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Hornymatches scam


The site is indeed a scam, but I still managed to meet several real women. They just happend to use their yahoo ID's as their names on the site.... Clearly though, the vast majority of profiles are fake.


I was just typing down my credit card number so I could chat with a super hot girl that's being sending me messages. Thanks god I decided to check the web before I finished doing it. Thank you all guys!! Hope you get your money back and find a nice girl to get laid soon!


I admit, I fell for the scam and paid the money for the 4 month membership, sure enough after the money was paid all of the messages and winks I received all dried up. I sent them an email accusing them of fraud and informed them I would go to the local district attorney and the U.S. Attorney General if a complete refund was not given. In their infinite generosity, they offered to downgrade my account to a one month gold account and refund a portion of my money, claiming processing costs. I reminded them again that since they were committing fraud I would go to my local district attorney and the U.S. AG if I didn't get a full refund. Within a minute I received an email stating that I would be receiving a full refund and it could take 5-10 days to process.


It is a scam. I worked for them years ago, so I know. That said there are also some real people there. I ones made a stats on who signup for dating sites like Hornymatches: 90% are guys, 7% are female (included the fake female) and 3% are couples. Its make you think, so don´t worry all the nervous wife´s. The chance for that your husband will find more than a fat hairy guy that say he are a beautiful women are almost zero, so let him have fun with it lol


Quote by: Anonymous

Quote by: gotlucky

I live in San Diego and have actually gone out with 4 girls that i met on this website and have gotten lucky 3 times! maybe you guys aren't doing this right.

You are so full of s**t... You must be an affiliate if I had to guess?

That's was not nice now was it


Dear staff,

After several days of perusing your website and seeing what seemed to be tens of thousands of active users showing as being “ONLINE” and receiving a few winks and being “Hotlisted” by a few female members indicating there was some interest in my profile from the opposite sex, I purchased a “Gold” membership in the hopes of being able to connect with some of these individuals and see where things led from there.

Since making my purchase, the only contact I’ve had from a real individual was a “Gold” member who turned out to be a webcam girl who was trying to lure me to her cam site. Needless to say I didn’t bite.

After sending out dozens of emails to other “ONLINE” members, Gold, Silver, Standard or whatever, including replies to members who emailed me previously, I have received a total of ZERO replies once I purchased this membership. From my experience with your site and upon reading about the experiences of other former members (something I deeply regret not doing before) I realized that my experience is not unique by any means and that this deliberate, misleading and deceptive practice has been going on for YEARS!

Here is what I’ve discovered:

1) An overwhelming majority of the seemingly active female profiles on this site are either:
a. False Profiles created by those running the site
b. Terminated Accounts
c. Abandoned Accounts

2) has knowingly and willfully committed FRAUD using DECEPTIVE PRACTICES to lure in paying customers. The site seemingly lists every profile ever created (many of them several years old) to falsely give the impression to potential buyers that there are many, many people to meet there. Even terminated accounts show as “Under Review” in search listings!

3) FRAUDULENTLY reports the number of “ONLINE” members on the home page.
a. Currently it reads 37,159 people online.
b. The percentage of paying “Gold” members displayed as “ONLINE” at any one time is shockingly low considering the amount of money it costs for such a membership!
c. Very few of those “Gold” members showing as being “ONLINE” are local to my vicinity, despite the large number of registered “Gold” members displayed in your search listings!
d. The percentage of “Standard” members displayed as being “ONLINE” is quite high. Conveniently these members can’t respond directly to emails from paying members.
e. Other members have mentioned (off-handedly) that their profile often shows them as being “ONLINE” when clearly they are not.

4) uses enticing FRAUDULENT EMAILS, “WINKS” and “HOTLIST” NOTIFICATIONS from fake “Gold” member accounts created by those running the site to lure potential customers into buying a membership because conveniently for “Standard” members are unable to reply directly to emails from paying members.

In light of this, I am hereby DEMANDING an IMMEDIATE FULL REFUND of ALL MONIES I paid in good faith to for my 3 month “Gold” membership. I WILL NOT ACCEPT A PARTIAL REFUND or a downgraded contract length. Your company willfully and intentionally DEFRAUDED me and I will accept NOTHING LESS than a FULL REFUND!

If my “Gold” membership is not refunded immediately, I will be forced to file a FORMAL COMPLAINT to the the STATE OF TEXAS ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE and the UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL’S OFFICE on the grounds of FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICES and INTERNET FRAUD.

Thank you for your attention,


“Gold” Member


After 2 months which I did pay for out of all the women I talked to only was real and we talked for 2 weeks and didn't get laid!!!!! Angry Angry


Do you actually have to go on these sites and sign up in order to start getting spam or how is it that these junk mails are sent because of porn sites

Ex HM girl

I think it's easier for girls to find guys. I met a few guys through HM and we girls it free because it meant men spent money on the sites. Not surprised that it's used to scam men and get money off them. Like any scam if it's too good to be true, then don't pay for it.

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