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Do woman find people wearing glasses unattractive?

Can't See


I have never really had any success with girls, I wonder if it's my physical looks. I'm 5ft 11, 22 and good looking Big Grin (IMO of course!).

I wear glasses that's not really big, one of those unrimmed ones, is that the reason for them finding me unattractive? Just need some opinions and advice here, cause if they do I see if I can get contacts or if I can afford it laser eye surgery.

Any ideas???


no, i don't think glasses make an attractive person unattractive. you're young, and maybe don't yet have the skills to approach women successfully. as a male, you will almost always have to start conversations, keep the interest going and ask for the phone number/date. there are dorky books you can read (mars and venus on a date, how to make anyone fall in love with you) or you can just watch how successful men operate in bars and other settings. oh by the way, most women notice a man's clothes before anything else, so do pay attention to how you dress.
good luck! and don't worry about the glasses.

Hey all

I figure I'll state my opinion even though a woman's point of view was asked. I find woman in certain types of glasses sexy. As long as your semi current with fashion I don't think it hurts out in the dating scene. I wear both glasses and contacts (not at the same time!) and get about the same response with either from girls.

my 2 cents

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