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Ashley Madison Scam


Quote by: Anonymous

A few years ago AM was worthwhile but now ...

I'm a married female who used the site 3 years ago and found a affair partner. In those days a woman didn't have to buy credits, but could exchange messages with a guy who had paid for credits who initiated the conversation. I was always polite and responded to men who contacted me even if there was no potential there, just to assure them that I was real and that there are a few real married women on there seeking affairs.

My affair recently ended and so I went back to the site expecting the same type of experience. Instead what I found was that after being on the site for 4 days, they blocked my access to respond to messages.

So here we have these poor guys wasting credits on contacting me, and I can't even respond unless I buy credits!

I was debating buying credits but I think I will look elsewhere to find an affair partner. I apologize to any men I was unable to respond to.

You must be such an exceptionally polite & pleasant lady for subterfuge-anyone would be privileged to have an affair!


Just deleted my account because AM was making my private photos public to other members without my consent. I had not sent even one access key but began receiving messages about the photos I had uploaded to the private album. Ladies, be warned!

Little Ole Me

I just received a message from a guy who said something about being on Ashley Madison. I replied, no, I'm on Established Men. So this means that AM is sharing profiles with EM, without the permission of any of the profile owners.

He of course got snarky telling me to keep track of what sites I joined...but the fact of the matter is that EM is the only one I signed up on!

I'll be leaving EM, I have no desire to have my profile shared without my permission.


AM is totally not a scam. I have slept with at three woman from the site. The problem is the ration is 100 to 1 male to female. So you have to bring your A game and look half way decent.

All the losers on here saying the site is a 100% scam probably live in their parents basement, are over weight and just plain stupid.


I have to say I am pretty new to AB site, but do think it works if threaded carefully. For the record, I did not sleep with anyone, but did get messages from real women after just posting profile. Obviously I also got bombarded by fake users it seems. I never replied to anyone who is not in my proximity and who does not have anything hand written (at least a few sentences that make sense). Still no guarantee obviously, but... that definitely is going to save some credits it seems... Now overall experience is pretty poor - the site itself is basically a ripoff - they advertise that they will not charge you more than 5 credits after you initiate communication (to the same person), but in really started charging me for every message I sent. Not to mention if I sent a wink and lady responded with a message, they charged me double credits amount simply because she (and not I) initiated conversation. I do not remember they mentioned anything about that when they lured me onto the site. Just be careful... if you still want to use it. But unless you have lots of money to waste with odds not in your favor (given the ratios of men to women), I would not recommend it. There are other avenues with higher odds for sure...


Total scam I had a beautiful twenty five year old or so I think she was contact me. She made a complete fool out of me to the tune of $2000.00. She played me very well went by the name dal discrete. It was a lesson well learned. Something would always come up when we were suppose to meet her pics were always consistent but I don't know if she was real. Never again. Cry


"she" was probably some Ebola infected Kaffir from West Africa trying to scam money off you, AM is infested with these baboons, as are most dating sites.


150 bucks for a week as that is about how long 500 credits last so take the money and get yourself a a beautiful, young escort it will be much cheaper in the end. I am on the site 2 days and my credits half used so I will not buy more go to backpage and select your city and you will find this much more cost effective.

The site has the potential to be good but it is just not worth the money you have to dish out for credits if AM made it more reasonable like an unlimited set period fee it would get more traffic. more users and happier customers.

Not Telling

Hello Everyone, I have been on Am for three years, at first I was having a great time, doing well a few hookups, found one I liked and turned off my profile, then recently created a new one with a lot of information in the bio, no public pictures, but a couple of private ones.

Now after a week all I have is a horror story, I contacted several women, received back 5 responses, all asking for pictures, fine I was okay with that because they were far enough away, then something really weird started happening, out of the 5 I contacted, 4 of them had a similar story, things like I want to connect, you are so interesting, I am leaving this site soon, contact me at this email, yada yada

Then it got really strange, all 4 also said to contact them at a different site, some cougar sites, some bdsm sites, etc.
with a different or same profile name, the best one was to go to the site and create a profile and she gave me the profile name "So she could find me", the I was given a "Test" in order to prove I was serious, I needed to sign up for a "Silver Membership"

