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Female in Minneapolis

AM is not a scam, the problem is that there are a ton of guys and just a few women. First, the trick is to write something in your profile. Make it light and fun ( at least that is what worked for me) 95 percent of the profiles I received had nothing but boxes checked, no creativity whatsoever. I chose one because he was cute, the other I chose because in those few paragraphs he had my heart racing. Second, I created a real profile and I also created a fake male profile to see what the women were doing in their profiles. On my real profile I got 267 messages within the first few days, on my fake male profile I got 4 messages Frown So, yes guys, you have a lot of competition. Is that a scam? I don't think my guys would say that, but for the other 265... maybe.


I can't prove it's a scam in the true sense of the word (fake profiles), but it is designed to suck as much money out of you as possible. Here's how from my experience:

1. I couldn't figure out how to sign up without having to pay the $19.95 mobile option so my $49 cheapest membership was actually $69.95 + taxes.

2. It said to first contact someone via a message it was 5 credits. It actually takes 10 off your balance.

3. It says after you send a message, all other messages are free. My second message to my first contact cost me 5 credits. I just signed up and was wary of the site, so haven't messaged anyone else.

4. The $49 for 100 credit option is gone when I look at buying more credits, and the least amount I can buy is now 200 credits.

I'm pretty sure I'll spend hundreds, if not thousands, on this site to ever get an actual date, let alone get laid.


Ashley Madison customer

I have had affairs with numerous gorgeous women since I started pursuing extramarital activities 2 years ago, after 15 years of inattention. NONE OF THESE WONDERFUL WOMEN WERE MET ON ASHLEY MADISON, NONE. After 2 years only 2 women have communicated with me. The site is s total rip off and complete sausage fest. There are 100 dudes for every women. Many of the female "profiles" that look hot are fake. Ashley Madison censors criticism of its service, and does nothing to improve the site. Ashley Madison's search features are really poor. The site has not changed in over 2 years. The personal profiles are painful, crude, and dumb. The winks on Ashley Madison are completely lame. Did I mention the site is 99% men? The profiles on Ashley Madison allow no differentiation and don't convey anything about the person, man or woman. You can't find anyone except "ZAFTIG" women, which really should read HUGELY OBESE.

So if you are A FIREFIGHTER with a BIG MOUSTACHE looking to do a married OBESE 50 year old Tuesday afternoons, then ASHLEY MADISON IS FOR YOU!

If you are good looking professional man then save your money and look elsewhere. ALSO AVOID the site Established Men, it is also a scam by the SAME company.

Successful experience guy

I started using AM in Sept 2010 after an affair I had with a close friend went sour. I went several weeks sending what seemed to be endless emails with no response. The females with photos I figured had to be fakes. Who in their right mind would post a pic of themselves if they are cheating.

Finally after 3 weeks I got a response. The woman was a bit older than I was looking for but we became friendly. We met but not much happened. More of a friendship than an affair. We kept in touch and actually have wound up sleeping together a few times. I would consider it more of an illicit friendship than an affair. She has met several men and had affairs from the site.
I deactivated my account until January. I did not send any emails though. One day in early jan a woman my age (early 30's) contacted me! We began to talk and soon after met. We had a short intense affair for 2 months. She was as real as could be. Attractive, generous, sexual and friendly. She was looking for a little more than I was able to offer and we mutually decided to end it.

I stayed off the site for a month or so and decided to go back on and send some emails. I didn't get many responses for a few days and then got one. I also had a collect message and a few winks. I wrote back to the woman who contacted me and we swapped yahoo chats. We talked and swapped pics. I thought she was too good to be true. She was my age. Local. Amazingly sexy and a high sex drive. We met up fro drinks and immediately connected. We are now involved in a high intensity affair. We have promised each other this would be sexual only.

Nothing came from the other winks and collect messages. I have deactivated my account again.

So - to sum things up. You can have success on AM if you weed out the BS. Are patient, and just be nice. I take a very friendly approach with women and it seems to work. Men greatly outnumber women on there so you need to stick out a little and not by the size of your cock.

Enjoy AM. I certainly am enjoying my new found puerto rican princess!


It’s been covered but I can only reinforce the fact. I have had zero satisfaction on AM and have tried several approaches.
I can and have put more than 3 words together and mostly get back a 2 word reply and then they just vaporise. They don’t log on or remove their profile and now after being critical of AM in a message there has been no messaged coming back to me from anybody I message so I am thinking that AM is scanning for derogatory text and punishing the author. I wont be buying any more credits.


I'd just like to go on the record to report that AM is not fake nor is it a scam site. I'm a dude and I have had success. There are many, many, many, others that are obviously fake. If you can't even read a message when you create a login, the site has shady practices and isn't even worth it.

Like many have said it's like fishing, you have to be patient and deliberate in whatever you do. They have multiple options for communication but really you need to spend some money to have success but you still have your options. I signed up roughly a month ago and didn't go with a big package and as a result I had to add more credits. Ultimately I still saved some money but I have far less credits than the deal so it might be best to take the deal. That being said I have been successful with the help of the site so it is absolutely real.

Things to consider (repeat of others posts but totally true)

1.) Now while I will agree that many of the female profiles on there seem like they are fake or robots think about this; I read a few different reports where men created fake female profiles to see what the women were seeing. Size up the competition I guess, so you have to figure that into the numbers.

2.) As with any of the sites like this the male/female ratio disparity is phenomenal although it doesn't seem as pronounced with AM.

3.) Don't be a dumb ass, think before you type. Not just of what women may want but what you want and try to be eloquent. Most women do not think like men they are creatures of emotion, one word can trigger a proxy chain of thoughts if you will.


