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Plenty of fish owner makes 30.00 everythime you log on

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By the way, did you see how much E-Harmony SPENDS each year to ATTRACT LESS THAN 100,000 paying Subscribers?!?!?!

$140 MILLION!!!

Scroll down to E-Harmony - Dating Statistics

Current Basic Facts
Business Started: 2000
Employees: 232 (in 2008)
Number of Sites: 4, United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom (in 2008)
Number of Members Since Conception: Over 20 million (in 2008)
Number of Paying Members: Between 72,000 and 90,000 members at any one time (2008).


* Spent $93 million on TV ads in first 3 quarters of 2008. This makes eHarmony the highest TV ad spender in the dating industry. [2]
* Estimated yearly US marketing budget is $160 million. [1]

So, let's assume 80,000 on average are "always" paying at any given time...that means they'll have to generate $2,000 PER SUBSCRIBER to JUST BREAK EVEN on their AD SPEND (that does not even include employee burn costs, etc.

NOT a successful Long term model!!



Well i have been on the site forover three years. due to no regulations or very biased posts and deletion of posts. That many have been very disappionted of late. I myself have been under these attacks.I am offer up my contact details and references. I have a level three security licence and co own a buisness. Yet have been accussed of being a scammer. The site is not monitored properly tostop personal attacks on people. Having there forums deleted, when they organize a get togther in Melbourne, by those in Brisbane. CONTACT mePOF. Ask me questions. I am happy to answer. I.M was removed, becuase that was not owned by them. Another was not organzied and nonotice given of its removal. Quaility is important in anysite. It offered a safe I.M service till your able to trust someone enough to give them you email or msn. Also after blocking people on your email. You can not block them in forums. from attacking you there or seeing your forums or looking at your profile at what forums you post!!
listern to what people are saying! Frown



I could list maybe 50-60 reasons why POF sucks, but they all would overlap each other by some degree, and in the end they all would come up with the same conclusion.


For that reason I will just highlight the main reasons why POF sucks.

What other people here in post have said/stated negatively about POF & is 100% correct as well, as related to the same BOGUS tactics just to make a buck off of the users that use either site. is run by a bunch of totally biased & racist buffoons (robots for a better lack of the word just like those at POF) who are also Pro Homosexual in nature, and Match is headquartered out of Houston, TX for small wonder.

If Match doesn't like what you post in your profile they physically will take it upon themselves to self-edit out what they don't like even if it's against their own TOU (Terms of Use Agreement). I should say - they will try to. I had such run-ins with Match myself, and even threatened to sue the President & VP of Operations at Match myself for just that very reason alone. It went far deeper then that, but for briefness sake here I'll just leave it at that.

Even though is far worse then POF when it comes to biasness, and gals posting BOGUS profiles there - they both feed off of each other. One hand feeds the other as they would say! Yahoo Personals is the same, and for the same reasons.

POF currently allows and even has retained profiles that are well over 2 years old (as I still see them there today), and the acct owners haven't even visited them in just that long a period of time or even longer! Go figure huh?

FYI - I used the same username here to post this reply as that of which my POF acct used, and I used it for good reason. Knowing very well what an egotistical Gestapo-like jerk this Markus Frind guy really is in real life I thought I'd give him a little taste of his own Gestapo-like medicine here. After all - we all know he reads this site's blog here like his Holy Grail of sort. Beings that he lives in Canada, and he also operates the POF site out of Canada as well - is it any wonder?

That POF Loser Forum he so Gestapo-like runs is the biggest joke there ever was - as it is just fueled by nothing more then LOSERS that have nothing better to do with themselves. Ever read some of that crap that's posted there? Total bullshit is all that is there to begin with. Who would even waste a second's time there? Not me that's for sure!

If I didn't know any better I'd say POF is owned and operated by the same jerks that run, as they both have the same Freak-site mentality, and the same business scheme (or scam as it were) where they just rely on sheer numbers of SUCKERS to use their site. It's all FREE because they both rely on the affiliate marketing ADS there, and the supposed huge number of hits people make to those ads that only makes them their supposed millions of dollars in so called profit. If you can believe that crap to begin with!

Lets face it - if no one used either site then both sites would crumble and collapse in a heartbeat! With POF if all us good men would just drop our accts there that POF site would be history!

I saw one gals site there that kept popping back up time and time again after it was dropped something like 3 times for being totally POLITICALLY BOGUS bashing Clinton like it did during the Obama election run up, and each time she was able to use a different username - email addy - and server, so that fallacy about a Tracking Cookie being set is total garbage more or less. POF still relies on FLAGGING to dump profiles - much like that which that lame Craigslist site uses as well.

