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I was hot and cold with AM for a long time...wondering if I could REALLY find someone decent. I was really hesitate to pay that much for it, but late last year they had a $35 sale for the cheap package, so I went for it...less than a week later, I had tangible options. Before I quit my account, I used AM to meet 3 women...and hooked up with one...and still could with one of the another others. It's definitely legit.


I can say that I find it real and sometimes to funny. Being a woman I wonder if some of these guys are real. I have been on the site 3 different times. The first time I meet 17 guys in 3 months. After that I learned some of it was a joke. Each time I was on, I was getting abt 50 emails a day. I meet several good guys and we had LOTS of fun.

Ashley girl

I totally disagree. I have been in a sexless marriage for years and have met several really nice guys on here and yep followed thru with a few as well. Just be patient and smart about who you do and don't answer. There are plenty of REAL women on there, just read our profiles and see.


I do think Ashley Madison is a total scam.
Just check-out some of the profiles: same photo, almost everything is the same, except age is different ranging from 22 - 34 for the ssame profile and location of user is different. Also, once you opt out of receiving e-mails, all the wink and other messages stop.....and since when is Melbourne in NSW?


I'm an on again off again member. It's definately not a scam but I'm 100% convinced AM plants profiles and has a group within the organization that acts as members to get you to buy credits. In this case "Buyer Beware".

My 1st experience was very negative and I quit (actually felt guilty about doing it). Second try proved fruitful. To my suprise a lot of the really nice women appear to want a second husband (as in two husbands or two relationships at once).. Some of them were VERY bossy, expecting full-time REAL attention. This became crazy making. Here I am excited I met someone and I'm getting pushed around worse than I am by my wife.

Then I started thing about the meaning of "the affair". Through out time you always heard of someone who had someone on the side. A REAL second relationship. Einstein had an affair for years, I believe he finally divorced and married the woman. So what it is for some women is a means to explore finding, not a second husband but a REPLACMENT husband. There are a few that don't but the majority of "NICE" women I met this seemed to be the case.

Ladies: There are (from what I've heard from NICE female members) many, many pigs on the site. I firmly believe 1st meeting should always be in a public place in broad day light (coffee over lunch hour).

Guys: If you want to hook up Craigslist adult services is all you need and is definitely REAL (could be cheaper and less hastle in the long run). Please get off the site and giving guys in general a bad name.

My biggest fear is finding a financially distressed woman who blackmails me, to me the is as big of risk as STD's. You never know....

The last thing is schedules. AM should have a category in creating profiles for availability. If the schedules don't line up and you force making time, I'm convinced, it will lead to getting caught. One gal I met we could never line up calendars and I really believe there was chemistry. (BUMMAH)..

With all that said I'm signing up again. Ladies, if you are looking for a tall handsome guy in the Boston area (who's a lot of fun on a date) keep your eyes open on AM.


Yes its a scam. I was a non paid member and i got approximately 12 messages (that i could not access unless i was a paid member) so i relented and paid up. I contacted the girls and thanked them for their interest- no reply from any of them. They are simply Ashley Madison generated profiles.

How dissappointing that a company can be so decietful but then again what do you expect from a site based on deciet?

Frank n Earnest

I joined AM last summer and successfully had an affair, so I quit until this summer, when I joined again, and have been seeing someone since :-))

Some observations:
1. the guy:girl ratio is ridiculous; women *without* photos get 50 messages a day. Imagine how many messages a nice profile photo generates?!
2. That being the case, I wouldn't bother contacting women with profile photos, if only to increase your chances and to save valuable AM bucks, except to wink at them and draw attention to your profile.
3. Women with profile photos are much more likely to be scams; just about everyone with a nice profile photo that I initiated contact with turned out to be a dud. Either no response, or they sent a key to see 1-2 private profile photos, or a collect message saying only "I am here" (with no follow-up, ever) or no response at all to a me$$age spent -oops- I mean sent.
4. Since last summer, I noticed *many* profiles with attractive photos that were identical from last year. WTF?!!
5. Conclusion: women's profiles with image(s) that never change are probably fake and a scam.
6. It should be pretty darned easy to compare notes, perhaps on a wiki site, about potential scammer profiles. Anybody heard of one?

Given the ridiculous guy:girl ratio on the site, it 's almost best to sit and wait and let the serious women find you. Both of the relationships that I got out of AM came fro the woman initiating contact with me. Neither had a profile photo.


I do not have experience with Ahsley Madison. And this is not an advertisement for any other website.

I do have experience with I can laugh at some of the claims in this thread about finding 5 women on Ashley Madison in the course of a year or something.

On Match I found about 15 women in about 7 months. All of them asked me to sleep with me. I never asked.

Yes I maybe laying. Or advertising Match. com. But I'm not. Here's why:

I was in my mid 30's, had a good job, lived in a posh area of town. I'm tall, clean cut, very fit without looking like a meathead. I feel very comfortable around women. Virtually all women I met told me the same stupid story - how 99% of the men they have actually met can't even keep a conversation going. Some can't even start a conversation. It was not unusual to hear that the first date was mostly silence while waiting for the food to be serverd. I thought that I was hearing only the stupid stories but the same story kept popping every time, from a different woman. I don't know what to say - you may not be good looking, have a great job etc. but my god, what do you expect if you just sit there and say nothing?

I think that women (at least on Match) seem to like to pretend they are looking for a long term relationship. 10 or 11 of the 15 women I actually met on Match were there to get some physical action. If something more happens - good. But most of the time they just want some physical relief.

About 75% of the women I talked to (must be about 40 total that I talked to, met only 15) wanted only to feel that they can get a man's attention before going to bed alone. Get the attention, enjoy it for half an hour and say "Good night.".

I think that for many women it's about keeping up appearances but gettting what they really want - no strings attached short lived physical encounter. A site like Ashley Maddisson does not provide such a cover.

Moral of the story - be objective. Realistic that is.

Big Mike

It is NOT a scam. I've met several great women on the site and had some really great sex both in person and online. That being said, there are plenty of professional webcam girls on there as well, but they often get reported and booted off. You have to be aware that there will be fakes on every site and some sites are easier hunting grounds than others. Just be cautious and don't give out any personal information until you are comfortable. There are plenty of tips I could give but don't have the time here and now. I have been successfully using dating sites for some time now and would be happy to share my knowledge but not here. If you would like advice send me an email, Let me know how you found me and I'll do what I can.


As a woman registered on Ashley Madison, I've e-mailed & or chatted with over a hundred guys in the past year. Most of them are nice guys stuck in a rut with a boring wife. I am stuck in a rut with a mega-boring husband and things are only worse during football season. I went to AM for ME to find somebody to pay attention to me. I ended up making some really great friends (I'm on the phone with one now) and having great sex with a couple of them. Most of the guys tell me horror stories of women they've met who were 10-20 years older than they're picture or, after a few emails, the girls start asking for money, but we real "desperate housewives" are out there. It sucks if AM is loading bogus profiles. Good luck weeding through them. We all deserve to feel good. Hope you find it.

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