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Ashley Madison Scam


If a guy like me can find a young, beautiful, sexy and vivacious lover then I would say that any man can find a woman using Ashley Madison's website.
After a few years of attempting to engage my wife of 28 years to "get physical" with no results I decided to give AM a try. I opened an account and sent out some contacts and at first got very few replies. I did get some "come ons" from what I considered to be obvious "artificial profiles" and I did not respond. I emailed with a few women and met them and discovered that women tend to exagerate about their appearance. Why post an old photo and fudge the details when the person will eventually meet you and discover that you are what you claimed to be....about TEN YEARS ago?!
I also found that some women are obviously looking for more than what they claim to be looking for.
A couple women I met were very obviously NOT happy in their marriages and it wasn't just the sex that was a problem, that was more than I wanted to deal with.
I did not give up and after about 6 months I started chatting with a woman who I almost did not contact at first because I considered her to be "out of my league".
I'm an overweight middle age average guy and I'm still amazed that my younger, very attractive lover finds me desireable, this woman could have had any man she wanted!
I will say that of you want to find a real woman then you have to be real about yourself.
Don't just check the boxes offered, write a simple introduction, include a recent photo and don't try to knock off too many years or pounds when you give a physical description.
Take your time and be very up front about what it is you want from the start.
Like anything worth while you will have to work and be patient to get what you are looking for.


I've met four women from AM and three were willing to get undressed with me and have some sweet fun. That's the good news. It is not a total scam. The bad news is that the ratio of men to women is overwhelming. It used to be when you logged on the site they would say something like, "130,000 members are logged on now." Well, if you used their search tools to see how many women were logged on, you would find maybe something like 500. Not great odds. As such, the women get pretty picky here--and prickly. A simple query like, "would you like to chat" will most often be simply ignored. But when answered it is often cold and mean--full of bitter invectives. For some reason, many of the warmest and most polite responses come from Canadian women--especially rural and small-town ladies. So if you are just getting started at AM, I would propose you start there. One other bit of advice, I've heard from several women at AM that their boxes are filled with men who get verbally rough and raunchy right from the start. Perhaps there are some women that really enjoy that sort of talk. But the ones I've met have said a slower more romantic approach is more effective.


I don't know if it's a scam or not but certainly not worth the fees that you have to pay. They even charged extra for the mobile version for a smartphone and it's pretty crap. Keep hold of your hard-earned cash and don't bother with AM.

sus dude

There could be real people on there, but not as many as they would like you to believe. The bad thing is you cant do anything on there without credits and once you buy the credits they will use tricky and misleading ways to get you to unknowingly spend them. Theres better sites out there that are free, trust me.

Ashley Madison is a scam

Sex or not, Ashley Madison will definitely **** you. They keep raising their already too high costs of everything and are always working on taking financial advantage of men who join the site. When credits started at $50 that was already too high, I can't believe they want a lot more than that now. They even charge you to chat on their site!

I was on there for a couple of years, probably posted some details in this forum before about how they cheat men (one example: "hosts" are fake profiles Ashley Madison uses to contact you, and trick you into buying expensive credits--$50 or more--just to write the fake profile back).

Last year I finally put an end to my membership--I guess--I remember that I could not delete my account, I had to set it to hidden or something because they actually want to charge you more money to delete the fricken' account!

Seriously, Ashley Madison is a site all men should boycott. The "real" women on there years later were the same ones as when I first joined: cyber-only types who are on there almost all day every day. Maybe they are sitting home all day with their fingers in their twats and never leave the house, or they are fake--either way, not what I was looking for.


Ashley Madison is not a scam. It contains just as many scammers, hookers, cam girls and undercover gay guys pretending to be girls as any other sex site. I was on it for a couple of weeks and had two solid hookups. While there certainly are alot of scammers on the site (cam girls, hookers, sugarbabies, etc) the site is legit and there are plenty of real women starved for attention there.

anon MG in GB

Its a scam :- the only time you get an interested party sending a message,is when your credits have run out and you have to purchase some more to read the message ..........Trust me don't go there. Frown Sick

Real Girl

There ARE Real women on Ashley Madison, and there are REAL men too!
First I will say that there are things you have to watch out for
#1 - Stay away from the "Chat" offered on the site. That is the money pit.
#2 - Be HONEST about who you are and what you are looking for. Don't waste people's time lying about your age or weight because if/when you actually meet the deception will be obvious. Who wants to start a relationship dependent on trust with LIES!
#3 - Don't be LAZY! A.M. offers you "check the boxes" type of choices regarding what you are looking for, clicking the boxes ONLY indicates that you have no imagination and are lazy. Take the time to write a few paragraphs about yourself, what you would like your affair partner to be like and what kind of relationship you are looking for.
#4 - Read between the lines. The danger for women (who are looking for a long term affair) is there are men who will say ANYTHING to get them into bed. If a long term affair is what you want then TAKE YOUR TIME. The players who want to "hit & quit" will not want to waste too much time getting to know you and if the sex doesn't happen quickly enough they will most likely move on. The danger for men is that too many women are UNHAPPY in their marriage and are looking for a REPLACEMENT. Keep your ears open and actually listen to what they say, you should be able to pick up on their intentions if they whine and complain about their marriage too often.
#5 - Post a current picture. Don't be stupid and post a photo of your FACE on your open profile. Anybody (including your spouse) can open an account for free and surf profiles! Put a full body photo (not naked!) on your profile with your face cropped and send your private photo to interested parties only after you have exchanged a couple emails.
#6 - Don't settle for less than what you want! This is a huge choice and step to make and why settle for less then what you want. Sure, you may not get EVERYTHING you are looking for but pick which preferences are not important and stick with the ones that ARE!
I am a 46 yr old housewife who has kept herself in good shape. I spent 3 months on A.M. looking for a long term lover. I talked to a few dozen men, met a handful and really connected with one. My lover and I have been in a relationship for going on 2 years and things are great!
YES - Ashley Madison worked for me and you can make it work for you too! Good Luck!


They require you to PAY to cancel your membership.

$20 for a "discrete" removal.

That says all you need to know about them.

Sure, you can probably over time meet someone (or several) legit people.

But in general terms, they are out to make money by blackmailing you.

Older but wiser

The scam lies in the fact that you can sign on for free to look at the participants (real or not) but you have to pay $19 to delete your information. Ain't that a *censored*.

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