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Dear me:
The site is a scam. They have been in business for a few years because they are good at it. First of all the site is marketed towards men. You do not see promotions for the site in any "womens" markets. So it begs the question that if it is not promoted in those markets, how would women even know how to post a profile there? Secondly, why would a site, designed to hook people up, automatically give its paying customers access to a porn site? Lastly, inother sites where emails are sent from frauds, at least those profiles match the posters wants/ needs. In this site, standard emails are sent that don't even come close to matching the profile. As I and others have stated before, the exact same email has been received from numerous different women in differnt areas of the country and with very different bios. This is not some individual pretending to be someone else, this is caused by an automatic email generating system. This can only be run by, or at the very least with the knowledge of, the site administration. Therfore the site is a SCAM!


I think you are all correct in your estimation of Sex Search. It is very similar to Bang Match in that you get responses before you even put up a pic.

Here's how it works. Like you say, you get responses for even lame profiles. Very seductive and close by. BUT, when you ask for their number (they obviously want a hook up) they go silent, or only barely respond to your question, without leaving a number.

Interestingly enough, I've been watching the time stamps on the responses, They typically bunch together around the same time. Some were just two minutes apart. Strangely enough, the time stamps on the e-mails put them at 6:30AM EST, just about the time for those two girls in Florida to get up and continue their scam. However, I am in california, and it's 3:30AM. Isn't it amazing how all the "girls" who want me are all up in the middle of the night, haunting sex sites? I mean, I want to hook up, but at 3:30AM? Conclusion? BOGUS! (once or twice, ok, every night at about the same time?)

Also, have noticed quite a few hookers advertising, pretty blantantly.

Another couple of observations:

1. I have recognized several of the "girls" from amature porn site pics.

2. They are getting sloppy with their autogenerated profiles, it even says (autogenerated text here) when there is no "option" on their site to auto generate text for your profile. Means they have developed some internal tools to generate bogus profiles.

I was interested in them, due to AFF's hard bitten, and jaded ladies. Man, what a bunch of assholes. So this looked new and fresh, and LOTS of affiliates too. What could go wrong? DUH!

Save your money, chalk it up to experience and move on. That's what they are expecting, although I'd love to corner these two *censored*es driving this site and humiliate them, if that's possible.

Several anti-spam lawsuits against these jokers is in the works. Google "sexsearch fraud" and you'll get a few links.

Good luck.



Dammit man. You know, I had this same kind of supicion about Mate1, that in these times the site would be so desperate for money they would hire people to be posers to new people that stumbled in to fake lots of interest and get them excited and get them to join. So I didn't subscribe to it. But when I verified there were real people on Mate1, I went on to subscribe to SexSearch as well. And as such I see I lost my $60.

I didn't even have a profile up on Sexsearch and my suspicions shot up, as I was getting spamed by 'fake' people ready to go. And their emails are short and brief.


1. these people are obviously unscrupulous as hell and now have our credit card information. We should probably cancel the account, correct? Has anyone had any experience with them billing your account without autorization, or making unsolicited charges? Do they automatically rebill your account when it expires?

2. we need to band together and start a class action lawsuit to recover our money.

3. i read on this other website they are being sued for spamming:

There is probably more out there, I have yet to search, I ended up at this board by accidentatlly typing into my google toolbar instead of the URL address box when I wanted to the site to check my email... don't that beat all for a rude awaking this morning.

Always trust your intuition. Your feelings are a more sophisticated and powerful intelligence than your logical mind which can lie to itself into believing what it wants to believe. If something feels wrong or too good to be true it most definately will be.

private man

sex search is mostly solicitated by women to get money out of men.i have complained to sex search about them and they say they are cancelling those accounts i complained about,but those same girls still try to solicite me with several different profiles and sexsearch won't stop them.i think those profiles are generated by sexsearch to milk us for money!!!


I know that I thought the same thing when I contacted customer service they said the same thing but I found more and more of the profiles in question no longer active. I tried a few other sites and had the same problem. At least sexsearch refunded my money with no major problems. What I think is funny is that when I was on other dating sites they all seem to have these "girls" and wanted me to go to other sites on the web most costing money. I think that they all have the same issue of these spammers


I've been a member on Sexsearch for a little over a year now. I am one of the few REAL women on there, and believe me, there must be ONLY a few of us. My biggest gripe would be that so far, I've caught 2 other women, one in CA, one in CT, using MY picture as their own profile pic. I notified the administrators right away both times. With the one woman, they axed her from the site within 5 minutes of their notification. With the second, they couldn't seem to have cared any less. Six days later, and after having to write 2 e mails with my complaints, it wasn't until I brought up those words "copyright infringement" did they finally remove the picture. This woman, however,was allowed to keep her membership.
Do I think they're a scam? Not totally, but darn near close!!!


It's a scam and a waste of money.


After the dozens of dead end conversations I have with the employees (who pose as horny sluts) I can now conclude that I've been scammed out of 30 bucks. On the other hand at least I was smart enough to find out this information before I allowed another month to pass by.


At one point or another I've signed up for almost every dating site there is. Most of the adult dating sites have tons of hookers and tons of people using the dating site to spam their own sites. It's a problem that all dating sites have. The only two adult dating sites that are worth signing up for are sexsearch and adultfriendfinder.
I've only been a member of sexsearch for a few months but I've gotten laid by 3 really hot chicks in that time period. I've been a member of adultfriendfinder for years so I've had sex with a lot more people on their site but the chicks I've been with from that site haven't been very good looking. Anyway, that's my 2 cents.



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