles are fake and AM knows that but wants people to use up credits. AM pays for employees to e-mail guys and spend more on buying credits. I know all this from a good source but can not disclose as could get someone in trouble.


sorry to pop your bubble... but AM is very real...

I have met several women on there with very little effort?

sometimes frustrating only because there are small selection.

but patients and politeness seems to win every time for me.

I even had a chance with a woman on the "Traveling Man" option... which I thought would never happen that one I messed up ;( so it does work, just need to be polite and patient.

maybe your profile or photos are the issue is...? remember, these women must be very selective so the response rate will be very, very low.

I was with my FWB last night from AM. stayed overnight and everything...

going to meet another woman tomorrow night that seems like it actually might turn into a real relationship... and boy is she a bombshell!!!!

best of luck to everyone...


Quote by: Anonymous

A few years ago AM was worthwhile but now ...

I'm a married female who used the site 3 years ago and found a affair partner. In those days a woman didn't have to buy credits, but could exchange messages with a guy who had paid for credits who initiated the conversation. I was always polite and responded to men who contacted me even if there was no potential there, just to assure them that I was real and that there are a few real married women on there seeking affairs.

My affair recently ended and so I went back to the site expecting the same type of experience. Instead what I found was that after being on the site for 4 days, they blocked my access to respond to messages.

So here we have these poor guys wasting credits on contacting me, and I can't even respond unless I buy credits!

I was debating buying credits but I think I will look elsewhere to find an affair partner. I apologize to any men I was unable to respond to.

Have you found anyone yet. I'm going free! Can't blame a guy for trying! Use my username and write to a hot mail in the uk with co!


there are real women on there, I've had a one-nighter and one date so far, after one month of heavy activity.

but there is a scam in getting you to buy credits, as soon as you sign up, you'll get all kinds of collect messages and winks that are bogus. Once you pay, you'll see those were really just to get you to buy credits.

Jeff Wansted

Total scam! Like an idiot, I signed up and bought their basic package. The women on the site are mostly fake. They lure you in with fake 'winks' and when you try to communicate, nothing happens. Then when you try to cancel your subscription they make it very difficult. Then they charge you $19.00 to delete your profile! All in all this site is a total scam. They are making money because the world is full of desperate, gullible, idiots like me! My advice, DO NOT sign up with Ashley Madison!! BIG MISTAKE!!


I am on AM and I am very very real, quite attractive (blonde, petite, 5 foot 4 and 120 pounds and toned due to ballet and working out). I have found a few good men but some are crass. I am a professional and have a detailled profile that I wish for a professional like myself too. It is simply my marriage has lost that spark and my spouse, although wonderful in so many ways, has become my best friend and he admits , sexually, overall his drive is not there anymore. But i am happy with AM so far.


I've played around with the AM site for several years now, mostly as personal amusement and to analyze how they go about separating gullible men from their $$$. I've never even come close to a hookup via this site. I'd classify AM as 90% scam and here's why.

If your credits run out, you'll receive nary a wink from any of the "women" there. But once you replenish your account, bam!, the winks and messages start flowing in. AM clearly targets fake flirts toward the male site members. And they've gotten more clever at it over time. Early on, they would approach men with fake women who were hot young babes. A reverse photo search often turned up purloined photos of models, and minor celebrities. Over time, however, AM has set up fake profiles of women with more realistic characteristics, e.g., late-'30s - early '40s, fairly attractive, but not knockouts. These "women" send winks or messages requiring expending one's credits. Once they've got the mark drained of credits, the profiles suddenly vaporize. Poof! Gone. Occasionally, they simply change the geographical location of the "woman," but leave the photos and profile info untouched -- in order to troll in other waters. Moreover, this ploy appears to be done from Asia or another distant continent since the winks and messages seem always to be sent at wee hours in the morning/N.American time zones.

Upshot: AM is heavily scam territory. You're better off cruising for dates at the produce section of Whole Foods and spending your hard-earned cash there, than wasting your time being consistently frustrated and cheated on AM.

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