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Yeah, as others have said there are fake profiles up there. I mean who in their right mind would display their photo(not private showcase) when they're attached?? Over the last three years being off and on the site I've probably met about 10 women total. Some you meet once for coffee or something, and then they feel guilty and then its over before even getting started. Or they back out after a few emails. Then I've had a couple I met and I was the one saying "uhh, no way." I currently have an ongoing "affair" that is going on almost two years now. Started out more as a friendship/sex thing but now it's just pure sex, we meet for about an hour or two every couple of weeks (one time it was 3 times in a week...very horny!) and then it's see ya next time, which I don't have a problem with! Before that I had something that lasted about 6 months but it just kind of fizzled out...I think I got in an argument with her chatting one day..haha. LOL

For sure, even you find that person that you feel attraction with for each other, if your schedules conflict then it's really very difficult to make it work.(I'm talking something long term)


Ashley Madison gave me a free membership for a little over a year. Didn't get charged a dime for anything. After a year they sent me an email saying that I wasn't active enough and if I wanted to stay on for free I needed to start "chatting" with more guys. I didn't have to pay to chat, but sorry guys you did. It was a complete scam that Ashley Madison tries to get girls to chat and email guys and offers them free memberships to get guys to keep spending money.
That is why you will see reviews on girls which are really high and others which have nothing. Those girls are on for free leading you on. Enjoy and my recommendation is that you save your money.


After seeing one of the much hyped Ashley Madison ads on TV I signed up out of curiosity. Like so many other guys I've since read about, I was immediately contacted by a likely lady and enticed into buying one of their exorbitant credit packages in order to speak to her. After she'd ensured I'd all but used up my credits, she went silent.
I now know that she was a fake, employed by AM to reel in suckers like me. They even as much as admit to the practice in miniscule print in their Terms & Conditions where these ladies are described as 'online hosts' who are engaged in 'marketing activity'. They also automatically re-bill you unless you go through a deliberately difficult and convoluted process to extricate yourself from their clutches
So my question is, what's the difference between marketing activity and a scam? Not a lot in this case. The sole purpose of these online hosts is to persuade men to upgrade by pretending to be something they're not
Of course Ashley Madison calculate that no-one will run squealing to the authorities or law courts because of the illicit nature of the site's activity. Some might say 'serves you right'. I should have been alerted by the fact that the majority of 'women' on the site have publicly viewable photos. It is now obvious to me that any real ladies on an affairs/adultery dating site would not post a picture of themselves for all to view
The Ashley Madison operation is little more than a slick and convincing swindle to part men with their money. The chances of actually meeting a real woman with whom you might actually conduct an affair are about as remote as the hair growing back on their CEO's balding head!

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I am a female and have been on AM since last April. I was dating a married man off and on for some time. Since he lives so far away and travels quite often, we don't get to see each other that much. Technically speaking I am single but got tired of staying at home decided to get on board with AM.

Well it has been keeping me busy. I am 51, still look good and wanted to go out. Trying to find a single man in my age range was tough. There aren't to many out there. Another story in it's self/

For single or married woman on this site. It's great. Unfortunately it's not so great for the men. From what I hear, they seem to run across the young single woman trying to allure them to web sites that will cost the guys money. Then there are the married women who are looking for a bale out or they are to scared to stray.

Men it is tough to find a female on a married site. Keep trying. You'll find someone. Be smart on how you advertise yourself on the site as well. Love to hear your comments.

We are not Swans


I've been a member of both Ashley Madison and UK equivalent Illicit Encounters. I have to agree with the bulk of opinion here that AM is populated by mostly fake or scam profiles. It only really dawned on me after I had I joined the far superior IE having previously been an AM member and experienced contact with real women seeking affairs as opposed to the fakes. These ladies do not send out loads of unsolicited mail and nor do they post photos for all and sundry to see. I've now had affairs with 3 separate women all of whom I met through Illicit Encounters. Whilst on the surface it may appear more expensive than AM, it actually works out far cheaper. When you start messaging and chatting on AM you go through their credits at a rate of knots and you're probably not even speaking to a real woman. On IE you have unlimited communications and can therefore woo the ladies the way they like to be wooed - i.e. not too fast!