1.) Be patient and don't seem obsessive, just be easy going that's what you want anyway. The winks and favorites can work but you'll do best with actual effort and messages.

2.) Again, think before you type. Don't be a blunt object, there's plenty of those out there. Don't be long winded either, want to write a poem you'll probably end up with something cyber only. So if that's what you want then I guess go for it.

3.) I can't stress enough to be relaxed seriously. If you're relaxed the words will pour out of you in a relaxed manner, everything in the human experience translates from the inside. If you're all bound up you're going to push women away, no *censored* (I'll save more for a life lesson sometime).

4.) Relax your standards a bit and know what you have to offer. Knowing what you have to offer will change your confidence level and that will directly effect your success rate. Everyone judges on this regardless if they are consciously aware of it or not. Read a little about body language and then observe you'll see what I'm talking about. In the meantime while you're learning that there's a hell of a lot more to communication than grunts and nods relax your standards, you're not going to bag a super model.

5.) Come up with a strategy for each woman you decide to try to communicate with. Try different strategies, be persistent but not obsessive (relax).

That's what worked for me and I am an actual person sitting her on the weekend on my laptop writing you this message out of kindness because I like this site and it has great info. All because of people sharing.

Good luck!


So if you have read this far you will have realized it's divided. As many have said there are lots of FAKE profiles in AM but some, only some, are true. So it is hard and most likely cost you a few renewals before getting something, unless you know how to avoid the BS profiles. Here's my real experience. After about a week or so of paying membership (the lowest membership I could get) I had a real reply. I had a few before like: this may work, send me your pics and lots of winks. This time I sent the email and the lady replied right away. We met right the next day and had lunch. Then we met for a sexual encounter. I ran out of my membership money and that was all I got, so the rest either ignored me because they're bombarded with emails or are NOT REAL. Probably the latter applies to most of them. The good thing is that I still see the lady I met. But that one out of all of the messages sent. If I had missed that one then my story would be completely different. Not to be pretentious, but I consider myself a good looking guy. I'm of athletic body type, work out regularly and never had issues getting laid before I got married. Many people called me a "player" just because they saw me with different girls constantly, although I never considered myself one because it was all fun relationships not me playing with their feelings. I also hold post graduate degrees and make 6 figures. All this crap I'm talking is to make clear I'm not getting responses because I'm some ugly or looser trying to get lucky by using the site. I get lucky in the real world, the ONLY reason I paid for membership is to avoid having to go out to get laid and run the risk of being spotted by friends since I'm a married guy now. The funny thing is that after I ran out of credits and didn't buy for a week, all of a sudden I received a collect message. I had the impression it was going to be a fake profile but couldn't help but renew my membership. Once opened it read Subject: "Hello" Content: "come say hello". Pure BS, I don't think any woman interested in meeting me that sends me a collect message will just write that. Your chances of meeting a woman are low. I spent $79 for 200 credits. At 5 credits / message that's 40 messages I sent, to get only one encounter. Thats a 1/40 probability or 2.5% chance . That sucks, but if you are well attached, it may be worth it. If you are single, get your ass out to Clubs and don't waste your time here. Maybe try or something similar. As a single you have a better chance of meeting a girl in a club if you are good looking. If that doesn't work then just go to Craigslist and CAREFULLY pay for sex. It will cost you less than AM. So there you go! If you are willing to spend about $200 for a chance to meet one lady it may be worth it, just be very careful on whom you contact. Look for profiles with custom messages and that look real, not like a myspace girl profile message. Spending the money in AM may be worth it if you are married, but my recommendation is: - DO NOT reply to winks. I never hear back from them. - Initiate the contact yourself but ONLY to profiles that look real. - Avoid collect messages - If the profile has a public picture of a woman with a clear face and is marked as attached female, chances are she's NOT REAL. Unless she wants to get caught by her hubby. - When you run out of credits do not renew for a while and have fun receiving collect messages, that way you'll know those profiles are fake Smile Maybe some one else has a different experience but to me it seems women that send winks are false. Those are my 2 cents. P.S. I wrote this real quick so hopefully it makes sense. Geek


I'm not sure where you're getting that this site is a scam....
I'm a married (yet unfulfilled) woman, currently on the site... I'm smart, secure and successful (and I've been told, quite sexy)
I am currently talking to 6-7 different guys and have met 2 in person so far (and was intimate with one....) both were good experiences and I am certain they'd say the same.
I am 100% real - and quite happy that I joined up.
If you're not getting the results you'd hoped for, take a look at your profile. Are you too negative? Too forward? Too cocky? Trust me, as a girl - these are major turn-offs....and we will *not* initiate contact... (never mind respond to your "Access To Private Showcase" requests...).
Please don't post a pic of your crotch - and *don't* tell us how you'll "satisfy" us - or how you can "go all nite long".
Trust me, if we like your profile, we will find that out all on our own. ;-)
Don't listen to people saying this is a scam - it's real and it works.
I'm (quite happy) living proof.


I think it is a scam. I'm a good looking guy ripped to the core I figured that it would be no problem for me on this website to get laid. After I paid my money I received a several interested women I email them back and nothing. I looked at some of the pictures and thought those are too perfect those are fake. After a week nothing. I have gotten laid more just on my own merit and more contacts on myself than this BS website.

Total scam oh well I'm only out 49 bucks. i would stay away form this website I'm a model and couldn't get lucky so to the average hard working Joe i say to you save your money.


I've met and hooked up with one woman, but this is after a year of wasted credits, so it's hard to know who's real Frown

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