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Open a new -free- profile yesterday night(no pic).
Got a reply today in the morning.
The message said that not contacting her would be a "BaaAAAaaaD move".

If that is not a scam I'm the pope.

Number one bogus

This site is a scum a scum a scum.. Please check the disclaimer….and drill down to contact info.. Guess what ? The scum artists reside in Jamaica doing business in the states.


Yup, I'm another clown to add to the list. Was lokking for a little fun, and made a genuine moron out of myself. lol. I got a couple of responses that appeared to genuine. But nothing happened. Funny that. The staff must love their jobs.
Anyhoo. Any recommendations on sites that work?
Can we add a rating button on here or each site name?


Hey Muppet, Here's a question for you, or for any other member.

There is one basic member that I want to communicate with. This is someone I know, so she is real. I am fairly sure she will not pay to join. I am willing to throw away $30 just to get in touch with her, but not by phone. Question is, if I join, what info will the site allow in the email? Will it let me give another email address, or do they filter that info out? If I can't send my email address, I see no point in joining, since she will have no way to respond.


just dont pay any money,take a lot of care of your profile (good pics, best quality's of yourself) I did this and got emails, without joining! email addresses are FILTERED by software and would be removed.


There are tons of real women on That's because they only charge men and they give totally free memberships to women who post pictures of themselves. Dating sites like sexsearch have two major problems

1) spammers - people with other websites that have nothing to do with the dating site (generally webcam sites) who set up fake profiles of girls and then spam all of the members of the dating site to visit their own pay site which they charge for.

2) hookers - not much can be done to stop hookers from joining sites like these because they find a lot of business that way.

None of the sites like it when these two things are done, there's just not much they can do about it. They are major problems.

You're always going to have a lot more men than women on sites like these, that's just the nature of those types of sites.

One good thing I can say about sexsearch, is that their customer service is great. I know for a fact that sexsearch refunds the money to anyone who is not happy with their service. Anyone on here that's complaining could easily have contacted sexsearch and gotten a refund just by taking a couple of minutes to contact them. If you aren't happy w/ them, just contact their customer service and I guarantee that you get a full refund.


also, i've got to admit, i'm a bit biased towards because they are the first dating site that actually got me laid LOL


Evil this site is a scam.i waisted money. no responses to my emails and i get an email every week on the same day.don't join this site scam!


same here. I learned that some sites send you fake emails so you'd think you being contacted. Of course you have to buy a subscription to reply or even view their profile. I know does this.

Andy, England

It is totally crap.Your ideal mate contacts you like a syren urging you to e mail back.(poor old Lancelot)You have to upgrade to silver at least .Then no replies and empty promises.Two dimensional people who have no intention of following through and meeting up with you.F***ing clever eh?This site needs putting out of business in style.Anybody got any ideas?It promises contact but just deviously does not deliver.I was directed to the site by another claiming it had the best customer satisfaction! Rolling Eyes

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