In my view it is a scam
I joined did not buy any credits, put in my profile of what i was interested in
which in my case was women over 45 living in Sydney

Ok i am old

however I received 4 tags from young girls mid 20's who lived thousands of miles away, great pics

why would a women waste her credits ???

of course to read the messages you need to buy credits

yep its a scam


No Affair yet

Priority messages are a complete scam, they set it by default and if you don't remember to uncheck it $5.00 a message.

Do not read collect messages under any circumstances.

Even if they are not fake, which they will be most of the time you are wasting you credits.

If you read it they will charge you 5 credits and then if you email the lady they will charge another 5 credits.
So if you want to contact her just email and if she is real she can tell you what was in the collect message.

As for me I have met women there and know for a fact that there are real women there so they are not all 100% fake and they are not all just teases these ladies were totally ready to go.

If you get on AM, and don't want to waste your time you had better be ready to deliver. If one of these women calls you on your offer on an affair, which is rare and hard to get, and you can not deliver the goods she will move right on to the next guy. I've lost one real beauty this way, and it wasn't that she was a gold digger, she was just out shopping and I wasn't ready. Have your cash in your pocket and be ready to act. The next time things went much better, I had my ducks in a row and was reward with an amazing head turner, it was such a pleasure to take her out and just watch the other men stare.

As for credits, well $2.50 an email sounds expensive but if you're going to be shacking up in hotel rooms and taking her out for nice lunches with a couple of glasses of wine it is small change, so if you can't swing a couple of hundred dollars to find her how are you going to spend the $500 a month to shack up?

Also consider POF and okcupid both good but not geared directly toward affairs. I've heard from women on jdate that there are a lot of married women there too but never tried.

I think I've met a lot more women on POF.
I met the most incredible nypho on adultfriendfinder.
I met the most beautiful woman I will ever be with on AM.

But it isn't easy and it isn't cheap and they try very hard to rip you off.

I just wish I could figure a way to hack it?


Oh So Much SCAM

Well, I used AM about 6 years ago - and I am relatively certain I chatted with a real person. That said, the site is definitely "tweaked" to make it seem much more popular than it really is. They likely do have women who use this service, but they utilize these profiles to the maximum. Meaning they make them seem more active than they really are by setting the "last visited" to say 1day or something when its really been weeks.

There are a few profiles that seem to just _always_ be "online". Honestly, who's got that sort of time... no real person unless they're being paid to be online -OR- they're not really online. I work with technology/Internet application. Its _so_ easy to code this into the site.

Their mail system is deliberately inaccurate. For example, the counters don't show the real number of messages. It maxes out at "20" and there is no pagination. Who in this day and age doesn't show that there are say 7 pages and let you jump directly to page 3 for example? Thats 1995 technology... My guess is that its deliberate, perhaps not to "overwhelm" real women.

I suspect the sites Male to Female ratio is very bad. So real women get bombarded with message. And don't believe this garbage about how people get 200 messages in their mailbox. IT ONLY SHOWS YOU 20. So how wold anyone know they have more than 20? They have to DELETE messages to see above 20. You can't just forward to the messages beyond 20.

Scam or not, don't waste your time. Maybe at one time it was more legit than scam... recently though I would guess its more of a scam than anything else.



I wanted to add my two cents as an experienced and disappointed user of AM. I'm attractive, sensitive, sensible, and have excellent writing skills, so I don't think my problem was my pic or profile description. I had several women contact me or respond to my initial contacts, but had to pay $60 to really get in touch with them. Not one, out of the seven or so women, every responded to me twice.
I don't think the profiles are fake, but either there is something fishy going on, or the women who join AM are more timid than you'd expect. Either way, I blew $60 and suggest you don't do the same.

Not worth it

I live in MA there are just not enough women in my age group 50yr old, I e mailed about 20 women with priority and about half actually opened e mail. I got 1 person I was able to get pictures from. So day one I have gone through all the avalible women. This site is not worth it. If you are a woman you will get hundreds of men e mailing you. Men no such luck

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