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Plenty of fish owner makes 30.00 everythime you log on

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Can someone explain how he makes $30 everytime someone logs on in simple terms please

I'm really interested in affiliate marketing

Does the Pof owner make most of his money through affiliate marketing or adsense?

Thanks in advance

POF Power User

This subject of this topic was never really correct. He made his money originally (he sold POF now) through adsense and selling ads directly. POF also had a page for sending people to other dating sites like Adult Friend Finder which used affiliate marketing.

Visitors had to click on a link to actually leave the site. If it was advertising he was paid whatever the going rate was at the time. If it was an affiliate link then if the person signed up to the other dating site he may have gotten some money from it.

I doubt POF was every paid for someone to just login.

No-1 Special

Who cares if the site was/is, good/bad...

I Never used it, dating sites are stupid (really how hard can it be to introduce yourself to someone and take it from there). I am married with 2 kids sooooo... ya no dating site needed.

Markus put in long hours and stayed true to his idea since 2006 molding it to what it is today.

Fact: He sold it for millions -

Marcus I admire your hard work and your awesome idea and staying true to it - not giving up or changing to something else or taking any offers that came your way.

I give you 2 dumbs up, great work buddy and you deserve every penny you got.

From a great Admirer


Social engineering

Hi Anthony - it doesn't - problem here is that people outside the business world of websites do not know how this site, never mind POF, makes its money. In the case of POF, POF is essentially a DATA COLLECTION site bought from Fiend by O/M financial syndicate in 2015 - it also makes money from affiliate connections and advertizers, however the clue that you're missing is in the links in your agreement with POF - i.e. the 113 DATA MINING COMPANIES that pay POF for a license to mine data - Google Yahoo + 111 others - POF asks you to you list your music and interests, (and hobbies in case you forget a few), instead of logical questions about your requirements for a new partner - the data mining companies then process and prepare your data in various ways and sell your data on to further data processing companies worldwide or direct to e.g. only Sony, so that it can work out a marketing strategy department for different age groups and cultures in different towns around the world etc. The reason YOU should be concerned about POF is not due to O/M annual Poffit, people have a right to make money - problem is that POF employs some of the world's best psychologists to keep you on the site for LEGAL/ONGOING data mining purposes and use of your data - e.g. the free 8 shot photo gallery to support your selfie/phone hobby that costs POF money to run - and the directing of people to hold conversations in message boxes to create failure loops - contact > messaging > long-distance relationship phenomenon > frustration > failure - all repeat all repeat all repeat. You join POF to gain a date - POF then socially engineers you and issues you with a surrogate partner called Poffy - you then prefer your hobby/diversion in preference to dating and leaving the date. Note, POF recently changed the title of its 'first date' box to 'conversation starters' in 2017 to further steer people away from dating and into message boxes and failure loops. You have a right to express indignation about POF's failure to explain how and why it socially engineers you - to keep you on the site for ongoing/legal data mining purposes and annual poffit - but not because you are listing your personal data for free and POF is then selling your data 113 times over > 26,000 times over > 2 million companies worldwide.

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