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Ashley Madison Scam

Common Sense

Lets use some common sense and honesty here.

Most of you posting here could not get laid on AM or any other site.

You use the Internet as a troll.

You have no style at all, you are gross most of the time and think women are there just for you.

You could be holding thousands of dollars in your hand in a whore house and most of you still could not get laid.

Wise up, get off the Internet and go out and meet real people once in a while.

Chris 2

So I'll use some common sense and ask: If you followed your own advise, you wouldn't even be here reading this thread right? Rolling Eyes


Definantly not a scam. I wasnt on there long, but did have a 100% closing ratio with the girls I talked to. Two real girls in my town, sex with both. Now, both of them were single.... never met a married woman on there that I closed with. So maybe there are some scams, but there are also real women on there as well

Chris 2

Try this if a "person" gives you their email address to talk off of AM...use an email opening notification website. There are a few. They not only track when an email was open, but the ip address and what area it is in. Needless to say I found quite a bit of shady details going on. Emails bouncing to more than 1 user in different parts of the country was the biggest surprise.

Be careful....possibly not AM, but scams are real when using AM.


My last post was removed...I said that I have joined AM....and have had a bunch of collect messages....I have replied to a few...with no responses. I also have had several winks..but no responses. I find it strange that a bunch of the same woman are always on line. I mean always. I also found it strange that so many woman show there faces. I am puzzled by this, as who in there right mind would show there face on a website devoted to cheating. I am also starting to think this is a scam review site that AM runs as well. That is the only reason I can see my post being pulled...because I felt it was a scam. I have bought the package...and have not talked to a real person yet. So yes I am starting to think it is a scam.

Joe S

Def not a scam. Ive met numerous women and had affairs with 4 over the past couple years. There are the usual cam girlss that want you to sign up and what not. I usually just use the chat feature. If you get to start a real convo, you know they are prob real


I'm real and had an affair for over two years with the same man, turns out he was getting buys with many others on AM as well, so since i'm real then I guess it is possible to meet someone stupid enough to shack up with a married man..


A rip Off! You can put a P**n star in Prada still a p**n star. You join for free as a guest. Have to but credits to communicate with members. Credits start at $50. First responses will be from so called "members" sendin collect messages trying to get you to buy credits to respond. Women are always 400 mi. away, to good to be true, and 20 years younger than you. Remember the join for free stuff? To delete any trace of you from their website will cost you $20. Stay away from this bull*censored* scam artist.

Scammed by AM

So I can tell everyone that AM is a scam, and prove it.

By now you all know how it works, sign up, check it out, pay some money to read messages. But what are these messages?

It will be some "girl" offering you to "chat" (in this case in German since I am in Germany) which costs about $60 per hour. She will conveniently have some pictures for you, like this:

Wow, could be interesting, but wait, let's run this picture through Google Image Search and see what comes up...

OH SNAP!! Looks like somebody just took pictures from Flikr, and cropped them. But why?

The ONLY plausible reason is that the "person" either works for AM or is getting a cut of the chat money, quid-pro-quo.

If this happened just once then I could dismiss it, but every single "woman" who contacted me was doing the same thing, sometimes Flikr but often porn website pictures would be used (the racy ones, not naked ones).

So, I would say the AM probably has a few people who go on forums like these and say "hey I don't know why but I got laid there a few times, it worked for me" but who are you going to believe?

So, I can tell everyone to stay away from AM and don't spend any money with them. Oh, and Paypal won't refund your money, so don't use Paypal anywhere ever, use your credit card, you will have a better chance of getting your money back.

Man an AM

NIce legwork to the above!

I will say I am a mid-40s male and have met a few women on AM over the course of the last couple of years. Some profiles are legit, but it's my sincere belief that the majority of female profiles are indeed fakes. It takes some time and experience to be able to spot the likely fakes.

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