My POF profile actually got a gal stalker hit, and just because I told her that her Webcam pix looked like crap she keep hitting my profile with a REPORT THIS ACCT whatever and then a few days later my acct was gone! There are some real gal LOSERS on that POF site who are so damned scorned in real life that all they do is use that POF site just to vent on guys by having them dropped by constantly posting bad comments on them. Esp when the guys are GREAT GUYS like myself to begin with.

That lame Craigslist site is the very same! Seems like both these 2 sites - as of late - are only attracting a bunch of creeps, looney-bins, scorned retards, illiterates, stalkers, scammers, Bogus ads, spammers, hackers, and on and on and on!

I've seen more (gal) transplants from other dating sites now residing at POF - as of late - then ever before! Many of which have come over from & Yahoo mainly - as the faces and the POF posted pix are all still the same. Only on POF they somehow have gotten younger instead of older by anywhere from 5 to 10 years - as by the previous Match site's bio notes that were once there, but now are gone. I've saved a lot of them for reference so I know for fact!

That POF site should have been named PLENTY OF FLAKES!

Consider this -

Ever notice that at certain major POF posting cities like Miami - LA - Chicago - Boston, etc, etc that there are a healthy number of 38DD SILICONE CHESTED BIMBO'S with their boobs hanging out to the Moon. Literally! And that their profiles read like a giant NEON SIGN prostituting themselves for SEXUAL FAVORS - as by what their bio notes read as well? Any gal that has 800+ guys (suckers) saving her profile to their FAVS (and this is totally true btw) has to be a real low self-esteem LOSER to begin with, but not only that - a guy has to either have a hole in his head to begin with, or else he is just one of 800 male losers without a hope or prayer of ever getting a gal to go out with him in the first place. Take your pick. I rest my case right there!

Don't believe me try these 2 on for real:

noel12 : Normal girl Looking for a normal guy



I rest my case!

Do I have to say GOLD-DIGGER or PRO-DATER 101 or FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS ONLY or BLACK-WIDOW or ATTENTION WHORE or maybe even just BOGUS FAKE FAKE FAKE? Take your pick - as they all equate to the same end - namely - LOSER!

That site was/is nothing more then a PRO DINNER DATING site - as from the gal's point of view, not that POF isn't a mirror image of the very same as well. Just read some of those FIRST DATE sections where it's nothing but > take me to LUNCH - take me to DINNER - meet at Star*ucks - I love FINE DINING - I love FINE WINES - I love TRENDY FOODS - on and on and on to no end.

The first signs of POF going under were the LOSS of that IM feature they had there - lame as it was - not that it was worth a crap to begin with - as by it's limited features. Then again the gals hated it to begin with, as they had NOTHING worthwhile to say to begin with. Most illiterate gals on POF can't even put together a sentence of any worth longer then 20 words - much less 300 - as is required as a Mail Setting there.

There were some literate gals there that could hold a candle to me, but VERY FEW indeed.

Second sign was when I changed my main email addy (which was Hotmail or Notmail or Snailmail - take your pick) over to a more SECURE email addy site. See - that Markus creep at POF sells your Email addy's for profit. CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG CONTROL FREAK BOY!!! He might say he doesn't, but he is full of crap and lies out his damn ass! Craigslist does the very same thing to no end as I already proved that part long time ago, and then dropped using that lame site forever! Good riddance Craigslist & POF as well for that matter!

POF didn't like me changing my flaky Hotmail addy at all, as then they couldn't spam me with tons of new junk mail at my new email site. I hardly use my old Hotmail addy anymore these days, as it's the pits with nothing but spam and junk mail to no end!

My new email site blocks 99.9% of all junk mail trying to get into my Inbox. NICE!! And NO it's not AOL either - as AOL is garbage as well. That email addy changeover was yet another reason of probably why my acct there at POF got dropped. Go figure - as I never got even 1 stinking notice of any abuse there at all just prior to my acct going dead! Other then a couple scorned gal stalkers there right before it got dumped.

Then came that POF site's lame scam to try and get the guys to supposedly buy the gals some kind of stupid online Flower Card via using their VISA card as a payment source. Like the gals were ever going to send them to the guys there - I'm sure!

The gals there don't even acknowledge the fact now that you'll send them Free Virtual Flowers as an Icebreaker, so why would a guy even waste any money on a stupid Flower Card, or whatever else it was POF was trying to dupe you out of money wise?

