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I've always been fascinated by the online dating culture that has graced our existence in the last decade or so...or at least prominently in regard to being all over the place with TV & the web !! It's almost like a sub-culture that people are just starting to feel comfortable letting it be known to their friends, family and others that they met online or have interest in putting themselves in the public auction of love so to speak. I guess the most interesting notion is that with all the competition out there between dating sites ...i wonder why the free ones are not gaining ground? Why should people pay for LOVE? Shouldn't it be free like the song says? I have scowered the web up and down checking out every site and I refuse to pay for a site that has nothing but endless sign up pages and confusion throughout the entire process !! Free is the way to go with a site such as or some of the can have a nice experience and if for some reason you are not into that particular site all you have to do is move to the next ..... hassel free !! I guess what I'm saying is with our ever expanding desire to have everything now, the way we want it and made to order,why should the online dating scene be any different? With that i say...FREE is sexy...FREE is convienent and FREE is available to everyoine who wants it out there !! So make it happen and enjoy your quest


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I agree with you that why should people pay for love but fact is that there very few dating sites which provide free dating services with good features. I also visited different singles sites on the internet and browsed the various personals periodically in hopes that someone might catch my interest. I avoided many of online dating services that you see advertised all the time. Then one day a friend sent me to I found myself in a world full of singles. Okcupid matched me up with some of the singles in my area and after a short time and hopefully I will find out my match very soon.


I just started using I didn't tell my friends at first but now I have met someone pretty cool and now am recommending dating services to a couple of my friends. I think that you're right, people shouldn't have to pay for love, but yet we do. Just think about dates... don't we pay for them? Well at least the dating services I use are free and also have really good features. It is pretty cool how culture is constantly changing with technology.



I totally agree that the free sites are bad

The paid ones are not any better.

I have read so many posts from people that say that they think this site is great and sound so optimisitic.

If they bother to reply to this forum a few months later, they will be just as disappointed as with the free sites.

The bottom line is that until on line dating CARES about its members meetting someone, they will continue acting like jerks and only care about the money.

To the above poster, I invite you to come back in three months and tell yourexpereiences with the site you think is so great.

Potentila dates don't count.

A relationship is the only thing I judge a date site's effectiveness. Not a series of one time dates or just a series of e mail.


FB is right.

IMO online dating is starting to look more and more like CB radio... oh, sure, it was all the rage when it first came out, but after a while and too much game playing, fewer and fewer people took it seriously, and the only ones benefiting from it were the very small number who supply it to the public.

Go to Radio Shack, buy a CB, plug it in, turn it on, and chances are you'll be listening to a lot of dead air. Or maybe a few guys making goofy noises... but Radio Shack got your money for that CB. Same thing's starting to happen with the dating service industry, the game players are the only ones interested in it anymore... the rest of us know it's a dud.

yo moma

friendfinder is not free why must everyone lie min.140 yr. Evil


Nothing as a rule unless you like to waste your time with fakes, stuck up women and BS

It would be nice it these site DID work but they don't

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