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Has anyone actaully gotten a date on plenty of fish?


I am 60, responsible, and in very good shape. I have been on POF for six months and it has been useless for me.
I write reasonably well, so I did get some replies. However, in most cases I did not get any response or perhaps one response and then no more. The site did say that several women wanted to meet me. In every instance, they were older than me and seemed to only hope that someone, anyone, would be interested in them. As for attractive women mid to late 50's or 60 , no, apparently I was not good enough or wealthy enough for them. I do not need any more abuse or frustration from POF. In my case, it is a failure. My messages to ladies were cordial and respectful but the POF ladies have learned that it is a great advantage to be female and on POF. Gentlemen, I would discourage you from wasting your time and energy on POF.


with regard to anyone getting dates. actually yea, the 5 women (just picking that number) that Aren't all that picky. that said, actually yes, I have met this one female that had meet someone. but again, its the WOMEN picking out the guys, vs the other way around. althought too, Ive know a few women, (in their 30's that contantly have thier NOES up in AIR, just becuase, and no matter WHAT site they have tried, all always saying, the find the guys to be...EWWWW, wierd, cross, staucker types. hu, OOOk.


Quote by: Anonymous

I've been a plenty of fish user for over a week now. I followed the directions on how to construct a good profile. I felt good after completing my profile with pictures and sincere information about myself. Soon I began chatting and emailing those who were said to be "online now". I have yet to get a response from anyone. I even politely asked people to confirm they were "online now" and to respond to me as soon as possible so I'd know the site was legit. I have still yet to get any messages back from anyone. Unless someone proves to me that this site is legitimate I mark it down as complete bull *censored*

I'm a fat guy. Fat guys need loving too!

I sent out about 50 short messages saying hi and a couple questions about the other persons' profiles/interests.

I got 3 responses. 1 not interested. Fine thank your for responding at least.

1 said I was kind of cute. Sent another message to her. She still has not responded figure she found something better.

1 was way pretty young 22 and I'm 40. Sent couple short messages then she stopped responding.

Approximately 47 FORTY $%@# SEVEN no responses. Cheese and rice at least say I'm too fat ugly poor whatever. But the women just no responded pretty rude in my opinion.

I'm extremely honest with my profile. Clothed full body shots. Would rather learn up front no interest than waste my time and money dating someone that is repulsed by my looks.

Women that say they are average are typically obese. They put in a head shot and you know they are fatties.

One buddy found a date not sure if it was POF or not. Girl told him she was average weight. He met her and was pretty rude and asked if she was average weight for a mountain gorilla.

It just comes down to looks in my opinion. Before I was on the site and got more responses dates when I was thinner and thinner photos up. Very shallow looks, but hey who wants to date someone they aren't attracted to.


Although didn't find any love.

I did have to reevaluate my self image vs. what others were thinking. So working on losing some weight and getting a less chick repellent car and making some more money. So when I'm Don Juan I guess I can "no respond" lots of women. Have to have goals in life LOL JK.

Dating is what it is. I haven't noticed a difference but maybe the paying sites the people have a greater sense of urgency and don't just leave their profiles up for like 10 years check em and no respond.


I have had a couple of dates, but i can't understand men,maybe women are the same,i don't know.Meet up, chat,I like them they say they like me, but then that's it, no word.I feel that older men expect to find a younger, slim,beautiful woman, they don't want the older woman,who is normal.I myself is a young 64 year old,admitted not has slim as i was in my younger days,but i am normal.I'm sorry for these men that think they are gods gift, they dont seem to realize they also have aged,that they are not has slim,that they are not gods gift.


Angry TOO MANY rude and stuck up women,who are used,abused and not looking.

You have a million that just look and go to the next person. NOT ONE DATE.

Many women have AIDS and STD'S They also have UNSTABLE MENTAL PROBLEMS, skip from man to man.

Some are so rude and hateful just read their profiles not one happy lady on there. mark


I'm sick of online dating sites. All I ever get are girls who want to hookup. Once, two separate girls contacted me wanting a threesome, and they had already conspired together to go on the hunt! Where are the decent girls who want to get married and have kids? I'm tired of easy one night stands. That's all I get online.


ha ha ha I have been on the fish for many years and I must say
maybe I met 2 people on it
most are hard core old woman with dreams that they still look 20 years younger then they are
and now they are keeping your searches in age brackets and not letting you contact anyone to much younger then you are
I could not return an e mail to a 50 year old lady I am 68 because it was blocked
even though I was returning her e mail
this is what happens when you get to big you start to impose your moral view on everyone else
Richard in fort Lauderdale

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That age restriction thing and other sexist restrictions are why I rated POF 3 out of 5 stars. I dislike the 1950's morality imposition Markus Fink has placed on things.

Believe it or not, this problem with meeting women isn't limited to POF. I wrote some thoughts on this in a post in this thread, third post.

Personally, I have met women, gone out on dates, and sometimes that has lead to further interest or even sexual activity. This over the course of many years, as I have always been internet savvy when most people still were not "plugged into" the online world.

A good profile helps, and a *clever* first message improves the chances, but the sad reality is it's a game of STATISTICS. Someone on this site suggested that 10% of women were actually seriously open to and looking for a connection, but I would weigh in that percentage is smaller... maybe around 5%. Women will often times believe they are open to something new, but then place so many restrictions and expectations on men thar their chances become next to nothing. This is why it isn't uncommon to see profiles that say "Trying this one last time..." or even seeing women return after deleting their profile.

I contact MANY women. Many. And many more. And of the 5% of women who are legitimately emotionally available, a few will reply... some of those will continue to converse. I sometimes have three to five different women in "conversation" status. One occasionally interests me enough to meet, and some of those will meet and not want to continue; some will want to see me again. Some will want to sleep with me on the first date. And some of those are, interestingly enough, women who blatantly rant in their profile that they DO NOT want sex on the first date.

I'm not ugly. By I'm not a "hunk" or "hottie" in my opinikn. I'm not being modest or self-depricating. I feel I'm just being honest.

So what does that mean for guys?

Take good pics, write a good, sensitive, witty profile, and write a good, sensitive, witty message... to ALMOST EVERY WOMAN YOU CAN EVEN SORTA FIND ATTRACTIVE. Because the statistics aren't on your side... but for every dozen women who ignore you, and half dozen who reply but don't pan out, there are a few who will meet you, and one or two of those will even have a sexual interest in you. And maybe ONE of them will want something more real and relationship-oriented,and maybe... maybe you will, too.


Yep 70 dates resulting in 5 short relationships in 5 years. Worked if you know what to put in your profile. Then the message had to be interesting . Hi, or similar just gets deleted.

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