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Latin America

If you want to know how I finally got hotties.
I'll give you the no BS truth.

I tried every dating site I could find.
I tried going out to clubs. I tried asking
friends for help. All of it was a miserable
failure. The few women I did find were either
snotty, impossible to get a long with, or not
very attractive.

I found the problem. As it were, I wasn't the
problem at all. The problem is the attitudes of
American women are amongst the worst in the
entire world. I traveled to South America, Europe,
and Central AMerica in the last two years. WHAT
A HUGE DIFFERENCE IT IS! South America is where
the action is. There you can get a nice woman
21-35, very good looking, blondes/blue eyes too if you
like that. Just learn some Spanish through a night
course, rosetta stone, or Pimsleur (my pick) and
then find some girls online from there. This is the
best chance any American guy, short of Brad Pitt, has
to land a hottie that might actually be agreeable.
The online sites do not work because American women
are impossible. Now, you have the info. If you're
serious about changing your life, it's up to you now.


I remember when I went to Cozumel Mexico whith my girlfriend at the time (now long gone), I was automatically given the check when dining out. It is a man's world south of the boarder and I have read and e mailed several guys that state that avareaage or guys that could not get a date do well in south or central America (Columbia and Brazil are two very hot spots but they are both very dangerous for gringos).

It seems women and danger go hand in hand.

But the orginal poster does miror my own experiences with women in this country.

They are to full of the 'you can have it all' line.

In the end, the guys either give up or do seek a bride from another country unless they want the rejects or crazies.

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