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Want my ex girlfriend back, what to do??


Ok its kind of a long story but here goes. Up until about 2 months ago i was dating this girl. We dated for over 2.5 years, and i loved every second of it. We were like a power couple, no one thought we would ever split up.

well about 2 months ago i was going though a VERY difficult time in my life. i had no money, my grades were failing, everything i did went wrong. so, being the idiot that i am, i pulled the whole "I think i need some time alone" gig. I honestly thought just being alone for a little bit would help me clear my head and get my life back in i know this was a dumb mistake so please try not to bring up how stupid i was for doing this anyway Valerie (my gf) was completely devistated, with good reason. I had broken her heart and her trust, but I honestly never ment to do it. I told her i never wanted it to be over forever, I just needed a little time.

Well about a month went by and i didnt talk to her at all really. until one day was feeling extreemly depressed and lonely. so i called her (which was NOT easy by any means) We made plans to go out for lunch. It was a wonderful time. we laughed and joked and it made me remember all the great times we spent together. After the "date" we hugged for a while and i tried to kiss her. when i did she pulled away and thats when the shit hit the fan. She told me she didnt want to get back together with me right away because she was so hurt by what i did. Ok, i completely understand her position on this and i let it be, it was after all my mistake in letting her go.

for the last month we have been hanging out, it has been a rollar coaster of emotion, sometimes good, sometimes horrable. However, lately (within the last 2 weeks) things have been going VERY VERY well. I can tell by the way she looks at me that she still loves me and wants to be with me. and she even tells me she does have plans of spending the rest of her life with me. But there is SOMETHING holding her back from taking that one last step into a relationship again. she says she is still hurt, but i have apologized in so many ways so many times, and i have been very hurt in this as well (she fooled around with other guys, but promises she didnt have sex with any of them. we were each others first and its kind of a special bond we have and want to keep at all costs) anyway. we have both been hurt. I know she wants to get back together, but i think she is afraid of what her new friends will think. she met a lot of new people at work and she hangs out with them a lot. they all hate me because of what i did to her, but i have never really met any of them and they dont realize all the joy i brought to her life.

so what can i do? she says she wants time, and keeps brining up the fact that we are "just friends", almost as if she has to convince herself of it. I know i should just wait and let things continue where they are going but the fact that she keeps saying we are just friends makes me feel like she may never take me back. she is so close i can taste it and it is so hard to live like this. Is there anything i can do to get her back? i need help!


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I think all she needs is time. She has to learn to trust you again.

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