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bs too

This site is total BS. What kind of dating/ hook up site also links to a porn site? Are they saying "these are the people you can't be with, so here is some porn to kill the time"?


I am very upset with have sent many e-mails to the same women more then once and get the same response as there first e-mail over and over again.IS there anything we can do about this? I want a refund.<font color=black></font>

another dissatisfied,it's b.s......

this is a fraud,I want a refund!! Evil


Sexsearch is a scam. There are real women on the system but they are far and few between. You have to weed through all of the fake emails and profiles most likely generated by sexsearch themselves to get you upgrade your account. Any doubters, try this, set up a free account with a totally lame profile, no pic, and watch...You'll be hotter than a rock star...Youre gonna get emails from beautiful women that wanna ride your pole....Pay the 30 or 60 dollars to get in touch with them and what do you know...almost no responses, and when you do get them, they will always be vague and you'll get the same response word for word from different women with different screen names. I got this one response from a women that said she was gonna burn up all of her frequent flyer miles to come and have sex with me. I only lived 5 miles away from her, get the idea......Total b.s with the occassional real woman. Save your money.

want my $ back

that site is nothing but a scam and spam..Don't waste your money or time Angry someone neeeds to shout them DOWN


I hate sites like these. I think it was that did the same thing.

You put a profile out there as a non-member. You get some emails from some women that are "interested" in you. So, like a gulible person, you pay your money to become a member so that you can reply to them. Then you never hear from them again.

One thing I noticed about if you are inactive for 30 minutes, it logs you out. However, one of the "girls" that were interested in me... was on 24x7.

So, what these types of sites are doing, are sending emails to those who are not members. That way they can get your money. Once they have your money, they don't give a rats ass.

Fortunately, I am re-married now, and don't have to put up with the BS of scam sites, and women that don't respond. But I still feel your pain!


Completely bogus site designed to rip off horny men---Only got one interesting response from what might be a real person but I am waiting for the inevitable porn link to her pay site--The site is a spam generator and if you want to know how many guys in your own zip code are lurking on this site---go ahead and post up a fake female profile with all the juicy promises and see how many responses you get---shocking---cancelled my silver membership after 3 weeks--30 bucks wasted


yeah thats right, i cancelled it 48 hrs after buying. i set up a fake chick account and got 79 mails in less than 8 hrs, i sent a reply to each of them explaining i was a fake and so was the site. hopinh to spread the word its bs. i lost $30 maybe i can at least make them lose some too.


It is a scam there shouldn't be standard or gold members. You are either a paying member or you can browse. But I have about 50 response from calimoo you guys know her don't you yeah cause she's every girl in that dam site. I have been on that site for 4 monts. I'm pissed and want my money back. Twisted Twisted Twisted


I wouldn't necessarily say the site is a scam because some of it's members seem to be. On any dating site, whether it is sex personals or "regular" dating sites, you will see a lot of fake profiles. It doesn't mean the entire site is a fraud.

SexSearch has been in business for a few years and if all their profiles were fakes and nobody met anyone real on the site, you'd think they'd be out of business by now? I do.

Anyway my .02

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