So I have to say Am has turned into something other than what it was 3 years ago, so far I have been contacted by nothing but fake profiles or misleading information designed to get me to another site, the best of the best was after several emails with one including pictures that were not smoking hot, more like the girl next door, all about how she wanted to meet me, including taking a direct flight to me after her "Business" was finished, I even told her there isn't an airport within 100 miles of me (Direct flight from Australia)

So then, and guys you are going to love this, I get this email

Good morning to you,how are you doing and how was your night??Did you dream about me last night?My day was kinda busy yet again today and stressful as well i must say,i had to go to the customs office to check in my stuffs so i can prepare coming back home.i was checked and everything seem to be ok and i was made realist that i could leave probably weekend or next week,am very happy and excited right now baby and i just cant wait to meet you in person,am having butterflies in my stomach right now and feeling kinda nervous to meet you as well but i wont rush and will be myself till i finanly meet you.when i got to the custom office today...The flight ticket went higher than i thought because of all the stuffs i got and right now i'm not having much funds on me... I was told the ticket would cost $3,000 and all i have on me right now is just $2,400, I'm really worried and bothered right now, Cuz i don't know where i'm gonna get the rest of the money,I tried to see if i could get some money from my account or even use my credit card but am being told that they dont accept such transactions down here and when i asked why they told me its a developing country and their government are trying to find all kinda credit card frauds,scams and all the bad stuffs around here and that why most transaction down here are being done in cash...Baby i feel so confused coz i have really tried my best and i feel so bad that this might cause a little delay for me to meet you soon.I sold some golds out to a company down in UK,But they paid me with a cashier's check of one of the local banks here, I have the sum of $850,000 on the check, But when i took the check to the bank, They said i would need to pay some taxes to the Govt, before the check would be paid out to me, I was told to pay the sum of $7,500 so i can get the Govt approval on the check for them to get it cashed for me because its a very large amount of money.But i think my first piority right now is to get outta here, I can have the check cleared when i get back to the states. Sweetie,i will be so much glad if you can help me with the rest of the money needed to get my flight ticket, I'm gonna get it paid back to you first thing when i get back to the states.Well honey,i hope i can trust you enough to do this for me and i will be looking forward to hear back from you soonest Cuz i have already told the customs to continue with checking my stuffs in so i dont have anything to delay me if am able to get the funds.Am gonna attach my payment slip along with this message just to let you know am telling the truth.

There was no attachment, how could there be, oldest scam on the internet, whatever you do, don't fall for this or anyone like it, probably not even a woman, I suppose it is extremely profitable and they are cleaning up on the saps.

For what its worth I think the site has gone down the tubes, nothing left except a cash cow for the site with no regards for reputation, the more that know, the better off all of us guys are.

I would ask for advice as to any other legitimate site, however then I would be your competition LOL

So I will stay awhile longer at least until the credits are burned up, maybe just maybe (That's what we all think) there are woman out there that are serious about this, however so far my money would be better spent in a strip club.

Random Rabbit

I knew of the site but pretty much ignored it. Then I got onto it, via a few links.

Few observations.

-Does "Viewed me" work as other "viewed me" on other sites do? Because I find it weird that I have messages from 2 women but neither have apparently viewed my profile according to "viewed me" Seems suspect

-There seems to be about only 4 profiles with pictures in the couple of pages of people near me. Suspicious that most of the profiles seem to come from towns so small that they aren't even towns(localities they are called), How could they all fit in there? lol

-I'm assuming one of the 4 with pictures is genuine because she seems to have been online between now and when I started an account earlier today and she hasn't tried to spam me. If she was a bot/scammer, she's have sent me messages already.

-The other 3 with hasn't been online for a while so even if she's genuine, she may have given up. As for the other messaged me 3 times over the space of 2 hours. You'd have to assume scammer(if I read her messages I'd be out 15 credits). As for the last one....well her picture is not a catwalk model, it's someone who would be judged average-looking by society so you'd assume she's genuine because fake profiles usually use supermodel types for their fake profile pictures...however on the other hand she is from one of those tiny localities I mentioned before and that gets me suspicious. Plus she is one of the 2 women that messaged me and somehow hasn't viewed my profile, until someone explains that it means I'd probably rather not waste the $59 dollars on this site.

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