Of course the guys were to give away all their PERSONAL Credit Card INFO as well in the process - that is - IF they were that stupid. That scam went over like a TON of BRICKS! Nobody bought into that one! What a joke that one was huh Markus? You weren't fooling anyone with that one.

It’s a wonder both the BBB & the FBI didn't shut Markus's dumb ass down after that one!

The other very obvious sign that POF is going under, and is really desperate about losing money is all that new advertising garbage that's now all over the place on the site to no end. I mean everywhere! You couldn't even hardly click on anything or any open space there without it being an AD box popup whatever, or some new AD site page trying to sell you something. That IMAGE icon was the worse!

If it gets any worse there they might even want to change the name to PLENTY OF FOOLS!

Good night!

stock guy

online lead generation form is really great marketing strategy

required taste

I find it rather amusing that people actually take the time to sit and moan about someone who is being paid for delivering a service which is free. What about ebay who provide a service and get paid its free to join and you dont have to buy, same a plenty of fish its free to join you dont have to go on a date or you can find true love and it has happened for people i know. Maybe you should try it and maybe you will find happiness and stop complaining .


POF ROCKS!!! Just kidding. Try out TheyFall instead, they're running a contest to rename it to be the best dating site alternative to POF.

Tim Ferris

I would warn all honest people who value their time NOT to get involved with the POF dating site. According to several of my contacts the site frequently deletes people for ridiculous reasons, such as making politically incorrect statements, or responding to letters with any degree of direct language. Additionally, members chosing to not post photos are regarded with suspicion, harassed and given secondary treatment. Apparently, people make false reports on each other, often for retaliative puposes, and unfair deletions of accounts quickly follow. In such common situations the major injustice involves the great waste of time people invest in creating the profile, and cooresponding with others, all lost and gone. If this isn't enough feedback seems to indicate that a large amount of the female profiles are fake.


I would just like to say that the only reason I see everybody having a problem with the owner of this company is jealousy. So what he does nothing for his money.....who wouldn't take that oppurtunity? You might say you wouldn't but lets be honest here, we all would. Nobody really knows the guy, he could be some great guy who donates time to orphans for all we know. l I make my money by coming up with ridiculous inventions only morons would buy but lets face it, if I didnt make them then somebody else would so why not me and yes I do donate my time to many organizations. By the way, I met the love of my life on his site a year and a half ago and our wedding is set for October 1st of this year. Good luck to all of you finding happiness so that you can stop putting down the people who have.


I can attest that POF is one of the worst sites out there. I was on less than a week and got fed up by a lot of the angry and vulgar language sent to me by some of the the men. I was seeking a long term relationship and it seemed that any inquiries I got was for hook-ups. It is very hard to take it seriously. Anyway, I stopped responding to these types of messages and got called a "shallow C**T" and told to "F**K off!"
Anyway, I posted on my profile a message to the effect that I found it disheartening to be on a site that was filed with angry people and that I was seriously considering if it was worth the time or effort to stay on.
I logged off for the day and the next day my account was gone.
Apparently, people can send all kind of mean messages and stay on for infinity but if you try and call out the site as what it is - a site filled with trolls, you get deleted.


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Quote by: Anonymous

Quote by: firebird


Marcus fink of plenty of fish makes

30 DOLLARS everytime you log onto his site

PARTS OF THE ARTICLE Do NOT support this site or this guy. He is a _________ fill in the blank

PlentyOfFish surveyed 100,000 US members, the results are interesting.

People get sick of PoF and go join a paid dating site, PoF is actually helping paid dating. I’ve been saying this forever.

People pay for one dating site, but belong to one or more free sites. All the hype about belonging to multiple dating sites has always been incorrect.

People who took the survey in the US are older than I expected.

I also asked a few questions about ads, only 30% of people admited clicking on them, most said they look at the ad and than check out the site later and signup.

As long as PoF sets a tracking cookie, Markus makes $30 or more every time someone signs up for a dating site through PoF. What a great business model.

It's called affiliate marketing. How do you think this site makes money? Every time you click on a dating site through and join, the owner of this site gets paid. Some dating sites probably pay them something for just clicking on their site. Adultfriendfinder pays $1 per click. So if you click on the link for through this site, datingsitereviews gets paid a buck. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this; and this is an amazing site and provides a great content and forums.

How does he make $30 every time someone signs up? I've just started a dating web site thank you

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