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Are there ANY of the large date sites that actually work?

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I have had many guest memberships to different match sites and am searching for one to member up to.
I too, like many get LOTS of matches made by the service provider. NONE fit me. The few I showed interest
in did not respond back. The few that showed interest in me first still did not respond back to my response
and I am almost certain that it is a full blown scam. About the time I thought I might member up with BBW they, not me, hosed up my login and I am waiting and waiting to get response from them
regarding that mess. By the time I do, I will have research other sites for GORGEOUS large women.
I am definetly about to return to the bar scene, one I rather gave up decades ago. I have gone to less than
one a year over the past ten years and did discover that a bottled water with a twist of lemon is just as good
or better than the alcohol I next to never drink. Problem with that though, is that I dont want to meet men with
POSSIBLE alcohol abuse problems as a possible mate.....that and I want a NON smoker and recently cannot
get away from smokers. IS there any sites not being emotionally abusive??????

Been there Done that

Quote by: anonymous

I am thinking of signing up for great expectations. the cost is high at about 4,000.
One aspect I hope is true is, seems the only ones that would sign up for that type of service are really serious, or it could be that they are just dumb, and maybe I am too? I tried E Harmony and Match last year, and didn't have great results,
Please let me know your thoughts.

t do Great Ex. I did and after 2 years have not had any good responses. I paid $3,000. The price changes depending on how well you negoatiate. They - Great Exp - never follow up and you are basically on your own, if you send or get an email (thru the company) is better and much less costly. Not that it is very good.


I know 2 women that have been successful with E-Harmony. However, both of those people are also successful at meeting men when they go out to clubs. They are both thin and pretty.

In general, though, for the average person, I don't think online dating works very well. For me, E-Harmony was a depressing waste of time and money. I am a single, middle-aged, well-educated, overweight (size 16 - NOT morbidly obese), average looking woman living in a smallish college town in the South. I had no luck whatsoever with E-Harmony.

Afro Samurai 1986

ive tried No Cheaters, E-harmony, Ok Cupid, Plenty of fish,,, and others i cant remember. they dont work if you don't look like a supermodelof if your looking for somethings thats not a fling, one night stand, friends with benefits, ect. , ive been single for 3 years yea i know im still young (23) but im bored without having someone els to spend my time with not to mention the last 5 girlfriends i had all treated my like crap and 1 cheated on me, go figure. they really dont work, your best bet... do what it takes to make yourself happy, instead of waisting 3 grand on a dating site im buying myself a new camaro when the come out lol. Hopefully someone will give me a chance and to all you single here young and... still young ;-D i wish yall good luck finding someone i know i need it


Quote by: Manbert

Matchmaking Momma, you didn't really address the first two posters concerns. If a dating service doesn't have equal numbers of men and women in every age range, then some members are going to be dissatisfied. Typically there are more men than women overall, with the imbalance being worst for young adults. Ideally the dating service's statistics would be easily available for all and wouldn't depend on the age or gender of the person asking. One place where I can see this kind of info is Craigslist where there are 5 times as many ads by men as women.

No one has control of the numbers of men and women on a site. As for age group I satisfy different age demographics on different web sites.

I feel that my dating service has the same quality of singles as other sites such as eharmony or even Match. On eHarmony there is a much more complicated sign up process which does not guarantee a perfect match. The only difference I feel is the price, that people feel it is a better service so they will pay more.

What I feel is missing from most dating sites is photos. Why would anyone post a dating profile without a photo? Ladies, you go on dating sites and will only do searches for profiles with photos, so why wouldn't you post your own photo. And for the guys out there, don't respond to women and ask them for a photo when you have not posted one yourself. No one likes to blind date, post your photo or you will not get responses. For those who DO post photos you get 10X the response rate.

Having been in this business for 10 years I have heard every horror story about other dating businesses. There are singles out there that will spend $1,000's for personal service only to find that they never get called about matches. They are too embarassed to report these companies so the companies are still out there doing the same thing to other singles. Remember it is not always the price that you pay for a service but the price that you pay personally when you do not get results. Most of these companies will tell you it is a one time fee and you will never have to pay again. What they do not tell you is exactly how many people they have in your age group, or on average how long it takes to be matched.

Think of your dating profile like a resume. The person with the best resume gets the job. So take your time when you post a profile, put up a photo and let nature take its course.



I have been on for 5 years. It's a pretty much worthless website. There is a scam on where some girls try to get you to give them your e-mail address. These girls are selling email addresses of people who use So don't give your email address out.

(Wow, isn't that just a lovely little scam).

Well anyway,

I'm a decent looking guy , (at least in my opinion)- never married, no kids, own my own home, very good job. I get some winks, and some girls send a few emails. I get about 3 or 4 dates a year from match. Not a whole hell of a lot, considering its supposedly one of the biggest dating sights around. And the dates I do get, well, these girls are flat out rude and miserable. They don't even say, "Thanks for dinner," after I pay for the food and drinks." They just gobble down the food.
Ahhh well, such is life. I'm still looking. Maybe one day, I'll find the right lady.


there are about 1 good site out of a thousand that offer genuine dating services. best for you to try the ones recommended by previous users.



[I've been a dating canidate since online dating first began. I've joined just about every site there is, Am a long standing member and have been for a long time. My belief is that they are all bogus. Someone gets and idea to start a dating site ads a few free hot women and if you're lucky you may get a negative response. But even when you send polite comments you're lucky to gete a courtesy response, !2 years and only 2 women I have had second and 3 dates with that eventually didn't pan out. What are the odds of that happening. I am a photographer, so post current pics every mth, try different profiles, serious, romantic, comical, aggressive, joyful, hopeful, doesn't matter, women are just there to wallpaper the site!!! I get better responses just saying hi or talking to strangers on the street than any dating site,

Disgused and Truely Sad,


Just a question for all of you who continually claim dating sites don't work... Are you considerably overweight, but are looking for a partner who isn't? Are you poorly groomed, but only consider very attractive people. I have had very good results with both POF and SeniorPeopleMeet, but have talked to many women in person who were very disappointed with their results... Every last one was overweight, poorly groomed, showed photos from 10-20 years earlier, and were looking for a very attractive man. Trust me, none received a second date.


I have done my rounds of the free sites. I am in college at a very good (but basically all male) school and am not bad looking. My experience has been a depressing loss of time. I get responses every now and then but all the girls that end up going on dates with me are 2 to 3 times larger than you would estimate from their pictures (and 2 to 3 times larger than myself). I should have brought a harpoon to the last date I went on. She was normal looking in her pictures (even in the full-body shot which must have been taken 10 years ago). I cant bring myself to settle for someone that makes me want to throw up. I should also mention that all the girls seem so spoiled from constantly having guys send them messages that any compliment or nice thing you do for them is unappreciated. I have given up several times, but then find myself so lonely that I sign up again, which only exacerbates the problem. It hurts so bad. Every morning I wake up and my chest feels like there's a knife through it. I'm about to the end of my rope in life. If you're extremely lonely and thinking of joining a dating site, might as well just shoot yourself now and don't prologue the inevitable. No really, I'm not kidding.

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