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Ashley Madison Scam

guy in nm

I thought it was a scam as well. I paid the $, and for months, nothing. I would get winks and respond using a credit and get nothing.

I kept trying and trying. I gave up for about a month....then out of nowhere I met someone. She is real and it is fantastic.

I do agree that a lot must be fake, but I can see there are real ones now

curious girl

I have a profile on AM and I am not a fake. i think the issue is there are more Women out there seeking other Women as myself. We are more interested in girl fun and letting our men watch. 90% of the profiles I viewed from single girls to couples want another female. Single guys just come off as kind of conceited or perverted. Say sensual things on your profile or be sexually romantic. Sorry guys, get a girlfriend that wants to hook up for you and then you might hook up with someone.

A Women the the chicagoland area

Well I have a profile on AM, and I am by all means A REAL WOMEN! I have meet at least 5 diff men from the site, Have hooked up with one.. Like everyone here has said, U have to wean thru the site.... Good luck in ur search....XOXOX

Arizona guy

Ashley Madison has many real women and some not so real I believe. I have been a paid member for about a year and have met a few real women. They are very reasonably priced as there payment system allows you to have credits that never expire, unlike the time membership you get at most others. If you are in a rural area it can be difficult like anywhere else but it is worth a try for not much money.

Ummm Wrong

A week back I went on Ashley Madison's site and registered after reading this page: Within 2 days after joining I met a nice girl online and we started to chat and even went for a meal together. I must admit that it didnt work out but nevertheless, she was real. Today I met another girl that seems promising and we are meeting tomorrow afternoon. My point is folks... if an unattractive guy like me can make things happen on Ashleymadison, there is no excuse why you cant. As for some girls not being real or whatever is being said... well i think that is complete and utter bullshit. Have any of you guys actually tried meeting someone? If any fake profiles exist, it is most likely due to some male users who pretend to be girls and then try to get you to sign up for some shitty webcam site. Sorry but i just needed to share my $0.02c worth


I am a woman who signed up for ashley madison and I seriously found alot of people. The chat client on there fails occassionally, but I've met and went out with real guys. IDK...I like it.


My opinion is that this is absolutely a scam! seemed funny that any message I ever sent had no responses to any specific questions or comments, but always wanted to use the points I had to purchase for either a "collect" message or opening a personal area or something....also seemed odd that I would get new inquiries and when i SPENT POINTS (MONEY) to respond, I never heard anything. Sorry but I am not that bad and even sent a "test" message just to see what would I suspected, opinion a scam!


Most of the people responding here need to improve their logical thinking skills. Just because most of the profiles are fake does not mean that the site is 100% scam. And just because you found a real woman and a real profile does not mean that all the profiles are real.

I'm convinced that about 90% of the profiles are fake. I just search for profiles that have taken the time to add a lot of custom description to their profiles. There is a greater chance that those are real.


I absolutely believe it is a huge scam! BEWARE!


Big Grin
The site works but a lot of guys are frustrated because there are probably 50 guys to every girl on the site. I have meet people on the site. You need to be patient and not too grose. These are females and even though they are on the site, they are not just after sex. I probably should not say this because if more people drop out, there are more left for me.

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